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Arashikage's Characters
Name: Kosma Torington

Race: Human (now spirit)

Age: 600

Story: When he was born in 1410 he was chosen to be trained to fight for his country. While he doesn’t like to talk about it, he was put on a secret mission to kill a dragon on a desolate island. He was killed by the dragon’s fire. Being killed in this fashion has allowed him to come back as a spirit. He only appears to certain people, but is completely harmless, if seen you should be friendly because that is all he wants. 600 years doesn’t go by as quickly as someone would think, especially if you are a lonely spirit. This is why he likes to talk to people. He is an inspirer, one who likes to give ideas to the living, ideas he could not put into effect due to his presence.

Appearance: Depending on where he is he usually has different appearances. He can look like he did just before going into battle, with heavy steel armor and a medium coif, with a square shield and his sword Blödhgarm. He can also appear as a white ball of spiritual energy, or he could just be completely invisible.

Theme song: Heaven – Los Lonely Boys

Arashikage's Characters
Name: Yuri Jules

Age: 26

Race: Human

Occupation: Notoriously drunk pilot

Story: Yuri has been a pilot for Russia until he decided to move on to bigger and better things. He joined the Shadow Element when he was 23 as a bomber pilot and was stationed to a planet on the outskirts of the Lylat system when the combine began to move in. The Shadow Element’s involvement in this issue is purely as security guards. “Rent a Grunts” if you will, they are there to protect the diplomats as they find a safe, nonviolent solution to the tension that has been growing between the factions. Yuri has been stationed on the airbase of this planet for about 3 months and as soon as they get a new bomber pilot, he is out of there. Yuri speaks in a thick Russian accent, and seems to never be sober. His reasoning is “If you fly my plane, you would never fly sober.” He wears a World War II pilot cap, olive drab pants, black boots, and a black T-shirt.

Arashikage's Characters
Name: Traithgren

Age: 43

Race: Rhino

Story: Traithgren grew up in a family of soldiers, and cops. He was taught that you can get the job done through reasoning as well as brute strength, and has heeded these words ever since. This advice made him a valuable asset to the CSS(Cornerian Secret Service) when he joined them at 19. He retired at 40 after 21 years of doing government work and decided to go into the hotel clerk line of work, what better place to do it than Corneria's own Lylat Luxury Hotel? He started at 42 and has been working diligently with no signs of slowing

Arashikage's Characters
Name: Bríd Aimeri (Bride Aymeery)

Sex: Female('bout time =P)

Age: 20(Earth years)

Race: Liger(I'm guessing anthro is implied)

Background: Bríd was born to a middle class family on Corneria, her father was a working man, who earned his living doing accounting for a businessman, her mom was a typical stay at home mom who cooked, cleaned, and played solitaire in what spare time she had. Life wasn't too hard for them and they lived together just her, and her parents for 19 happy years(I'm going by earth years because it's the easiest to go off of, so every age here will be in earth years) she took martial arts and ranked top three in her section of Corneria(section=country, please tell me if they are still called countries there, I am not an expert on these planets) She moved out at the age of 18 where she has done several challenging but rewarding jobs, first as a mountain guide(2 months), then as a pilot instructor(9 months), then a skydiving instructor(4 months), a golf player(1 day), a tour guide (1 month), a pyrotechnics specialist(4 months), and a spelunker(1 month). She has been unemployed for about eight days and is looking for an exciting way to earn money.

Theme Song: Searching - Joe Satriani

Arashikage's Characters
Name: Aiken O'Rourke (ai-ken Oh-Rooke)

Species: Human

Age: 34

Affiliation: Shadow Element

Aiken O'Rourke is the leader to the mercenary group known as the Shadow Element, he is a former NATO agent who was born and raised in Ireland. While not much is known about his childhood, he became very interested in military tactics at a young age and became a member of several military training and cadet programs. He was left to die in a POW camp while in NATO during a botched mission at an NAPF stronghold in north Africa. He later defected from NATO to join the Shadow Element, where he quickly took over as the commander. While not much is known about his parents, His dad was a military man and presumed to have died on the battlefield, while his mom died of cancer when O'Rourke was 22. He wears a red beret and Jungle camo with a tactical vest, he also has fingerless gloves with a knife sheath in the left glove.

