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SFG Fanfic Contest
i am going to write a backstory for my RP charecter Balsa. Wish me luck.

Star Wars: Blue team
"Pardon me, civilians" A Stormtrooper said, walking up to the jedi. :This Area is under the control of His royal majesties Navy, im going to ask you to please leave the premises for the duration of our occupation"

SFG TF Sequence Contest
"Please, let me go!" A man shouted, bound to a table by chains and leather harnesses. "there was no answer, only the little plicks of a strange liquid as it was fed into his blood stream. "Inject the contagion" A robotic voice said, a new whirring announcing yet another needle into him. The effect was instantaneous, visable changes rippling through his body.

THe smell of Necrotic flesh filled the once sterilized room. HIs skin turned dark brown, his skin bulging and tearing, once healthy flesh dyeing and shrinking into his bones. His Eyes BEcame black and beedy, his face gaunt and pale. he roared in pain, exposing two elongated canines. Black wings ripped throuh the outer layer of his skin, nearly desroying what was left of the skin that was there

With a Shriek he attempted to tare himself out of the restraints.

"Vampire Transformation sucessfull, begining phase two." Another Vial was injected, the effects once again instintanious.
Necrotic flesh grew, muscles rippling and filling the void the previous injection left. Hair, thick and black, grew, covering the distended and abused flesh. his face elongated, his teeth falling out, new ones tearing themselves out of his gums. Muscles broke and reset themselves, stronger than before. He grew, snapping the restraints and tearing the needles and vials out of his chest. The last thing the machine could utter before it was destroyed.

"Werepyre transformation. Sucessfull."

Star Wars: Blue team
"AS much as i prefure the cold comforts of a Lambda Shuttle" Gradius said, calmly walking into the shuttle. He strapped himself in, gazing around at the interior. "never seen this kind of ship before"

Star Wars: Blue team
Although both suns were beating down apon the group, Gradius looked both comfortable and pleased as he kept pace beside Electra, wih out breaking into an actual run.

"THe Space port guns will pretend to aim at us and threaten to shoot us down, if only to keep the targets in a state of unawareness" He said

Star Wars: Blue team
(kage punched me till i posted)

"your in the clear" Gradius Said, closing the link with air traffic control. "shall we proceed?"

Star Wars: Blue team
"Very well" he said, ending the call "we shall procede in your personal craft, let me simply have your craft registered to NOT be shoten down." So he picked up his comlink again and begun to talk, again"

Star Wars: Blue team
"And like the Planetary governer, i could care less" HE said to Electra. "never the less, we will need transport to the space port, i shall arrange transport there." He opened his comlink and said a few words to a comlink.

Star Wars: Blue team
"what happened at the bar was a freak of nature, an accident that need not have happened. We were unprovocativly attacked by a master level jedi, who proceeded, against all odds, to slaughter my garrison and a back up AT-ST sent to provide us with a measure of support."

HE sighed and steadied himself

"local milita joined in against us and we had a full scale rebellion on our hands. The situation was exacerbated by the arrival of an ancient star ship that proceeded to bomb civilian structures to get at us."

Star Wars: Blue team
"The governer believes that throwing people at a problem is not only the best, but the only solution." He paused, soaking in the PC's comment "WHat about an overwhelming amount of people in an ambush?" He said, scratching his chin.

Star Wars: Blue team
"Nonsense" Commander Gradius said, turning to talk to Tyr "I can simply commandeer sturmtroopers and we can overwhelm them with fire power." He smirked " with enough guns poined at them, there is no way they could block them all",


"Have a recon team follow the jedi from a distance." Balsa said into her phone "allow them to never leave your sight."

Although the person could not see her, she leaned forward "And if you screw this up" The threat hung in the air like a hung corpse.

Star Wars: Blue team
"I didn't and i won't" she said, Shaking the hand and looking at the PC "i dont believe I know your name, nor do i care"

She said, tossing a datapad to the PC. "Your To work with Both Commander Graduis and Tyr Here to apprehend the instigaters of the riots we had earlier." She motioned to the datapad

"All the data i have on them is on that, dont lose it, or you'll need to find out things about them yourself"

"Gentlemen, and Commander" She said to Gradius "Procede to the Space port and find out what you can about them, if they are there, aprehend them"

She motioned for them to leave. "Now get out, i have to exhume the carpet after the last assassination attempt failed."[edit_reason]i want kage to die[/edit_reason]

Star Wars: Blue team
Balsa chuckled "I have no faith in anyone. It is simply the fact that the more people i throw at a problem, the faster it goes away"

Her grin was gone as the PC busted into the office.

"You can kindly sit there and wait for me to finish" she said, gesturing to an unoccupied chair next to the Shelves of Stuff.

