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Diary of a Mad Furry
It ain't all bad. Birds, huh? Like what, parakeets, canaries?You're welcome. xD

I have one cockatoo and two parakeets. Sometimes the parakeets would bully the cockatoo but it's nothing serious though xP.

What are you playing at this moment?
- null  Replaying SSBB.SSBB is always a fun game...as long as you have people playing with you. Otherwise...it gets boring. The story mode on single player was pretty good actually.I've gone back to Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles for the GameCube. It was a great game, especially when you play multiplayer (which I do with my friends).And as you can also tell from my avatar and sig, I'm playing Golden Sun: Dark Dawn for the DS.

I agree, I mostly play it alone which gets me bored of it. It's a shame I haven't played any Final Fantasy game or Golden Sun.

Sign In - Sign Out Thread
Hai guys, Fox here.Sorry that I have not been around as much, it seems that a life with a job working from 9-5 Monday through friday and busy weekends keeps me off of SFG for a lot more then I want. I hope to be around more and it might take me a bit but I hope to be working on my attendance. I have been busy with ALOT of Search and Rescue stuff and I have gone out on a few calls. Actually had to respond to an accident that happened right in front of my during the 4th of july week.

Understandable, good to hear from you again. ^_^

Diary of a Mad Furry
Ah that sucks, must be a pain having pets sometimes especially having something in your backyard that would just attract more animals. I'm glad I'm not taking care of any pets right now even though I have 3 birds, they don't do much we just feed them and take them outside.

Thanks for the example of your backyard. :P

Krystal Fan Art
Haha I saw what you did there, I wouldn't mind either wishing if that one were mine. ;D

Krystal Fan Art
Those are pretty great! ..I'm assuming none of them are yours? :P

Diary of a Mad Furry
Today my neighbor came past our house, he warned me to look out for rattlesnakes, he captured one this morning in his yard, and he lives just next door to us...*shudders* Those rattlesnakes travel in pairs, and it's hotter than blazes lately, so that's ideal [poisonous] snake weather....

It is hot in my area as well, I hate it.. :/

DarkXWolf12's Art Gallery
Wow. Awesome drawings/paintings. These remind me of the artists at my school (I go to a school where people can major in the arts). These are very well done. Good job and keep it up! (I especially like the Dragonball ones :3)

Interesting, I want to major in art myself probably once I'm finally done in high school (one more year) and get into college. Thanks. :)

Blog(s) of the Dark Wolf
I got very bored one day and I did this. It's about me... yeah.

Real Name: Roberto
Nick Name(s): Rob, Robert, Robby (Don't f-ing call me that or your dead), Wolf, El Lobo
Lives: California
Birthday: August 23
Pets: 3 birds
Race: Hispanic
Natural hair color: Dark Brown
Eye colour: Dark Brown
Skin color: Medium tan
Glasses/contacts: Glasses..
Tattoos: Nope
Braces: Never
Other distinctive markings: Ehh.. nothing really I'm quite a hairy man does that count? '_'
Siblings: 2, one older brother and one young sister, I'm the one in the middle lol
Horoscope: Virgo
Chinese Horoscope: ...I forgot
Talents: Drawing, Painting (sort of)
Likes/Loves: Anime, drawing, Japanese girls, metal music, video games, family, pizza, wolves, pandas, graffiti, tortas
Dislikes: Wannabes, whiny people, lolis, religion, politics, people who always suspect that you are a creep or trying to be their significant other when your really not. Retards.
Obsession(s): Some booty ;)
What I always draw: Cartoons, anime yeah you get the point
What kind of artwork do I like: Anything that a true artist puts effort to, don't really care what it is

What kind of an artist are you?: Cartoony? I like drawing things that are not real
Fav anime/cartoon: Soul Eater/South Park
Fav TV show: Dexter, Weeds, Forensic Files, Hell's Kitchen, The People's Court
Fav Movie: Don't have one
Hated Movie: Same thing as fav, none

Fav band(s): Chelsea Grin, Miss May I, Whitechapel, Winds of Plague, Cannibal Corpse, Job for a Cowboy, Linkin Park (old), Suicide Silence, Pierce the Veil, Alesana, Asking Alexandria, Disturbed, Attack! Attack!, August Burns Red, Children of Bodom, The Devil Wears Prada, Underoath, Dying Fetus
Hated Band: Don't have any
Fav singer: Don't have one
Hated Singer: Justin Bieber, annoying ass kid
Fav Kind of music: Brutal
Hated kind of music: Rap and romance
Fav Animal: Wolf and pandas 8D
Hated Animal: ---
Fav country: I have two: Japan and Germany
Fav book: Don't have one in particular..
Fav Food: Pizza
Fav colour: Black, Dark Blue
Fav game/sport: Tennis, Weightlifting

