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Dragon'taan: Heart of the Marauder Corps
As soon as Chris mentioned "Linkin Park," the crowd cheered. It was as Chris mentioned Linkin Park that Anna walked into the bar.

"Try 'Lost in the Echo,'" she said.

MARAUDER, EPISODE II: Rise of the Desolator
"Navera," Foxtrot requested, "Please scan Dxun and find us a suitable landing zone."

"Something occupying your time, Foxtrot?" Charlene asked.

"Yes," Foxtrot answered, "I've been querying the Mandalorian and Onderonian computers, and... well, what do we have here...?"

Dragon'taan: Heart of the Marauder Corps
The patrons of the Bellator Bar cheered and clapped, some tipping their hats to her.

"Got any other good ones?" Drake asked.

* * *

While Kyle and Drake were at the Bellator Bar, Anna got her effects set up. She expected a reconciliation with her old flame, but what she didn't count on was the fact that Kyle had rekindled the relationship they once had. Luck? No. It was the will of the Force that they be together again, is how Kyle would put it. He had been through much; the wars had changed him. Now, she felt... happy.

MARAUDER, EPISODE II: Rise of the Desolator
(Kursed, if you want to bring in a new char, you can have them meet us on Dxun.)

Faasnu armored up and nabbed Charric, his heavily-modified Disruptor Rifle, to go with his multiple lightsabers. Keesha was already armed and armored. They all headed to the cockpit, where they took control as the Unseen Predator dropped out of the TDIG Rift. Dxun was in sight, and so was Onderon. But something was... different. The Onderon Military fleet was present, and things looked... normal. Like nothing was wrong. Then again, Onderonians wouldn't care what happened to the Mandalorians on Dxun.

"Let's take her in for a landing," Keesha suggested.

"Affirmative," Charlene said. "Foxtrot, you getting any comm chatter?"

"If what I am getting is accurate," Charlene's AI answered, "The Onderonians are on edge; they've sent three search teams to ascertain the reason their Mandalorian 'allies' have stopped broadcasting. None have returned."

"That doesn't necessarily mean anything," Keesha commented. "Dxun is dangerous enough by itself."

"But the Mandalorians have an alliance - if uneasy - with the Onderonians. They'd escort Onderonian Military personnel to their camp. If their scouts were attacked, as the Onderonians think, then whoever - or whatever - took out the Mandalorians may still be in the vicinity," Charlene explained.

"She's right," Faasnu agreed. "Foxtrot, is the cloaking device still engaged?"

"Affirmative," Foxtrot replied.

"Good," Faasnu said. "Keep it engaged, find us a safe landing zone. Let's stay alert, people. Something is out here."

MARAUDER, EPISODE II: Rise of the Desolator
(Wait a tic - where's FF and shamen?)

"You may want to get a little extra firepower," Keesha suggested. "In case whatever caused the communications disruption is still in the vicinity."

Charlene returned from the armory armored in her modded Spartan armor and armed with a BR55 Battle Rifle modified with an integrated Kadgeron Disruptor and a powerful mini-scope. In a holster was a modded M6D pistol.

MARAUDER, EPISODE II: Rise of the Desolator
"Yes," Faasnu answered, "Mandalore is the leader of the Mandalorians. As such, he will likely know what it is that caused the communications disruption."

"If he still lives," Charlene commented.

"Yes, if he still lives," Faasnu affirmed. "We'll likely need powered battle armor; Dxun isn't without it's own dangers. If you don't have any, there's some in the armory over there."

Faasnu gestured, and the armory door slid open. Charlene headed inside and began donning the Spartan armor she nicked from Cairn.

The Lost City On Titania
Faasnu momentarily meditated while Zuko and Spartan-X050 ran a weapons check. When everyone was ready to head out, they would follow.

MARAUDER, EPISODE II: Rise of the Desolator
(I apologize for the tardiness in starting this. Big storm blew through here, and my internet signal was virtually useless.)

As the Unseen Predator headed through the TDIG Rift under cloak, Faasnu, Keesha and Charlene led everyone to another part of the ship, where Faasnu brought up an image of a planet.

