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[ti]BA[/ti]Debate Thread
once again juleus i comea cross as rude. My apologise. WHEN I TYPE IN ALL CAPITALS all i wish is for peopel to ESPECIALLY ReAD tHe CApItAL WORDS. i mean no disrespect. im only resoponding to your comment on the next generation living as MAd Max did. Beyond thunderdome. :D

[ti]BA[/ti]Debate Thread
Alright, if we are gonna do this again get on the chat room.
We are not pondering FUTURE generations we are pondering PAST generations

[ti]BA[/ti]Debate Thread
uhm... no... not at all....
The aftermath of the black plague was jsut europe killing eachother again. and your validating my point, we today dont have to fight against a epandemic that depopulates the world, so what do we know of stress? of presuure?

[ti]BA[/ti]Debate Thread
Pressure? Gen X and Gen Y know NOTHING of pressure.

there is a reason they are called the greatest Generation. today,We know nothign of the struggles of The Great depression. We know nothign of the trails they faced, of the rationing, the blackout drills and the fear that Herr hitler may knock on their door next. Our complaints of "stress" and "societal pressure" Are baseless when compaired to the sheer amount of sh!t that was thrown at the Greatest Generation. The greatest Generation did NOT grow up with a great economy.

The baby boomers did what needed to be done. they were drafted into Nam, THEY delt with the police crackign down on minor dissent, THEY had the pressure to go and serve in a war that needed not to be fought.
They HAd more pressure then we can ever hope to IMAGEN

We have NO pressure when it comes to the previous generations. So my answer to yuor question is no. No, we dont have to much pressure.

And lets get real, the apocalypse wont happen cause people ahve an economic slump. Slumps happen all the time. KINDA LIEK THE DEPRESSION

Halo: Rift War
(after scouring the Halo encyclopedia, i come to find that you are right. My apologies, usually names like that are reserved fro planets. And the brutes would have no problem working with the Kemoranians. They have no history thus no incentive to attack eachother)

"Well, the battle is joined." Jay said, Radiating Blood lust. "What do our shields look like?" He asked as the fleet grew closer and closer to them. "Sheilds are only 62% sir, the Drones are taking up much the power, bu i can..." Much techno mumble jumble was utterred until Jay finally asked "and our Anti Shield Missiles?" THat was a single blip of good news. "THe Chief of Bombardment was able to set the missiles for the Largest ship before we routed the power to the shields."
Jay Psycotically grinned


The drone Bays opened admist the torrent of fire that shot from all directions. The hull split again, an even bigger bay emerged, Thousands of Red LCD eyes staring into the souls of those that looked at them. The Chief of Bombardment, oblivious to the shots pinging off the Antimatter shields. With dramatic flare, he cracked open the book of T3H 0MN!M355!A and began to read. "FIRE THE MISSILES!" He shouted quoting The B00K of M@CR055.

Streams of fire erupted from the DeMeA, hundreds of missiles screaming through the voids of space. They crashed and slammed intot he shields, Overloading them t o let their 30 other bretherin to slam into the Ships one after another. A Cobra Shark made it through the barrage, with out shield, but unharmed. It Continued to fire, its shots pinging weakly off the Mighty Capital Ship shields. If space had molecules to transfer sound, a buzzing would have alerted the Cobra that something was going to go wrong.

400 drones erupted from their containment bay, Slamming into the Lone Cobra. They tore at the armor around it, Melting, sawing, doing anythign they could to get teh armor off. They targeted the engines, Sawing off fuel lines and melting closed gun ports. The ship looked as a pine cone, only glowing and shedding armor as the drones tore the ship to pieces.

The remaining drones took off with cargo behind them, the Legius Umbra flying wioth cargo in its belly. "the Shields arent down yet!" Balsa yelled as she watched drone fire plick off the shields of the capital ship. "ALlow me to fix taht problem" The cheif bombadier said back, intoning a large missile to comeforth from the missile bay.

The X-1 Magnacore bunkerbuster flew through the void of space, colliding with the shields of the capital ship. It exploded with a bright eye hurting light, the shields popping with a tremendous intensity.

"YOUR CLEAR!" THe chief yelled, praising the omnimessiah as he did.

(As f or the Jay portion of two posts ago, i was simply roleplaying as jay. He is angry at the alliance for a fault they did him so he is lookign for any excuse to yell.

Quick question, waht species are the kemoranians? and what do they look like so when i start slaughtering them, i can discribe them well)

Star_Dragon's PIMPMYGUN armory
Quick question. Is that the Seven Deadly sins mod you use to get the acclimator before you add the cockpit?

Halo: Rift War
"GOTTENVERDAMNERUNG" Jay yelled as he felt the Tractor Beam lock onto the DeMeA and pull it towards the repair dock. He Swore and cursed, his Mechanical Tinge becomign greater as the adrenal system wore down from use. "WE DONT NEED REPAIRS YOU FOOL" Jay yelled at Kylet'oran. "WE SPECIFICALLY..." He ran his hands through his hair, calming down for some level of control to return

"if one alliance ship so much as pokes the DeMeA, i want every strike craft on the ship to be launched in self defense." he ordered to the Systems officer, turning his attention back to Kylet'oran

"I told you before we Broke, and ill tell you again now so that when i tell you in five minutes i can specifically swear at you." Jay began, the mechanical tinge weaving with his normal voice. "When we travel faster than light, it drains our power. WE dont need repairs, we need time." He took a breath, ready for his rant.

