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The Titanian Cantina
Balsa was going to make more rude comments, but the new entry in the bar caught her attention.
The new entry was a small woman, about 5'9'', but she held an aura of wisdom and age. She nodded to Balsa, who looked shocked and apologized and left.

"Im sorry about my employee" The woman apologized to the room, gently depositing herself on a barstool.

"Might i have a drink?" she asked.

The Titanian Cantina
{Okie dokies.}

Balsa turned to Suran. "Im just here to ask if you hold any ill thoughts towards a girl Named Encarmia"

The Titanian Cantina
"Titania is a cheep backwater." Balsa said. "Plenty of other places are much more popular. No, im here for the Dovahkiin, for a friend."

The Titanian Cantina
Oh im sooooo afraid. The bartender wont serve poor old Balsa." She fake wailed and cried, waving her arms in a quick sarcastic motion. "Im not the one losing out if I dont buy drinks. Hell , im the one winning. i keep my money."

Balsa indicated the Dovakiin. "Im here to talk to this gentlemen and then im done."

The Titanian Cantina
"Excuse me?" Balsa said, stading to her full height, looking at Cindy as if she was mad. "I just got here you crazy Broad. Your threatening me witha firehose because you didnt like how i talked to you." Balsa sat back down, daring her to do it.

"If this is how you deal with drunks, i only see this place being closed down within a month."

Balsa waved her aside as if she was nothing more than a gnat. "Now go away. you bore me"

The Titanian Cantina
Balsa snorted, now focusing part of her attention on the Owner harassing her. "And who is going to throw me out if you follow with that baseless threat?" She asked, her hand on her chin balenced on her leg as she slumped over, looking at her from a low angle. The bartender walked away, so Balsa refocused her attention elsewhere.

The Titanian Cantina
"I am not armed." Balsa growled back, shooting a glance at the Bar owner before resuming her unblinking stare at the Dovahkiin.