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Arashikage's Characters
A few new characters here. SF-O has gone fascist again


Name: Mikaila Svit'Kona

Race: Human-Eagle

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Mikaila was born on Gaia, where she lived with her mother and father. She barely got along with her father. He had a habit of taking her for granted and sometimes neglecting her. Her father was a military man, part of the Gaian Special Operations(GSO). Perhaps the reason for his behavior toward Mikaila was the fact that he wanted a son. He wanted someone who could go into the GSO and follow in his footsteps. This has led to her having a lack of self confidence.

Abilities: Mikaila is a pyrokinetic. For those of you who don't know, this means she controls fire with her mind. She can create a flame with just the snap of her fingers... Actually, even less than that.

Appearance: Mikaila wears a dark blue spaghetti strap shirt to allow space for her wings, rather than having to cut holes in her shirt to allow them to fit through. She normally wears camo shorts, or pants, depending on the weather, and when it's cold, she wears a black hoodie with holes in the back.



Name: Aria Krilo(Wing in Slovenian)

Age: 23

Race: Human/Hawk(More human, she has hawk wings growing out of her back)

Story: Aria doesn't recall anything until she was around 5. People were scared of her, they called her many things, the black winged devil, Satan spawn, and many others. She took up residence in an abandoned church bell tower in a small town in the eastern US, where she lived by stealing food and water. She lived in the tower until she turned 18 when she decided to leave the planet. She discovered that the people were launching ships to get off of the dying planet. She commandeered one with the 44 magnum snubnose she pickpocketed from some guy in the town. She took the cruiser where she has been travelling and Freelancing ever since.

Abilities: Aria is, in fact a telepath. Although she is not very in control of her powers. She is also attuned to Close Quarters Combat. She is also an avid thief and very good with stealth. She can also fly, but that's implied with the fact that she has wings.

Weaknesses: Aria is not very strong, she just knows where to hit. One of her biggest strengths is also a big weakness, she is a telepath but can't control her powers very well. She is rather shy, but can come out of her shell every once in a while.

Song: If I Could Fly - Joe Satriani