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wiii 2
Julius Quasar
Apr 26 2011, 09:17 AM
So it's now "E 3", huh?


now E3...
Though I have my suspicions that this post is sarcasm, E3 is the Electronic Entertainment Expo; and I'm sure you've read Evilwaffles' post by now and have the gist of the information :lol:

really you get your info from g4 really?

(Department of Redundancy Department?)

Nope, I just follow a shit-ton of video game press outlets on Twitter :D

Me neither.

Posted Image

That really was quite funny; I'm going to have to use that IRL :D



Wii 2 Confirmed, Starfox a late launch title?
Let's hope this goes well for them and they suit the niche they are trying to satisfy with this console! Personally, I'm hoping that Nintendo really brings out the big-guns this E3; I'd love to see an HD Star Fox game hit the stores; IT'S IN FREAKING SPACE; HOW AWESOME WOULD THAT BE?!? :lol:

Various Doodles
Barely legible?!Dude, this seems like comic book material!C00L!

Aww, thanks :D. I'm a big fan of drawing and then inking it over, or just drawing straight with ink pen; the results always have that comic-book characteristic to em'. And no matter what anyone says, I will always know my handwriting is pretty pathetic :lol:

wiii 2
EXTRA, EXTRA; READ ALL ABOUT IT! Wii 2/Wii successor will be playable at E3 2011!



A Wild Character Sheet Appears!
It's been awhile since I've posted in this thread o_O, may as well get this one outta' the way :D


Name: Ajax Galloway
Species: Bernese Mountain Dog
Home Planet: Fortuna; Currently resides in Corneria
Age: 25
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 223 lbs
Build: Burly, Muscular

Ajax was born during a time of peace on Fortuna. He was fortunate enough to be on good terms with most of his family and always attempts to check on them and visit them; they certainly played an important role in his life. In his younger days he always admired the drone of various aircraft that routinely passed overhead, but especially that of the helicopter. As time went on he pursued other interests on Fortuna, none of which he enjoyed greatly. With the blessing of his parents, he took a trip to Corneria for further study in the aeronautical industry. Before he was able to complete his studies; however, the Lylat Wars broke out, and he enlisted in the military. Upon the war's end, Ajax realized he loved the planet of Corneria and how different it was from the small settlements of Fortuna. He now resides there and continues to make a career as a helicopter technician. He has also obtained his civilian/commercial pilot's license for the operation of these craft and is quite good at what he does.

Whatever is comfortable for him he will most certainly wear; although his normal attire usually consists of cargo/work pants, t-shirts, and light jackets. He rarely removes his steel-toed work boots and, when not in casual wear, is almost always in his mechanic/pilot clothing.

Ajax has a very laid-back and casual personality that is rarely interrupted. He almost always keeps his cool and is not known for any outbursts or overzealous anger. He mostly keeps to himself although he can be quite friendly around others.

Repairing and piloting helicopters; he's quite the expert at what he does. In addition, he can usually keep his cool under most circumstances, and isn't one to yell to get points across. Ajax always enjoys playing the role of the negotiator rather than the fighter, and will usually attempt to talk his way out of adverse circumstances. (Though he can still hold his own in a brawl.) He is quite a friendly person to be around and treats his friends and family with the utmost respect.

His cool demeanor can sometimes work against him, especially if others are attempting to antagonize him. Although he can fight rather well, his easy-going nature can sometimes be interpreted as cowardice, and his lack of will to injure someone makes him a target. He is definitely one to hold grudges against someone and can be solitary at times.

Tool-Bag and its contents

Helicopter Technician

Military Experience
During the Lylat Wars, Ajax flew with the Cornerian Army's 293rd Medical Detachment unit, this unit strictly evacuated wounded soldiers from live combat by helicopter. He played varying roles, from pilot, co-pilot, medic, gunner, and support. Many of the flights his squad had been assigned to brought positive results; bringing back quite a few battlefront casualties safely.

Fur (i.e. Colorings, Patterns, Etc):
Normal for the species

Ajax is quite large for his species; though he makes sure to keep himself in proper physical shape

Song: The Way it Is - Bruce Hornsby

Various Doodles
From time to time I find myself doodling, whether it's for school-related-purposes, or just plain bordem. I guess I'll post some of em' here, but don't expect the next Picasso :lol:

Here's a cover art assignment I had on the short story, "The Lottery" by Shirley Jackson. Please ignore the barely legible and overall horrendous handwriting :smile:

Posted Image

wiii 2
Ooh, the photoshops are pouring in! XD

Posted Image

wiii 2
well it's only $50 more then the wii, and more powerful the xbox360 and ps3.

Well actually, all we know for sure is that a new console is definitely in the works, this was confirmed by Miyamoto. None of the other information can be considered above "RUMOR" status currently I'm afraid. Guess we'll have to wait till' e3 2011 to find out more! ^_^

Sign In - Sign Out Thread
I will be on a leave until Saturday..... Stupid family >_>

I definitely know that feeling alright! XD

I'll be visiting intermittently around here in the future, and this is one of those times :D

Hollywood Doesn't Understand Technology
I freaking LOVE reading Cracked articles, and this one most definitely speaks the truth! :lol:. Really, it's like Hollywood is its own separate land, TVTropes does a good job of describing the phenomenon too! :smile:

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(Good luck Radigal!)

I'll be on a hiatus for a bit, gotta hate life's routines >.>