Yes this character is from SOCOM U.S. Navy SEALs FTB2, but nobody really remembers him much, he is my personal favorite character and I have added my own little touch to him to make him a playable character with an actual story

Arashikage's Characters

Cpl. Payne (Corporal Pain)

A corporal in the United States Space Marine Corps H.E.C.U. division(Hazardous Environment Combat Unit). He wears full combat dress and a gas mask. He has a strong build and is around 6 foot 1. He is age 20 and has seen combat on multiple planets including but not limited to, EDN III, Pandora, Finisterre, and others. He has also travelled to Xen(if you don't know what I'm talking about, go play Half Life). He carries a black Desert Eagle chambered for .44 Magnum rounds, and a silenced G3. He behaves like a trained soldier, even when off duty, he seems to be on edge all the time, and doesn't take a break. He joined the USSMC when he was 18 and became a soldier after basic training. He has been on edge since his last encounter on an unnamed abandoned starship. This starship was abandoned for a long time and had just started to move. The USSMC HECU unit was called to investigate. Inside, the place was mutilated, dead bodies everywhere(don't know how much detail i can go into here due to rules and stuff, so I'm gonna just stop there). As they got further into the ship, they found that there wasn't a single life form on the ship that was alive. All of a sudden, spirits filled the particular room Payne was in, and started to attack using psychological warfare. Payne tried to attack back, but his weapons had no effect. He escaped the room where outside, he finds the corpse of another soldier from a previous unit. This corpse had a note in the side pocket talking about a certain stone that can make a person artificially telepathic. This sounded like a powerful item and from the looks of things, it was his only hope of surviving this ordeal on this forsaken ship. He pocketed the note and set off to find this certain stone. He eventually is led to a room with a stone in the hands of a skeleton. The skeleton had on a tattered leather flight suit that was completely unscathed. Payne was shocked at this sight but proceeded to take the stone. He immediately felt extreme pain in his stomach and burning on his skin. A charge of spiritual energy flew from inside of the stone and into him. Payne wakes up about a day later in the medical bay on the USS Charlemagne, a USSMC cruiser. He is told that he was found on the abandoned ship by the second recon team sent in after no response was given from them. The recon team found him as the only survivor. They didn't find the cause of the death of everyone else. Payne eventually discovered that the stone did have an effect on his mind, but his mind was barely able to handle it. This gift of telepathy comes with some side effects. He can't think as fast as his fellow marines, and he is prone to migranes when another telepathic being is in the vicinity. He has the ability, however, to move objects with his mind(telekinesis), and can detect other people's minds and read thoughts. When he reads thoughts, he needs to be relatively close to the person, close enough to hear the person, and he can only read the top 4 things on the person's mind. He was discharged from the military when he didn't know how to control his mind reading and it happened involuntarily. He suffered from thought overload, where he heard too many thoughts and they filed it as skizophrenia. They gave him an honorable discharge and when he left, he kept his gear and weapons. (sorry about my bad storytelling, I'm new to this, also, sorry for making it so long, if you don't want to read it all, tell me, ill try to shorten it for you)

Theme song: Guns - Lovehammers

Arashikage's Characters
These are the characters I will be using in the RPs I participate in. They are named differently to avoid confusion. So without further ado, my characters.

Name: Arashikage (Ah-RAH-shee-kah-gay)

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 180

Eye Color: Grey

Species: Human

Hair Description: Black hair, buzz cut

Fur Color/Fur Pattern: N/A

Vocal Description: Low voice

Body Description: Strong build, although it's not really shown

Attire/Appearance: Jungle camouflage, several patches, nametape says "Kage"

Family: Deceased

Occupation: Mercenary

Good/Bad: Both

Theme Song: Revenga - System Of A Down

Birthplace: Earth

Current Location/Residence: The USS Charlemagne

Training/Specialties/Skills: Anything combat oriented, he's a pretty good pilot, a great shot with a rifle, knows his way around electronics, explosives training, spacejumping training

Special Markings: Has a scar on his right shoulder going across his chest down to his left hip from a car accident when he was 18

Personality: Pretty laid back, sometimes can be a show off, a little introverted at times, but can get across it depending on who he is with

Other info: Has a TAR 21 assault rifle with him almost at all times, he also has a 10 inch blade in his boot.

Past life on Earth: Kage was born on Earth, when he was just 8 months old, his mother passed away from a serious infectious disease, he grew up only knowing her through stories he was told by his father. He had a close personal relationship with his father. His father was really the only one he could actually talk to, the only one who could understand him and who he could understand. The day Kage turned 18, his father took him to go see a movie, on their way back, there was a horrible car accident, it claimed the life of his father and left Kage alone in the unforgiving world. He did not know what to do with himself after his father died, he had nowhere to turn, nowhere to go, that's when he met up with a Shadow Element recruiter, he talked to him for a while and eventually convinced him to join up. When Kage joined, he quickly rose through the ranks, becoming a Lieutenant in no time. When he was 21, he was assigned to the 42nd Spacejumper regiment and he has been working in that division ever since