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The Birthday Topic
Thanks guys! I didn't expect anyone to remember lol, not many others did >.> lol

[ti]SW[/ti]Character Contest June 2012
Are you allowed to vote for yourself?

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Oh Bill Clinton XD

EDIT Broken picture, here's the link


[ti]SW[/ti]Character Contest June 1012
Okay, here is my character then!

In a locked and guarded cell, one of the most dangerous, cunning criminals to walk the halls of Cartenport psychiatric ward sits. The dark lonely figure in the cushioned room seems to be in a straitjacket, sitting still in the center of the room. The figure made no noise as it slowly rose, standing on its feet to approach the door. It heard the hard soled clack of combat boots walking down the metal stairs and the concrete hall to approach the cell. It must be dinner time.
Upon opening the door, two guards restrained the figure, holding its arms despite the restraint doing that job for them. They shoved the figure to the wall, and it made a grunt, obviously female sounding. She struggled, but try as she might, they held her down. The third guard approached her, placing a facemask on her to keep her from biting. When they got her properly restrained, they tied up her feet and placed her on a hand truck, strapping her down once more as they wheeled her out into the back of the van.
The van drove out, headed to the airport to transport their package. They loaded her onto the plane as they prepped for takeoff. All the while, a certain mercenary checked over the file...

Name: Rra-Noradi-Moy (Alias: Nora)

Age: Close to 20 or 25

DOB: Unknown

Race: Dragon

Sex: Female

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 120lbs

Scars and markings: Large claw mark above her left eye, three horizontal strips

Scale color: Red and Blue

Wingspan: 6'10"


As the plane took off, the mercenary left the cargo hold, leaving the girl unattended, yet still restrained, he figured she'd be fine. However, something went wrong, the restraints must not have been on right, the plane could have jostled one loose, causing her tail to be freed. With her now free tail, she removed the styrofoam that covered her spines with a mighty crack against the wall. Using her newly freed spines, she ripped at the linen and strong polymer cloth that restrained her arms. She managed to break the rest of the restraints that bogged her down. She was free, almost. She cut the rope around her legs with her claws and ran at the door separating the cockpit from the cargo hold. With three swings at the door, she broke the window, alarms going off as the mercenary turned.
Sounds of gunfire and big men's girly screams filled the plane over the roar of the engines. Three bodies dropped from the plane, one with wings. The one with wings opened them and slowed her descent to the ground below.

Saphiria's Corner
Great character! I like how she's a phoenix, I haven't seen many of them around. And you're staying true to the StarFox Arwing! Good on ya! :)

Which would you rather fly?
So what about the Supermarine Spitfire or the Vought F4U Corsair?

Spitfire: Posted Image

Corsair: Posted Image

Someone's sore
Julius Quasar
Especially in the People's Republic of C0MMI3FOЯИIA


[ti]SW[/ti]Character Contest June 1012
Do we have to keep that exact same format?

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Alright, be sure to let me know what he thinks

What are you Jamming out to?

The Excuse Game!
I would but I already lent my eyes to a nice skeleton down the hall

Help me get them back?

The Excuse Game!
Sorry, but if I do, Krystal can't enjoy her sammich

Go get me another ginger ale

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Yes lol, I told you I would didn't I? I never break my promises.

*Gets a jack in the box, replaces Jack with a boxing glove and winds it up, the glove punches Julius off the hill*


Someone's sore
So apparently, Funnyjunk wants to sue The Oatmeal for having their name on his site. This is actually hilarious, and I greatly applaud The Oatmeal's response to this. Read about it here:


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So yeah... *Brushes dust off account and topic* I'm here... Case you guys read this stuff, I see users online. I can honestly say holy crap, I didn't think this site would make such a comeback. I also thought I might've been told about it lol. Anyway, hello guys, I'll be making an effort to be on here more often.

*football punts RedFox*

My hill!

The Excuse Game!
I can't because I'm a basement hermit, and it's night anyway. Besides, didn't you know that the sun can cause sicknesses due to prolonged exposure, and peeling of the skin? Nasty stuff, I'd rather not thanks.

Bring me some crackers!

O hey guys