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[ti]BT[/ti]Waffles's Fanfics
Which you also haven't updated since June

Why must you fight on?
*Chapter 2*

In a dark and damp prison cell, the mercenary sat. He had been imprisoned since August, and had known the routine by now. Get up, eat breakfast, get interrogated, eat lunch, get beat, exercise, eat dinner, go to sleep. There were no windows in the complex, the only way he could tell what time it was was by the activity planned for that time. This was the time he was supposed to be interrogated, yet nobody came to get him. Instead, he heard a voice, young, female. He knew nobody from this country, yet his name rang out in those empty hallways. "Tomis..." The voice said. It started off quietly, then got louder, with increasing urgency, "Tomis... Tomis... Tomis! Tomis!" It shouted. A figure suddenly burst through the cell door, two guards behind her, she ran at the mercenary, embracing him. He barely recognized the face.

"Claudia?" He asked, blinking as the natural cedar scent of her perfume assaulted his nose.

"Yes, it's me. I've been looking for you for months. Ever since I got word you went missing. But we're together now, I'm going to get you out of here, we'll be together at last, together forever..." Forever. That word rang in his head a few times before he finally grasped it.

"Forever... You and me..." He said, closing his eyes as his scarred arms loosely wrapped around the woman. The moment seemed perfect, the cell even seemed less gloomy, it was a very welcome change. Then suddenly, one of the guards started yelling... "Diži se! Diži se! Nabavite dupe iz kreveta!" Serbian... Nabavite dupe iz kreveta... Get out of bed?

The mercenary was shaken awake as he looked around. Claudia wasn't there, it was just another day in this rat hole. He needed to get out, he needed a plan...


[ti]BT[/ti]Waffles's Fanfics
You haven't gotten around to making it yet?

If quizzes are quizzical, what are tests?

UVB-76 Russian Radio Station
I suspect the KGB

UVB-76 Russian Radio Station
No no, it's not old, it's still active apparently. Sometimes you can hear conversations and stuff through the buzzing, suggesting that there's a mic that was accidentally turned on or something.

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What Would The Ultimate Star Fox Game Include?
Adding Krystal would be hard because you need to copy the character's personality exactly. Wait... Nevermind.

Greetings Other-people
Hello High Executor, I think you know me from SFO

Random Img
That's really useful, I'm gonna have to try it

Argon Station
My interest is piqued, if I can get in I'd like to use Kage on the USS Charlemagne. It's a standard class mercenary destroyer, however I won't bore you with the details.

(Dredging is okay for most topics right now, we need to get this site breathing again)

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Krystal's best voice actresses.
Am I the only one that liked Glidewell? I dunno I guess I'm just biased because I know her from so many other games. Ah well, I just kind of like her voice better, the tone she speaks in, I just think she's got a more soothing voice.