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Amy Grant Big Yellow taxi.
Isn't the original song by The Counting Crows?

Ponies beyond this point
Alright, here's something kinda different for you guys. There's a guy called MandoPony who does original MLP fan music. This one is one of the not quite original ones, but it's awesome, so I decided to post it
A cover of Green Day's Jesus of Suburbia, but the lyrics were changed, now it's about the first two episodes of MLP!

[ti]SF[/ti]About a crazy dream I had...
Do you know what time it is, kids? It's dream analysis time! Yayyy!

Okay, so you say that you start off the dream killing someone who was nagging you to no end. Maybe those could be amplified feelings towards someone who has been nagging you, maybe the embodiment of everyone like that to you. And this is your brain's way of dealing with that stress. The angry man must mean the repercussions of the actions you want to take, and how fully aware you are of them.

As for becoming Ishi, I'm unsure, perhaps now you've fallen into the situations your friend was in, and instead of wishing to save, you now wish to be saved from something or someone. If you need to talk more, my door is always open(Metaphorical door, I don't really have a door anywhere around here...)