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SNES/Original Star Fox
Aug 19 2010, 09:09 PM
Too... HARD for you? /trollface
Very funny k:P

SNES/Original Star Fox
Aug 18 2010, 05:23 PM
Why never the medium one?
I'm not quite sure actually :animesweat:

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Star Fox Adventures
Aug 16 2010, 10:39 PM
Aug 16 2010, 10:31 PM
Agreed, and don't worry, it's just a friendly discussion :nod:
Well, you know how some people get lol
Haha, yeah :nod:

Star Fox Adventures
Aug 16 2010, 10:27 PM
Aug 16 2010, 03:31 PM
I'll sum up my opinion on it. Adventures was a great game, just one that didn't fit too well in the Star Fox universe. Why would you send the best pilots on a mission that involves little or no flying? With the lack of logic out of the way though, it was a pretty solid game. Not as good as some Zelda games, but a good one nonetheless.
First wanna say, not trying to negate your points, just trying to discuss^^

Yeah, they do seem to be some of the better pilots in the Lylat system, but maybe Pepper just knew he could trust Fox to get the job done? After all, they're mercenaries, so that doesn't limit them to space combat.

As for the Zelda thing, I agree. The gameplay obviously had that Zelda feel to it, but if you're comparing the two games' styles I would say Zelda wins, no questions asked.
Agreed, and don't worry, it's just a friendly discussion :nod:

PSN Screename List
Aug 16 2010, 07:07 PM
Dredging means almost nothing here, feel free to dredge unless we become seriously active.

PSN: Reeceyp0
No dredging rules? :cool: I LOVE THIS PLACE ALREADY :animesweat:

WHEEEEEEE! :animesweat:

Ever wonder who would win in a fight against the Mafia and Yakuza?

PSN Screename List
I didn't want to dredge an older topic, so let's start fresh! Post your PSN screenames here! k:P

Mine: crazyfooINC

SNES/Original Star Fox
The original SNES Star Fox is easily my second favorite game in the series (first going to SF64). I've beat it on the easy route and the hardest route, but never the medium one. It's an amazing game, with even greater music, graphics, and controls than many games at the time :smile:

Star Fox Adventures
I'll sum up my opinion on it. Adventures was a great game, just one that didn't fit too well in the Star Fox universe. Why would you send the best pilots on a mission that involves little or no flying? With the lack of logic out of the way though, it was a pretty solid game. Not as good as some Zelda games, but a good one nonetheless.

Wii will, Wii will, rock you!
I'd like to see Nintendo actually develop the next one IN HOUSE instead of juggling the series around to 3rd-party developers. Let's also forget that Command EVER existed, and start fresh with the story from Assault. Also, as said above, Classic and Gamecube controllers MUST be supported :nod:

Arashikage's Characters
As I've stated on SF-O, these characters are incredible, and have some serious potential, GREAT JOB KAGE! :smile:

This is a take on a classic SPAM styled thread. Just post something, ANYTHING! If it randomly pops into your head, POST IT!, if you've thought about it, POST IT!. It's that simple folks! k:P


I'm enjoying this SPAM thread very much! :nod:

A Wild Character Sheet Appears!
Name: Zeke Thompson
Species: Red Fox
Home: Corneria
Age: 26
Height: 5'11" Athletic, Muscular

Background: Born and raised on Cornerian soil, Zeke has always aspired to do better for himself, and for his community. He had shown interest in weaponry and fighting at an early age, and this small interest only grew over the years. His mother was killed in the crossfire of an armed robbery attempt, and he could only seldom relate to his father. During the Lylat Wars (or events of SF64) he enrolled in the military, and remained enlisted for the duration of the war. He is still heavily haunted by what he witnessed and his actions during the war, and seldom speaks of it. After the return to Corneria, he joined the Corneria City Metropolitan Police Department, where he has remained ever since. He enjoys his line of work as it allows him to meet many different people and encounter several different situations.

-Black/dark colored jeans
-Steel-toed boots
-Shoulder, and concealed weapon holsters

Mostly remains calm under stress, superior weapon skills, fairly good brawler, extremely good driver, agile and quick, adapts to many situations well, usually thinks "outside of the box", average technology skills, adequate leadership skills, good with piloting helicopters, a DEFINITE team player, notices small details.

