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Diary of a Mad Furry
Julius, I know this is a painful time for your life but as the saying goes things must get worse before they can get better. You'll, just like this economy, eventually bounce back though it will take time. Here's hoping you can make it over the bumps in the road to finally reach your destination.

And don't worry; you've got friends that will always listen to ya! ^_^

Also, you were mentioned in the SF-O Hall of Fame topic; you should consider returning; it would be great to have you back over there. :D


Grand Theft Auto 5
I personally can't wait! I definitely enjoyed the setting and overall story arc of GTA: San Andreas and a return to this style would be much welcomed. Then again, GTA IV is actually an incredible game when it comes down to it, ESPECIALLY with mods;



Building a PC
Julius Quasar

We are the ultimate existence! You cannot resist us! You will join us!

So, uh, crazyfoo, regarding your computer, do you use it more for web-surfing, gaming, work, or for, like, graphic design? Or making websites? Or, like most people, is it for multi-purpose use? Just curious.

More than likely I'll be using it for gaming, HD video editing, and general purpose applications. It would be incredibly helpful; trying to render a large file in Sony Vegas 9 Pro using my current laptop (with onboard graphics and an Intel Core i3 processor) is like pulling teeth with a golf-cart. :lol:

If you're afraid of people tripping over an extremely long cord, I remember back at home my parents did exactly that, only they had it attached to the wall (kind of like staples, but not quite) near the ceiling and around door frames. It's out of the way, at least.Or... if the computer that hosts the connection has a wireless card of its own, you could move the modem/router up to your new computer, of course.Oh well, it's your call on that. If you get a USB one, just plug it in the back of the computer and forget about it. Unless someone has to pull out your computer to plug in a flash drive (there should be USB ports in the front, at least!) then you shouldn't have to worry about that.

Gotcha; I just realized that the USB-adapters are actually quite the same in price to dedicated cards, and much more convenient to leave at the back of a tower; not many will go snooping there! ^_^ . It's also a plus in the sense that you can kill internet access to that computer whenever you'd like wolfscream


FYI, my question on the motherboard and case's dimensions still stands. Just putting that out there! :animesweat:

Building a PC
Thanks for your incredible amounts of input and help, Kage!

I did have a question when it came to measurements though;

-The motherboard listing shows the dimensions as 12" x 8.6". Is that in length and width or length and height? Also, would that sit comfortably with the case, its dimensions being 8.35" x 19.89" x 18.86" (WxHxD)?

-The reason I'd like to go with a wireless card is that my computer would be sitting up a flight of stairs from the nearest wired connection, and I'd need an extremely long cable to reach that far along with there being a possibility of people tripping. I may actually go with the USB option, though there's always that chance that some moron will mistake it for a flash-drive, :lol: . I'm a sucker for physical media, and I'd have to install Windows 7 somehow, hence the optical drive. :)

-I may have to start browsing on Tiger Direct soon as well; though their site is a complete aesthetic and functional mess IMO they do have some nice prices and free economy shipping on $50+ orders! ^_^

Julius Quasar
Heh heh heh heh heh! >=]

Now, I commend you for building your own custom computer, that's awesome. I personally have been spoiled by Apple Mac. "Once you go Mac, you'll never go back." So true.

Oh no.... They got another!

Posted Image

Building a PC
Dammit, Julius! XD

And thanks for the information TheRedFox8; you've certainly outlined everything well-enough for me! I didn't actually think about going with a barebones kit before, that might be something I will look into in the future. Based upon the links in my original post I'd probably have a decent system to assemble. It's not necessarily the purchasing of the parts that frightens me, but more so the assembly process. How is that?

Building a PC
Hello my fellow Galaxies-goers! My current laptop simply isn't cutting it anymore when it comes to what I use my computer for, and I've been looking into building my own PC. The prospects frighten me somewhat as I've never attempted anything similar in the past. I'd mainly be using this computer for HD video editing and gaming, besides general usage. Can anyone help me through the process (i.e. selecting specific parts, tips and tricks on assembly, what tools are required for assembly, etc)?

I did happen to find this guide and that seems to have helped me pick out all the parts that I've needed, though I'm not entirely sure that every single one is compatible with each other. If you care to take a look I would appreciate it! :D

Optical Drive
Power Supply
Video Card
Wireless Card

As well as Windows 7 and some thermal-compound in case I'd ever want to change the processor's heatsink or fan. I'm also not quite sure if I missed anything, :lol: .


Also, I have two questions pertaining to the meanings of certain slots, names, etc;

-On the Intel Core i7, what exactly does "Sandy Bridge" refer to?
-PCIe slots are for expansion, but what expansions exactly? (i.e. optical drive)


Thanks to everyone for their time! :D

[Huh, I probably should've put this under the "PC Gaming" board. :(