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[ti]BT[/ti]Star Wars: Chronicles
The various gasses of the planet Bespin swirled around one of the many tibana refineries. The complex floated serenly through the chemical soup and only flashes of lights proved that life dwelled on its surface.

These details, although a great set up for a tragedy, are worth knowing for at the moment we turn our eyes to it, three shuttles descend towards it. Three wings, one on its dorsal side and the other two, hanging like fins off a whale, guide it and it's compatriates as they land apon the previously mentioned station.

To greet them wasn't a party, nor an honor guard of stormtroopers. Instead a single man, holding a hold out blaster, waited for the occupants to disembark. When the doors hissed open, foreign gasses being expelled into the soup of an atmosphere, he called out a single "HALT!"

Fleet Lordess Victoria Basalt ceased moving at the bottom of the ramp which extened from the bowels of the landing craft.

"This facility is under new republic control" THe man said smoothly, taking in the repulsive sight of a scarred and unatractive Fleet Lordess.
"You are to come with me for questioning." He held the blaster out, pointing it at the approaching Lordess's head.

From the interior of the craft, red bolts of contained plasma rocketed forth and struck the man repeatedly, burning and twisting his body into a horrific contortion.

"Squad. Advance!" In an impressive display of lockstep, blaster rifles raised in defiance, 20 storm troopers shook the immediate area as they disembarked. Leading them was an imperial officer with an impressively constructed look of neutrality. On the other two landing pads, more troopers marched off, an impressive sight for those inclined to care.

From a doorway about 10 meters from them, a lightsaber hissed and crackled as its owner charged forward, The Fleet Lordess his target. With practiced ease she drew her own weapon, a glaive shining a malevolent red. She locked her glaive with the incoming saber, surprising the jedi behind it. Disengaging from her, he force pushed the Officer away from the two, his gun sliding to smack against the edge of the platform.

"Die rebel scum" The fleet lordess said, crossing strike after strike with the jedi. With a grunt of effort, she pushed him away, backing up do get distance from him. "You fight well" The Jedi said, sliding to place his feet the necessarily distance apart for his next move.

"And your an idiot" Balsa said, stepping aside for the twenty storm troopers to unload their weapons into the arrogent Jedi.

Kicking his cooling corpse off the edge and into the wind, she unhooked her comm.

"Squads, advance, find any survivors"

Adult Swim shows you hate
I hate everyshow except the ANIMU.

Star Wars: Blue team
(AS of now, this is the prequel to the actual roleplay, explaining things for how they got to the way they were.

I am starting a new topic, with Arashikage's blessings and hopefully the rest of y'alls, that shall be the open RP that all are allowed to join.

And now i speak for Kursed and ask that this trainwreck in progress be locked and framed in the RP memory section for shitz and giggles.)

Star Wars: Blue team

Star Wars: Blue team
(alright, here is what i got.

Kage, w hile back, attempted to start a Jedi acadamy roleplay. Like all other roleplays not started by Kursed/OWA/Star dragon, it collapsed and never took off. MY plan is to combine the two to form a distinctly open star wars roleplay.

Those who wish to join the empire my do so.
Those who wish to be a jedi may do so.

Plot points, and yes there will be plot, will be taken care of by a seperate topic, so that new users can at any time jump in and feel comfortable without having to archive binge.

The current plot of Bespin under attack shall be dealt with as the opening of the role play, with the backstory to our being there the previous 22 pages.)

Star Wars: Blue team
( By the nonexistant powers that are invested in me, i do declare myself owner of this RP through being the one with the most bumps. Kage, make it public, i shall write up a story in the morrow!)