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[ti]SF[/ti]About a crazy dream I had...
From a psychological viewpoint, dreams are mostly the way the brain sorts out jumbled thoughts. Now, you were full aware that you hadn't seen this fox in your dreams in a long time, and because of that, it only made sense that it would know. Now when you say that the first time you had a dream like this you found it in a box and you both took an immediate liking to each other, that might be a desire you have, maybe not to find a fox in a box(Heh, that rhymes) and become friends, but to have someone close to you, perhaps find someone and rescue them from some sort of lifestyle or hardship they are going through. In the end you two would ride off into the sunset hand in hand, or something along those lines. Now the latest dream is harder to interpret, but I'll do my best. When you say that your mom did that to your friend Ishi, saying you shouldn't keep a fox as a pet, maybe it might have been because you are afraid of what she would think of a certain love interest. Or even a certain friendship. And when you noticed changes in Ishi, and later realized it might not have been him at all, you realized your mother was just trying to protect you, and really, she has your best interest at heart.

Hopefully this helps, I'm an aspiring psychologist, maybe after I learn a bit more I could help shed more light on the subject.

[ti]DA[/ti]Nightmare Contest March 2012
For when you get back, when are the entries due by? I'll try to get my ideas down as soon as I possibly can, but I may not be fast enough.