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The Titanian Cantina
Balsa huffed, a great line of nder her breath explitives eruptuing from her lips. "Scotch is fine my white a... oh thank you" She said recieving her QLBNW. "If your looking to torture your self with alcohole" She said, drinking the substance that was said to be water "than get vodka, i own a vodka stock so im kinda requierd to say that" She smoothly said as fast as she possably could.

The Titanian Cantina
At that moment, Balsa slapped her Mug on the counter next to the merc. Balsa eyed him like a well priced sack of potatoes befroe inquisitvly asking "you actually drink that swill? have some class and drink Vodka" She sat next to him awaiting her Quite like but not water "m'names Balsa" she said, sticking her hand out to shake.

Books and you!
i jest you not. I mearly thought that you and the other people wouldnt want to know my reading habits, considering you guys react with revultion to evrything else. I also like SCi fi, and hostory books

The Titanian Cantina
"i wonder whats coming up next?" Balsa said, lowering the mug she had been chuging full of the substance that looked like but wasnt quite water. "why are you asking me?" Leguis Shot back, fingering a appetizer that looked like, and probably tasted like, but wasnt quite a shrimp.

"because" WAs Balsas higly intellectual response as she awaited for more intertainment.

Books and you!
honestly, i do very much enjoy hiding away with a good romance novel.

Chat Play
Balsa- why are you using beasts of war to attack each other?
*she gazes at the two pokemon.
Balsa- and what the cthulhu is that?

The Titanian Cantina
IN the corner with a smirk on her face and mirth in her eyes, sat Balsa, exchanging a Drink with a new associate of hers. sitting across from her was Legius, His Dark Chitonus body covered by both a large black Blanket and fading into the darkness when the Ladies got up to pretend to kick people for 10 minutes.

"Lovely lovely ladies" Legius said, eyeing one of them, who proceeded to get off the stage, run out back then come out and hug someone in the front row. "not here" Balsa said, sipping on a substance quite similar but also unlike to Water. "This is the last establishment in the system im not banned from, and im sure as hell not getting banned from here" she punctuated her sentice with a swig of the water like substance, wiping the remins off on her sleave.

Chat Play
Balsa- Because violence makes the world go round
*she steps right next to Valer, leaning unnessisarily close to Valers mask

what the moron above me forgot that after it got shut down, iot went back up. we were on it soon after.

Ballisticwaffles' Asylum
Species: Xenomorph
Prison Serial Number:1634/56-xk12.4gty
Date of Birth: Refused Communication, even with Communication Software installled into his neck
Charges: Not owning a proper license to exist on Corneria, Resisting arrest, 1 Account of Assault, 3 accounts of battery, 15 Cases of Murder of an officer of the law, Twelve instances of destruction of public property, Area of Incarceration: Cornerian Governmental facility for dangerous species
Date of escape: The day after incarceration
Designation by special forces: Xenomorphus Primus
Wanted Alive for interrogation.

"i hung that on my wall for a good laugh." X-Prime States, Two large Rhinos Looming behind him, his Arms teathered by the strongest cables we could find. "Couldnt help but notice my charges" He says eyeing the paper in my hand.

"Didnt know existing was a crime, someone should have told me before the cops opened fire" his voice is loud and mechanical, the electronics in his throat providing a voice for the deadly criminal we have been hunting for two weeks.

"That one account of ressisting arrest?, that was when i triped when they were hauling me away. as soon as i hit the ground they started shouting for reinforcements" His box give a hiss of static, which my superiors state to be a laugh

"Things got fun from there though. That One account of assault? i ripped a Foxes arms off at the shoulder. The battery charges? me beating the reminaing cops with said arm" The Rhino who smacked him, smacked him with a little more force than if he had not said that.

"You know my species has acid blood right?" He says, looking at the patches of missing floor and wall. "Those charges of destruction were me bleeding out when your cops got a little to rough taking me in after i defended my self" He scoffs, over writing the boxes programing.

I look down to review the sheet and let my superiors know that we had the subject. A long Grey object slammed into my chest and i doubled backward off the chair. Landing on my feet, i drew my gun and started fireing. THe death cries of a hostage Rhino reached my ears as i took a step forward, to better my aim, and slipped on a Rhinos arm, falling to the ground with as much grace as i could. The only inhabitents in the room was I, Both security operatives dead in fountains of ichor and gore. The window was wide open, a long dark xenomorph head gazing right into my very soul.

"Tell your Superiors", he called, ducking away from the edge to avoid my terrably aimed shots.

Running over to the edge i looked down and saw nothign but empy space. The last thing i felt was a Long tail slither around my neck and pull tight.

"My name is Legius, and when i am done with your pitiful solar system, there will be many."

"The last thing i see is the ground rushing up t"
End of Transmission from Major operative...
Helmet destroyed by impact with ground...
Thought scanning device assumed destroyed as well...
New priority...
Destruction of Xenomorphus Primus...
Dubbed... Legius...
Execute programe 1902468
release all [ojibna;ejklfbhspaigjb...
Rescind all previous orders
Reset Captain designation
CAPTAIN Legius of starship "the great cat" WHAT ARE YOUR ORDERS...
Rename Starship/ Legiem Umbrem
Destroy all.[edit_reason]Arashikage is a grammer whore[/edit_reason]

My top ten Super Heroes/Anti-heroes/Supervillains
My favorite Hero is squirrel Girl. SHe has beaten most Marvel villans (off screen) and commands Squirrels as a power. How awesome is that?

Hellspawn Rampant
Balsa and Egor.

My 3D Renders and Mods

My limited knowledge of latin allows me tomake the following observations.
First off, i like the photograph, jsut to get that out of the way
Second off, most of this is obviusly either babel fished or some other inacurrate translater. In the " Tenebrae illius devorant omnia" sentince, the subject verb agreement is off. Devorant is plural, you would want devorat the singular meaning.

Tenebre, means to keep or hold, not shadow. Shadow is Umbra. And you need not the sentinces in order, you could have
Umbra devorat omnia illius
Devorat Illius umbra omni.
Doesnt matter the order.

The Excuse Game!
no, too busy being snide.

Wenn ist dien nunstuck git und slotomayer.

The Space Between Spaces
The Advent, and the Imperium of man. THE IMPERIUM OF MAN.

Star fox fanfiction
then post some other exampleof non warhammer star fox fanfiction. that is the enitre reason i created this. i just thought war hammer cross overs were cool.

Star fox fanfiction
You assume WArhammer40k isoly a simplegame series. What game arewe talking about BTW? there is like, a dozen of them.

The Space Between Spaces
rofl. i loved that SOB. anyway,back to the topic. can we start this? or do we wait for more poepl?

The Space Between Spaces
you were on that thred? ive read it like 5 times now and i never saw you... wait. whats your stardestroyer.net name?

and i know your joking. unlike Youngla

The Space Between Spaces
how many people do we have? can we start? Or do we need one more person? or two or ten?


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