Below Average piloting skills when referring to fighters or planes, haunted by past, hesitates sometimes, impulsive, can be impatient, sometimes lets emotions get the better of him, sometimes doesn't think his actions through completely

Two Colt M1911 Pistols (w/ laser sight/flashlight attachments), tactical knife, and a Springfield Armory XDm Compact 3.8

Personality: Zeke has a very outgoing personality, but he can be serious when the situation calls for it. He can be somewhat stubborn and defiant at times, especially in precarious situations. Although he can be very impulsive, when the situation and circumstances are just right, things can work in his favor. He is a definite team player, and can accomplish many things with the proper help. He is tough on the outside but can be very compassionate and understanding when he wants. He also loves to eat, and enjoys messing with people.

Occupation: C.C.P.D. Officer

The color of his fur reflects the normal scheme of the species. He has mostly reddish-orange fur, with a large white area of fur on his chest.

Relationship Status: Currently engaged with Rynian (See Nick1349's character sheet)

Full Questionnaire: http://s13.zetaboards.com/StarFox_Galaxies/topic/6769704/1/

Song: COPS Theme - Instrumental


Name: Sasha Romanenko
Species: Vulpine
Sex: Female
Age: 24
Height: Average
Home: N/A

Background: Sasha was brought into the world in a very turbulent time in Lylat. The war was raging, and normal civilian life was nearly impossible. Little is known about her past, parents, relations, or relatives, as most of these records were destroyed in bombing raids. She still holds the memories of her past close, but has never given a clue to anyone about that chapter in her life. With little else to do as the war ended, she became a career criminal, starting with petty theft, and then working her way farther and farther up the ladder. She gained many skills from this time but eventually hopes to have a simple life, but knows that is nearly impossible during today's time.

Sasha has made it a habit of wearing tight-fitting, dark clothing, usually with a combat-styled vest, although casual wear is always an option for her.

With her past combat skills in the crime underworld, fighting is never a problem for her. She works quite well under pressure, and can hide her inner emotions quite well. Stealth is a major area that she excels in, especially silent takedowns. Sasha also surprisingly has some other unique skills, cooking is one of her specialties. She has a knack for puzzle-solving, and is a great climber.

She isn't the best when it comes to handling much heavier and larger foes, and can often get in over her head without realizing it. Sasha can also be quite insensitive at times, not realizing that she could be completely angering or disappointing someone. Piloting is definitely not one of her specialties, as she never actually had to or attempted to fly any type of air vehicle. Dealing with injuries or wounds properly is also not one of her strong points.

Sasha doesn't have any particular or preferred weapon that she is attached to, as she only sees them as tools. She will pick up anything that is within reach, however. The only thing she carries on her is an incredibly sharp stiletto (switchblade knife).

Sasha usually carries a neutral personality around, and also is known for hiding her true emotions. However, if she feels it is important enough, she will definitely show her true feelings.

Occupation: Anything that comes her way

Song: Streets of Rage OST: Boss Fight


Name: Max Vega
Species: German Shepherd
Sex: Male
Age: 54
Height: 6'1"
Home: Corneria

Background: Max has been through quite a lot. He's done quite a bit of things with his time, although one of the more notable achievements in his life is becoming a top-notch firearm dealer. His operations are 100% legit, and he knows quite a bit about his inventory. He's done a little bit of everything over the years, and is a "jack of all trades", from Automobile Repair to Jukebox Tester, he's been there, done that.

Clothing: He is almost always found in a simple T-Shirt and cargo pants, usually wearing a thin jacket. Casual wear is his specialty, and he enjoys comfort and functionality over style.

As listed above, he's covered quite a bit of different and unique occupations, and still has many skills from those times. He's not too shabby in gun-play, is quite good in hand to hand combat, and has a variety of other skills that come in handy at their own unique times.

He can sometimes not relate to the newer ideologies and trends, finding them to be ridiculous. His flying skills are also not very well developed, except in slower craft, such as helicopters and small, single-engined craft. He is also a smoker, enjoying cigars often.

He's a firearms dealer, not much else needs to be said :P, other than he carries his fair share of inventory, including some blades, around with him.

Max has a quite relaxed and friendly personality, enjoying company whenever he can get it. He usually swears to get some of his points across, and is an overall interesting person to be around or converse with.

Currently Unemployed.

Song: Steve Lee - I Like Guns[edit_reason]Updating Info[/edit_reason]