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[ti]BA[/ti]Debate Thread
What's a "steam cell?" Last I checked, steam wasn't a living thing.

Oh you meant Stem Cell

Ask Star_Dragon!
Hey Star Dragon, why aren't you funny?

[ti]BA[/ti]Star Wars: The Empire Arises
Sounds good, both are accepted, remember to play fair XD

[ti]BA[/ti]Star Wars: The Empire Arises
The empire is on the rise, and tyranny striking the galaxy. Two years after the death of Anakin Skywalker and the disappearance of Obi Wan Kenobi, Darth Vader's unstoppable army has been growing in numbers. They have marched on every planet where any shred of the old republic could be found. Across the galaxy, destruction still can be found, all in the name of one deranged Sith lord with a face that would remind a small child of grey blue Play Dough. There is no stopping them, or is there?

The small band of rebels have discovered a new element On the planet Abhean, the Nobior Crystal. This crystal if cut properly can be used as a replacement for the lightsaber crystal, and will make the wielder of the lightsaber artificially force sensitive. This will give the rebels the upper hand in this war. But they must choose wisely, for the force is not something to be tampered with, and once chosen, the crystal will have drained all of its force energy into the subject, causing it to only function as a lightsaber crystal once and for all. Should the subject die, the midichlorians in them die, and the crystal is destroyed.

There are however a few drawbacks to being artificially force sensitive as opposed to being trained since early childhood. One of which, their force powers are not as strong. Using the force to lift objects requires immense concentration and mental strain to lift something as simple as a chair. Anything you can not lift with your physical body cannot be lifted with force. You are not able to heal anything complicated such as a broken bone, or a torn ligament. You can only heal what you can see, like scrapes, cuts, or bruises. Your reflexes, while still much more than that of an average human, are not that of a well trained Jedi or Sith. You are able to see blaster bolts coming and move quickly enough to block them, but if you are being assaulted by several soldiers at the same time, you will not succeed. You are also more susceptible to the dark arts, more naive and more easily manipulated, however, the stronger the mind, the less susceptible you are.

Several individuals have been chosen to partake in this program, and will undergo combat training with their new weapons and powers. This is a major breakthrough in modern technology and can guarantee the upper hand for the Rebel Alliance in the war to come.

*Begin Transmission*

If you are receiving this message, I am Captain Monroe of the Rebel Alliance, and you have been chosen to partake in a very special training program. Please come to the location I have sent to your datapad between the hours of 1500 and 1900 from today until the end of next month. We will explain what you are to do upon your arrival. Good luck, and God speed.

*End Transmission*


Okay, so as you can see, this took a lot of effort and thought, I hope you guys like this RP idea, and I look forward to RPing with you all.

I will be allowing up to 5 artificial Jedi(Maybe more, we'll see how many people are interested), and any number of Empire soldiers/officers/Rebels. Since this is following canon Star Wars more or less, there are no remaining Jedi, save for Obi Wan and Yoda who went missing two years prior. Please take the beginning of this into consideration, if not, don't worry, I will be reiterating everything during their training.

Ballisticwaffles as Gracia


Arashikage as Captain Monroe, and Cpl. Sanders(Soldier in the war)
Ballisticwaffles as Balsa(Training Sgt.)

Hope you like this ^^

Ask Star_Dragon!
Yeeeah, uhh Star Dragon, where am I? What radio station is this? And where the hell is my chocolate shake!?

[ti]BA[/ti]Debate Thread
The xD emoticon shows you were being snarky yes, but not joking. It's your own loss if you don't want to take some criticism, or if you don't want to take that person seriously anymore, okay fine, I really don't care. But you showed no indication of joking in that thread besides that one little face in the first sentence. And where did I actively call you names? I said your posts sounded childish, but if you wanna think that means I think you're childish, really, that's your call, many others will disagree.

[ti]BA[/ti]Debate Thread
Julius, you make me laugh, perhaps we can argue more often. I honestly have no idea how you can't see that what he said made sense, and what I said made sense as well. Honestly, take a chill pill, I mean God, I am not blindly coming to his aid, I'm trying to point out what I see wrong in your argument, exactly like what you were attempting to do with me and Waffles.

By the way, it was apparent you weren't joking, you were very much serious there.

[ti]BA[/ti]Debate Thread
Julius, you obviously didn't understand what Waffles was talking about.

Let me first start out by saying that criticizing someone's point just because of how they type is very very immature and uncalled for. It's like when someone is arguing with you about politics and you say "Well you're wearing a red hat, so you're obviously not to be taken seriously."

That being said, I continue rambling.

When he said "There are more dumber than a sack of brick Chinese people than there are Americans" He was saying that China has a population almost four times that of America. There are going to be more of any kind of person there than there are going to be in America simply because there are more people. If one half of the Chinese population is for instance female, and one half of the US population is female, there are still more Chinese women than there are American women, because there are just more people. That is what he was getting at.

When you say those born with skills get educated on those skills, you fail to mention how everyone has a certain thing they excel at. While Waffles may not excel at grammar or spelling, he is a major history and mythology buff. He can seek knowledge in those fields and become a historian, or a teacher, and even if he doesn't make money, it's something he enjoys, which is payment in itself.

And this is yet another point you got completely wrong. You switched the cause and effect. Waffles said that the 30's and 40's' situations, the great depression and World War II, caused the lack of homework. This is a very reasonable point. The great depression was a horrible time of inflation where money was short and resources were limited. Why would schools give teachers homework assignments and waste all that precious paper and ink? They wouldn't. Instead, they would just ramp up the classes, spend more time on material, things like that.

Honestly Julius, READ people's posts before you reply, and try to make less personal jabs at someone you're arguing against. It'll make you sound less childish.

Star Wars: Blue team
The female mercenary stood there, her old DC-15 blaster pointed upwards as she surveyed the area. She stood right next to the officer, providing protection, or just not knowing what to do at that moment. She looked around, not seeing much in particular that's worthy of noting, however, she kept her eyes peeled should such a case come up.

Star Wars: Blue team
(Just make a post, have your character do something, you even said that the good guys would prevail, what have you got to lose? What are you afraid of?)

I know, stupid question...
My fanfic that I never got around to adding to wasn't in the least about Star Fox, I didn't know that they had to be.

Star Wars: Blue team
(Nother shameless bump)

[ti]DA[/ti]Fana's Characters
Awesome characters, Fana. Thumbs up!

Cornerian Riot
I think I'll join. I'll be Kage

Random Screenshot Thread
You're gonna have to teach me how to do that, OWA, I got a model I need to rig lol