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The Birthday Topic
Happy Belated birthday Mr. Ford. And happy birthday to Red. I am sure we will find out that it is his birthday many times today :P

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Glad to see you back Catwings :D

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The Fox's Shadow
I'm sorry, but as long as Radigal walks this board, I will not be a part of it.

Wow really? Quite immature and for someone who is a staff member it seems kinda childish for you to say that. I shall say no more as to not cause and erupt drama, but if anyone has any concerns please voice them via PM

The End of Corneria
You can count Mark in ;)

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Hai guys, Fox here.

Sorry that I have not been around as much, it seems that a life with a job working from 9-5 Monday through friday and busy weekends keeps me off of SFG for a lot more then I want. I hope to be around more and it might take me a bit but I hope to be working on my attendance. I have been busy with ALOT of Search and Rescue stuff and I have gone out on a few calls. Actually had to respond to an accident that happened right in front of my during the 4th of july week.