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Then how about we go on and set bonuses for certain government types and such?
For example
in the unenlightened ages, slavery is good for labor force, but it promotes poverty, and in the later ages only induces r, depending on the slaved group of peoples, riots, protests and maybe even anarchy.
Democracy is good for keeping you nation togather, but good luck even trying to pave a road.
Religion keeps you civilization togather, but random unintended affects could plague your civ.
A theocracy is good for militant states, but bad for jsut aboot evrything else.
Culturally, some civs might be better than others. WHich civ makes star wars? does that civ get bonuses towards culture or science, or a wealth bonus?
im just babbeling, please cut me off if im too outlandish.

im good, and if you are open to suggestions, i would say we swich epochs every once and a while. Like go from a tribe which would get people used to it, then going to a city in the anchient times, then the dark ages, then so on and so forth

Comment on the user above you
does not know that i t was intended to go to the one i posted it after.

Comment on the user above you
Has no idea that my Avi is me. and the dophins name is Guilbert

Comment on the user above you
cannot break these cuffs

One word story game

Three Word Story
Said One Eyed

I like..
I like Rifftrax, Bill corbet, kevem Murphy and Mike Nelson

hey, im still interested.

What is your favorite game soundtrack?
Civilization 4 has th emost varied and expansivly awesom sound tract, even recoring old songs new for the game. i love it

Left 4 Dead/Left 4 Dead 2
i am an expert crowner, having once crowned a witch with a chrome shotty.

Star Fox: TNG - The Last Colony
May i be of assistance in the creation of a faction? if that is a valid option?

Comment on the user above you
You made me carry my hard drive you sick twisted Asinus!

Three Word Story
Said Bob saget...

Let's Do the Time Warp Again!
yes he is. Im going to re type the plot line over the next few days so this will have a valid plot

Xbox Live Names

Let's Do the Time Warp Again!
RP Name/Title- Starfox history of Earth
Theme-Origional charecters go throughout periods of human history experiancing famous events and people
Setting- several historical periods. The specifics are to be decided by the players, but all of human history is open for exploration, abuse or other wise general marryment
Description- Balsa Seeks to learn her species history through a visual mean. So contacting several illicit sources, she appropriates a time travel device and gets a group of peopleto comewith her. unfortunatly, the device can only go forward a few years at a time, so getting back wont be as easy as going their.
So the entire party will be forced to go through history experianceing famous or some nonfamous places. They may even meet someone that looks oddly like them in someway. Rome, WW2, Bolshevism, the brady bunchc reunion, all is availiable to explore, however a general consenses is needed before we jump time periods
GOAL: - is to finally experiance human history to 2010, where apon the device can finally transport them to starfoxes approxammate time

Ballisticwaffles' Asylum
Name: Barca
Age: 6 months old
Species: Utahraptor
Sex: Female
Weight: 305 pounds
Height: 6 ft 3 inches
Other: Bright blue feathers on head, green the top, white on the bottom. Faded milky white eyes.
Eyes: Blind as a bat.
Bio: Playfull and exitable, she does not let a mere contrivial thing like lack of sight get in way of her fun! Running into walls, however, will.
No non normal abillities, asaide from being a bloody dinosaur.

Strengths: as playfull as a dog, she doesn't mind sitting around waiting for someone to play, and is carefull to remember were she is. She always holds back, but not too much.

Weaknesses: SHe doesn't have the best memory and will sometimes forget where she is in relative to the nearest pane of glass. Her memory is not the best and will sometimes forget who people are. She also hates birds. I mean really hates em. One time she went after this walking bird and he kept shouting about a fox (aint got time for this ellis) okay.

Backround: born from an egg and her parents were killed. Raised by a pack of other dinosaurs, then abducted for probing. SHe was set back on her home planet many many years later. and has wandered around aimlessly since.

Ballisticwaffles' Asylum
Hello Stranger. What are you Buying?
Names' Egor Von Qwasi, merchent extraordiner. Need something to line your houses with? Need weapons to take down monsters?
Need a gift to pacify the wife? ive got quite the selection here. Just dont rip me off. Ive strung more corpses that way.

YOu may hate me for my extream capitalism. But what can i say? MAybe you should get a drink? ive got plenty somewhere in this large coat and backpack of mine. I except all form of hard cash. If you pull out a credit card, ill pull out my gun. They give me laringytus.

Why am i this way? You made me this way. When i was two, some rich a-hole walked by me with a bag of food. He offered it to me at double the price he bought it for. He offered this to an orphan living in the streets. I tried to convince him to give me it for free. But he refused. So i followed him and stabbed him and his wife in the kidneys


after that, it was a simple matter of selling of his possesions to feed my self. And the habit stuck. So here i am, buy something, or get the hell out of my alley.

Ballisticwaffles' Asylum
Name: Balsa
Species- human female
Height- 6 foot 1inches
Trained in the art of the Glaive, carting it at all times, refusing to part with it.
The Spear is an artifact able to retract into a more carry able form

Physical Description of Balsa:
Red hair
Red eyes
Dark red sleeveless shirt
Black baggy Khackies
Tanned Skin
Blue dress coat tied around her waist
Ripped and torn Shrowl around her back and neck.

She was born in a backwards colony of the waning Lithuanian Empire. He parents were disgusted at the way the empire was falling. So they left the empire, bringing several artefacts of ancient origin. They were seeking a new resting place, a new empire to create. However, the greed of many nations could not be ignored, so they attempted to flee. With an entire fleet at their backs, they did only what they thought was necessary. They activated one of the artefacts, calling forth a being so malevolent, that is name is used to blow things up. They sacrificed the soul of their baby to further the Lithuanian empire. What they didn't expect was for the demon to refuse. With shot after shot careening into the ship, they tried everything to convince the demon to save them. As the last bits of their atoms dissipated in space, the demon could not help but stroke the baby in his arms.

Growing up in hell isnt as bad as one would think. From a young Age Balsa Gravitated to The ARmagista, An organization dedicated towards eradicating particullarily annoying Heroes. For that, however, required a lifetime of commitment and training. So, wih mirth in is eyes and a bounce in his step, her father took her to the main Barracks to show her the training that went along with the title. He was killed by "heroes" and Balsa Nearly Abducted.

It was a week before she spoke, her step mother coaxing her enough for her to accept the Duty of pall bearer.

With purpose in her soul, and her first tasting of Rage, she spent countless hours perfecting her art of war, Days slaughtering Beings to steel herself, and Months crusading against the forces of supposed good. Years past, and her 21st year in existance became the year she was an Armagistra, the youngest in exstance.

It was here Balsa Began To urge for companion ship, 16 years of Dedication, most of it bathed in the blood of her enemies, she was alone. So she grabbed her Spear, an artifact of Uncompairable design, and set off into the land of the living, slaughtering everyone in her path.

She was assigned to deal witha particularly annoying Universe, where most of the Heroes that killed the families of hell came from. SHe entered the Dimention and began her slaughter. .A man, A random civilian by the name of Darrius Took apon the challenge of stopping her. With care in his eye and nothing but the good in his heart, he challenged her beliefs and her actions. Love bloomed in her heart when she saw him. She married him, her soul filled with love and affection.

Love is a target, and soon he was dead. Killed by assassins to get to Balsa. more Rage than she knew she could have, she embarked apon a new dream. No god, No orginization, no fate could prevent her from storming the gates of heavon, so long locked against entry, and recover his soul.

Gripping her Spear and Taring a new hole in reality, she embarked. That was 14 years ago.[edit_reason]changed occupation entitlements.[/edit_reason]