"BUT, thanks to your stunt" Stunt was said with a great manner of sarcasm and hostility. "The energy it will take to replace our position, in hopes of bombarding the approching threat form behind, will not be sufficiant to provide power to all of our drones."

He leaned in close fo the last few words. "i have children aboard my ship. If so much as a single one of them dies before this is well and over Kylet'oran" So was Jay's rage that the mechanical systems of his harness had to take over body functions once more, the mechanical tinge becoming his actual voice. "i will personally skin you alive"

"Cut the D@mned feed, and make sure he cant patch into our comms until we have obliterated the fleet that dares threatened us"

He leaned back and coughed, the effort of yelling to taxing for his battered lungs to take. "I do believe tha Balsa would call this Catharsis time"


As she spent most of her time outside of her room on the DeMeA, Balsa had populated it barrenly with only the required bed and Armament rack. As such, Gracia had no where else to wait but on the bed with the unconciencous Balsa.

Balsa woke, raising her head to look at the sleeping Gracia. "Hello Balsa" Egor greeted from his position on the floor. she swung her legs around and felt the floor beneith her feet. She shook herself of the Forced knockout and sat down on the floor with Egor to partake in the Strange ritual they both had.

"You were very convincing." Egor finally said, a giant grin froming under his mask." Balsa returned the grin a laugh forming and dieing when she turned to look at Gracia. "You werent to bad yourself" She whipsered, keeping her voice low. "That blow to the face was very convincing" Her smile didnt go away, even as she rubbed her face where he had slugged her.

"How did she react?" She asked, turning again to look at the still sleeping Vibrakinetic.
"The same as last time, hasnt left the room since we performed the Break" Egor answered, standing up to tuck their young ward into the bed.

"If i were her, i would have broken long ago." Balsa said, nolonger talking about the present. "We both know our stro" Egor tried but was interrupted "Are you kidding? When my Father died, i locked myself in my room until the funeral." She kept her voice low, but the fire was still there.

"When My husband..." She paused and lowered her head, mourning in her own way. Egor was tempted by the sudden urge to hug her troubles away. He knew not where the strange urge came from, and didnt act on it, afraid of Balsa's retribution. "when he died, i didnt rest, i didnt sleep, i didnt eat until three days after i killed his murderers."

Her passion was back, her voice still low. "That girl has me beaten by a mile." Egor sighed, Bringing the blanket up to cover Gracia's body from the artificially cold ship. "is that why you volenterred to care for her after Jay hired her?" He asked, moving away from the bed and rejoined Balsa on the floor. "to tell the truth, no." Balsa admitted hesitantly. "i thought raising my own child would be a good distraction from the monotony of space travel." She smiled as she and Egor Drew a symbol on the floor. "she has grown on me more than i thought possable" Balsa was silent as they finished the Daemonic ruin, Red light bathing the darkened room. a portal opened, a normal looking mid class house its target

"WHO DARES... oh hay Balsa" A Rather fancy looking Daemon said as he bowed to the Armagistra "I told you to never bow to me, Brother" She whispered "and keep it down, we got a sleeping child in the room" The Daemon looked sheemish, before a succumbus pushed him out of the way. Balsa cracked a smile again, a first in her record book for number of smiles on on off day. "hey mom"

Gracia awoke to Darkness, the ship having shut off lights to conserve power for Jay's Plan. Gracia hated Darkness. "momma?" she said, sitting up and rubbing her eyes, Balsa wrapping her in a hug almost instantly. "im here sweety, im right here" Gracia returned the hug with vigor. "i thought you were hurt." Gracia said, The Metal of the floor cooling and making a creaking noise. "No way Legius could actually ever hurt me" Balsa said, Gripping the yound hybrid in her arms a little tighter. "You know im always here" She said, Recieving the warm feeligns that inevitably came with a hug.

"Balsa" Egor said, putting his hand on her shoulder. A xenomorph was at the door. Balsa swore, then looked aprehensivly at Gracia. "your not supposed to swear, Momma" She said, The ship's hull takign the heat and dispursing it. She smiled and hugged her surrogate mother again "come back and ill make you and Poppa dinner" Balsa laughed, getting up from her perch. "i wouldnt have it any other way Gracia" She turned her head in the door way "Take care of her "Poppa" And she was gone, heading to the drop pods for deployment.

[ti]BA[/ti]Debate Thread
Do you know how to make all of those things from scratch?

Working for your own resorces is tough back breakign work. YOu honestly can tell me that you wouldnt mind not only building, farming, mining for resorces, hunting and medically caring for your self and others, but it is preferable to simply walking to a store to buy it? And that its the WAIT time that bugs you?

[ti]BA[/ti]Debate Thread
Lets debate that then.