Play an instrument?:Used to play the snare drum
Watch TV more than 60 hours a week?: Nope, television is f-ing lame :/ I only watch it when I'm really bored
Like to sing?: In my room when no one around or in the shower
Have a job?: Not yet -_-
Have a cell phone?: Nope
Like to play sports?: I lift weights occasionally
Have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: Nope, I don't need a gf right now
Have a crush on someone?: Your mom

Snuck out of the house?: Nope
Lied to get out of trouble?: Yup
Had a computer crash?: Yes.. -_-;
Gotten lost in your city?: Yeah..
Seen a shooting star?: Nope it would be f-ing awesome though! :D
Been to any other countries: Nope :/
Ever had a serious surgery?: No
Been arrested?: Nah
Done drugs?: Nah
Had alcohol?: From what I heard, alcohol tastes like *&@! (pardon my language)
Gone to school only to find you had the day off because of a holiday/etc?: Nope I'm smart enough teehee
Swore at your parents?: No, why should I?
Ran over an animal and killed it?: I don't even drive.. '_'
Broken a bone?: Yeah one of my arms when I was like 2 years old.. don't really remember
Gotten stitches?: Nope
Bitten someone?: Fudge yeah!
Cried for the pets?: Yes
Destroyed the furniture?: Lawlz maybe
Stayed up late at night?: In a way yes ;)
Curse at others? Not really, it makes me sound unintelligent and I know better than that j/k but I kid you not I don't like cursing I only do it when I'm angry which rarely happens
Had a crush on the idol or TV character? Yeah, Sailor Moon when I was a kid (first ever crush), recently? Maybe..

Fruit/vegetables: Fruits
Black/white: Black
Lights on/lights off: Doesn't matter to me
Summer/winter: Winter, although I do like summer as well because I can get a tan and see girls in bikinis at the beach ;)
Snow/rain: Rain
Rock/rap: Rock
Meat/vegetarian: Meat
Chocolate/vanilla: Both
Ocean/swimming pool: Swimming pool brah
Pink/purple: Purple
Cat/dog: Dogs
Jeans/skirt: Jeans, da hell would I wear a skirt when I'm clearly a gentleman
Winter break/spring break: Don't care as long as I have fun
Spring/autumn: Autumn
War/Peace: Peace because I heard violence does not solve anything

Funny?: Some people think so (includes friends)
Cool?: Really now?
Handsome?: You tell me
Sarcastic?: Mostly all the time, get used to it!
Lazy?: Always
Hyper?: Fudge yeah! ...well not all the time only when I eat sugar
Friendly?: To some, specifically those who deserve it
Evil?: Don't be ignorant -_-
Strong?: Mentally and physically yeah but it's a working progress same goes for emotionally
Dorky?: What do you think? I look at f-ing anime and hentai all the damn time. I kid, I'm not a weirdo
Bad-tempered?: Ehh.. sometimes
Blunt?: Sometimes
Square?: Screw you
Curious?: Very! :D

Goth?: No
Nerd?: I'm a geek, there is a difference
Otaku?: Not as much as I used to be
Bimbo?: Harhar
Slut?: Get out
Hippie?: STFU
Emo?: GTFO
Goody-Two Shoes?: No
Tomboy?: --
Gay/lesbian?: Straight but I do support gay/lesbian rights
Outsider?: Of course
Religious freak?: Lolololol gtfo again
Rocker?: No
Gangsta?: No because most of them think they are perfect which is a flat out lie, NO ONE is.

Animal rights?: Yes
Religion?: No it's stupid
Human Rights?: Yes
Politics?: Screw them bastards
Environment rights?: Somewhat?
Sexism?: Even though there are obnoxious feminists that creep me out... well I guess..
Gay rights?: Of course, I don't know why people care so much, it's their damn lives let them live the way they want, they aren't hurting you.. sheesh..

What kind of computer do you have?: HP desktop
What grade/level of studies are you in?: Going to be a senior (12th grader) in high school
How many posters do you have in your room?: One of Dexter Morgan from Dexter
How many books in your room?: Plenty but I don't read them anymore derp

That's the end of the boring quiz, I'll post more entries later.

Diary of a Mad Furry
Interesting life you have :P

What are you playing at this moment?
Replaying SSBB.

Ask Star_Dragon!
Do you believe that teenage pregnancy is retarded?

[ti]DA[/ti]Nintendo E3 2011 (Now Open for Discussion)
It was better than last year's conference IMO, I'm looking forward to getting the 3DS, LoZ, Star Fox, Super Mario Bros, Luigi's Mansion 2, and maybe Paper Mario.

DarkXWolf12's Art Gallery
Okay sure and thanks. :)