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Anyone Know the Name of This Song?
Since I've had trouble finding out names of songs/parodies throughout my time in existence (lol), I thought this thread would be in order. Post any songs you don't know the name of here; hopefully someone will be able to tell you :D

This is a parody by JibJab; I know the original tune but I have no idea what it is called, anyone know?

Radigal's "art"
It's quite well done...cute yet DEADLY :D

TYPICAL: you go to the kitchen and then you see an orange saying: HEY APPLE!! and the apple... WHAT!?... the orange...KNIFE! and the apple...AAAAAAHHH and then the orange says: HEY PEAR! and the pear...OH GOD!

Good ol' Daneboe, eh? :D

Good News, Everyone!
Oh. Update. I held my Wii for about 10 seconds (literally) and my mom came and confiscated it. She said that I need to achieve a 90% or higher on my average for my report card or I won't be able to play the Wii let alone touch it.So yeah. Good turns into bad. Sorry for being the bearer of bad news. On the positive side, I will try my hardest to get a 90%. I was this close to getting the one console I always wanted (apart form the PS3) and I will not give it up now.

That sucks so hard......it's like achieving your crowning moment of awesome only to have yourself crushed moments later. I wish you luck toward more understanding parents, that 90% average, and a PS3! :D

Good News, Everyone!
I'm finally starting to get over this cold I've had for the past few days; it's great to be able to sit up and not feel dizzy again! :-D