Is being truely free a good thing? If you are "truely free" on a deserted island, what are you giving up? Medicine, TV, Electricity, Video games, Star Fox, the internet, space exploration, clothes, books, a readily supply of food, soda, protection from the other person who mants to do what ever he wants and kill you, fire fighters, music, and an untold amount of other things. And what freedoms are we lacking in society in the USA? The racism encountered in the southern States isnt a overbearing society, its drunk racist F*cks. It has nothign to do with personal liberties nor the freedoms we are denied.

If i were to chose to be liberated from society and truely be free, or stay in society with blessed Running water and Toilets that comes from living with othere people who work togather to produce enough for society, id chose livingin with people.

If i missed the point i apologize. I have an astounding amount of faith placed in the human race and it shows when i type.

[ti]BA[/ti]Debate Thread
that is one Scared looking Vulpix. ANd on that subject, yuo have to remember that commercials are jsut a series of images that play to our base instincts to get us to buy things. Those commercials are exactly the same, except the end result is us feeling bad and giving thousands to orginizations without their clear proof that they are doing anything. so i change the channel or remark how racist it is to only show starving black people. What about starving russians man? they need food too!

And Fana: You have a tremendous point. However, when the victem is found in the murderers hands with the disembodied remains of other people around him, or when the rapist is found in the middle of his crime, then it is a clear case and should result in death. Im not sayign that we should end the court process in favor of jsut killling criminals, but put them to death rather than keep them alive for 60+ years in a tax free, free food jail.

[ti]BA[/ti]Debate Thread
Let the men suffer for there crimes!

Let them feel the gun against flesh as their victems have!

Let them feel the fire scald the flesh off their bones as they cry in fear!

As you can probably tell, im for it OVER 9000! percent. I will not stoop to the level of the criminal, for i am ending the life of a criminal, not an innocent. We are all above murderers, we are all above rapists, wea re all above child killers. Death to them all.
If they will not serve as an Example of society.
Then they will serve as a VERY effective warning.

Ask Star_Dragon!
yes, if johnny has 3 apples, and susan has 12 apples, why dont they jsut shut up and eat?

Halo: Rift War
"Message incoming from the RT sir" the comm tech reported. "Hostiles are apparently on their way."

Jay looked troubled by the news. "What is our power readings?" he asked, the data beign streamed to his HUD. "Less than 40%..." he thought for a while, thrwoing plans around in his head.

"Powerdown the engines" he ordered, after telling them to cease the movement of the ship. "Have the reactors ran at half power and Open the Drone casings."

His orders were followed to the T, the ship ceasing in forward movement and becomign adrift in the endless sea of space. "Bleed the power to the drones so that they can launch at a moments notice." he said, workign furiously to minimize power consumption.

"I want the sheilds down but ready to be restored at teh first sign of trouble." His order was met with a alarming "i cannot sir, the sheilds will stay down If they go down." Jay swore and said "keep only vital area's fo the ship sheilded, i want to look like a destroyed ship when the hostiles come."

He grabbed a Personal Radio "Balsa, waityourknockedoutstill, Legius wake up Balsa and tell her to prepair for boarding actions."

[ti]BA[/ti]Debate Thread
I wasnt being sarcastic Juleus. My apologies that i didnt convey that. What i ment was perhaps we can debate if congress really is as bad as we all make them out to be.

And internet kill swich would be usefull in the event of a hostile invasion to prevent vital information from being ripped out of the net. But since i dont foressee that happeneing anytime soon, it is simply useless.

Mordern Warfare 3
I will play it for the exciting campaign, then proceed to return it for my money back and get a better game.

[ti]BA[/ti]Debate Thread
illegal, but uninforced and basicly done by everyperson with CPU access in america.

ANd dont Harp on congress, their used as fire to stir fuels way to often. its jsut tacky. Oh THATS something to debate.

[ti]BA[/ti]Debate Thread
ity is a victemless crime. The real crime is the amount of money they charge for concerts.

The Birthday Topic
HAppy birthday for the umpteenth time today!

Halo: Rift War
During the time the DeMeA had spent in total silence while their power core rebuilt its charge, Jay had apparently changed his uniform, no longer in simple civilian cloths along with his mechanical harness. He now was dressed ina bright red adept robe, a cog clearly printed on the front, the hood obscuring jays face. The lights hadn't been restored, for the power automatically went to the comm and to the life support, so the only evidence of life was the glow of the LEDs that were behind Jays eyes, glowing bright red.

"General." He greeted, The mechanical reverb more distinct than normal. Around him the bridge crew glared at the Commander. "Our comm system is still working at minimal power, so forgive me if it randomly shuts off" he had compleated his sentance, but turned the communication system off halfway through the message.

" We may be workign with the UNSC" Jay said, turning the lights on and removing his hood. "But that doesnt mean we have to like it" Around him, the crew cheered and laughed, sharing their captians sentiments.

[ti]BA[/ti]Star Wars: The Empire Arises
Ballisticwaffles reporting for uty SIR.

I shall offer my services as Balsa to instruct the Neo-jedi in melee combat, and perhaps to travel with them afterwards

And Gracia to become a jedi in the first place.

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