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The Birthday Topic
Happy belated birthday Shory!

SFG - A Divided Lylat
On board the command bridge of the USS Charlemagne, a blue beret wearing mercenary stood. He had a cigarette in his hand, and a scowl on his face.

'The hell do they always make -me- go everywhere?'

He thought to himself, taking a drag as he looked out the front window. He pondered what he was going to do as the ship cruised onward, courses set for Eladerd.

Idea for a site-wide RP
Okay I'm in

PC Vs Console
Then please let this thread rest in peace, the PC is better than console systems, it has been settled.

Diary of a Mad Furry

Arnie: It's not a tumor!

PC Vs Console
The PC has Steam, that's one of the best communities you can get.

You can BUY a freakin LCD monitor for your PC.

You can EMULATE Nintendo games, it's not that hard.

And so? If you put time and effort into something, it shows you know things, it shows that you're SMART, not just some dumbass who goes around like "HERPA DERPITY DERP I JUST BOUGHT A NEU CONSOLE SYSTEM FER MAI TELIVISION! I KNO WAHT I'M DOING BECUZ I KNO HOW TOO PLUG IN A FEW WIRES"

Chinese Kung Fu Panda Rip
Hahahahahahahahahahaaaaa! Wow, I wouldn't see this movie without someone like Waffles to make fun of it during the whole thing XD

PC Vs Console
Each new generation costs about 600 dollars when it comes out. And don't dis the keyboard and mouse, do you know why it never changed? It never had to, it was so effective it's STILL being used today.

And what's popular isn't what's better, with the PC, you can literally do anything, go on the web, draw, buy stuff, game, talk to friends, browse forums, anything. And my gaming rig only cost me about 300 dollars thank you very much, it works just fine.

PC Vs Console
Then when that day comes, I will change my argument to say that ARMA 2 is for PC exclusively, /thread