"where was I?... oh yes, you" She lifted a pad up and read from it "According to this... well thats not surprising" SHe put it down and looked at both Tyr the merc and Gradius "The fugatives were spotted down at the space port"

"Tyr, i have locked this planet down tighter than... im sure theres something sexual i could say about somethin, but ehre is the point, Do this, you get a get out of jail forever free pass from me." SHe reached her hand out "deal?"

Star Wars: Blue team
The secretary looked at her then shrugged "the stairs are right there, you dont need my permission to climb them" she said, returning to her work, before calling out to the departing bounty hunter "She is expecting you, she is with two others right now, but just go right in."

Star Wars: Blue team
The port was closed, imperial Troops blocking off the entrance. A prerecorded video repeated.

"...ist activities. The planet has been put into a state of alert, all planetary travel from and to are to be ceased and any ship caught flying with out permission from the Governer will be shot down, with no questions asked."

Massive anti air turrets, coupled with a few mobile anti air units reinforced the claims.
"nice to meet you Tyr" Balsa said , A smirk on her face. "Commander Gradius" the smirk was gone. "you disobayed orders, DIRECT orders, and fled the scene of an uprising by the jedi."

The window had a clear view of the smoke and fire plaguing the town.

"The money that i will need to put into this to rebuild and rearm will cripple us long after even i die." She said, Her face cold and seemingly made of stone.

"im not blaming this on you, the damage would have persisted if you had won regardless." She stood up "i have contacted an independent contracter to help me deal with the jedi who are destroying MY planet"

she hissed out the last few words. "you will assist whomever arrives, that will be your punishment for disobediance"

She looked at Tyr, her mouth splitting into a grin. "Do you know the history of your name?"

SHe walked over to her collection rack and picked a dusty old tome out of the piles. "Ancient Nordian God of War" she said, snapping the book shut with a audiable thump.

"I know what you are, and im willing to both ignore it, and pay you handsomly, if you aid Commander Gradius and the private contractee with their hunt"

Star Wars: Blue team
"im assuming this channel is secure" Balsa said, her voice low and full of rage. "The point, i need a bountry hunter of your calibur to exterminate some jedi pests before they do something drastic."

There was a pause as Balsa said something out of ear shot of the commlink. "your Payment will be discussed as we are uncertain of the power of these jedi, however do not that you will recieve lucrative contracts from my employers if you choose to work with us"

Text flew across the screen. "Fly to these cordinates and ask to see the imperial govener, We shall speak more there"


She put the link down and took out a hammer, smashing the link into as many pieces as she could. "What the hell... ma'm?" The officer said, watching her dump the remains into a waste bin. "This is now an untrace able call" she said, sitting at her desk. She nodded at the wolf "and what is your name my good man?"

For the record, HE asked first, i simply stated that i may or may not need or wish to have a bounty hunter on my side. Maybe.

Star Wars: Blue team
The Imperial Remnent Base was burging with activity and men. Defenses were being prepaired, Men rushing aroun, setting up Automatic weapons, Creating interlapping fields of fire. Anti Air units were being rushed inhto fortified positions, gathering and creating a near impregnable defense over the complex

"Please come with me" The officer said to the wolf "The planetary Govener Wishes to speak to the both of us"

[ti]BA[/ti]Life Lessons
pop a squat laddies and let ol insain Ballisticwaffles tell yuo what he thinks.

1. If Anything is worth being done, its worth being overdone. You have a 2 page essay due? Go three pages with a smaller font than usual. Need to fix something? OPtimize it so that it needs not fixing for a long time. If something is worth your time, then make it even more worth your time. With jsut five more minutes on somethign and you can see the results more than you would think.

2. Be The miracle. Help out a local shelter, help feed the poor, make things personal. See every opportunity to do good as a victory over the influental bad.

3. Relax. There is always enough time for everything. Sit down and look at the room around you. Better yet, go outside and breathe deeply the scent of nature. Go hug a tree, jump in a pile of leaves, be happy, know your alive.

4. work. If everything was given to you, l;ife would be boreing. CLimbing a tree wouldnt be as fun as if you could just fly to the top. take the time to truely gaze apon your work, to understand your efforts, and how you beat the problem senselessly into a pulp

5. Dream. Its okay to dream, its okay to wish. it does not matter if you think your dreams are unreal. With even a modest amount of work, and a healthy amount of personal faith, any task can be acomplished, and obstical removed with a hearly laugh, and every dream made reality.

Star Wars: Blue team
"Who the hell is this?" the officer screamed into the comm, his voice filled with rage. He turned to look at teh battlefield, his eyes filling with regret. "SOUND THE RETREAT" he yelled "we move back towards base" Slowly, the imperial Remnents packed them selves up, providing cover fire for allies and the wolf. "Come on man!" he yelled grabbing the wolfs hand, "we must leave, we can counter attack later!"

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