"This," he said, "Is our destination: Dxun. Historical reference states that Dxun was the heart of the Mandalorian War effort during the Mandalorian War. Recently, however, the DMC has received a priority-one distress beacon. We've been asked to investigate."

"Why were we headed there again?" Charlene asked.

"Since receiving the distress beacon," Keesha explained, "We've not heard a peep from our allies there; we don't know what's happened. It could be a downed transmitter, or in worst-case scenario, something wiped out the facility's inhabitants."

"While on Dxun," Faasnu said, "We must keep an eye out for Mandalore; he will likely have operational knowledge of what happened here. Any questions so far?"

The Lost City On Titania
While the others discussed their topics, Andrew, Zuko and Faasnu remained silent. Finally, Andrew could think of one question. "Conrad... what kind of opposition are we expecting in this lost city? Security systems? Bandits? Rogue machines? I know one doesn't team up with ones like those of us present unless they're fully expecting trouble."

"I, too, am curious as to what kind of trouble we are expecting in those ruins," Zuko agreed. Faasnu didn't say a word.

The Lost City On Titania
Faasnu, Andrew and Zuko followed close by. Faasnu had his multiple lightsabers, while Andrew - known as Spartan-X050 to the others apart from Zuko and Faasnu - was armed with an X15 Battle Rifle and Zuko had his Plasma Carbine and Plasma Sword.

"What exactly are we hoping to find here?" Zuko asked.

"It does not matter," Faasnu said, his voice mechanically distorted by the helmet he wore, "If what we seek is indeed here, we will come upon it in due time."

Lost City on Titania
Zuko is Thel 'Vadam's son. I'll post a profile of both him and Andrew once this storm lets up.

I guess I'll use Faasnu and Spartan-X050/Zuko 'Vadam.

Lost City on Titania
I wonder... will the Immortal Darth Faasnu be of any use here? Or perhaps one of my newest RP Chars, Spartan-X050 (Andrew) and his Sangheili companion (Zuko 'Vadam)?

MARAUDER, EPISODE II: Rise of the Desolator
With everyone on board, Mathayus shut the boarding ramp and Charlene initiated liftoff. The Unseen Predator blasted off of Dragon'taan, and initiated it's TDIG Rift Generator, disappearing to another 'verse.

(I'll post the briefing when I get this started in the RP section. I might be able to post this tomorrow, but if not, I'll post it saturday.)

MARAUDER, EPISODE II: Rise of the Desolator
Faasnu turned to face Zack. "Zack!" he greeted him, "Good to see you again. I assume you've met Keesha before?"

"We met a couple times in the past," Keesha affirmed. "Good to see you again, Zack."

Charlene walked onto the bridge of the Unseen Predator. "Well, here's most of the team - where's Valtozaz? Wasn't he joining this little escapade?"

MARAUDER, EPISODE II: Rise of the Desolator
"Your intuition serves you well, Alex," Faasnu answered. "Little brother and I were the first to feel it - a disturbance in the Force."

"We will brief you in full once the rest of the team arrives and we get underway," Keesha stated. "By the way, it's nice to see you again, Alex."

(I wonder, will FF be wiling to join? Or anyone else, for that matter?)

MARAUDER, EPISODE II: Rise of the Desolator
There is a disturbance in the Force. A great rift. Something is happening; after the death of Marauder One, something began stirring in the galaxy. I am not sure what, or why, or who; all I know is that it is a threat - to me, to my family, to the Corps and to the rest of the galaxy. I have already sent Faasnu, Keesha, and my new Black-Ops agent Charlene to investigate... but It took them longer than usual to check in. When they did, they found mention of something that warrants action, but from a team of elite operatives. We must uncover the face, the truth of this threat, before it can strike.

(Same rules as with the last episode. Character sheets are the same. I will be using Faasnu, Keesha and Charlene.)

*We can post prologue introductions here*

A swirling TDIG Rift opened up, and the DMC-Modified Defender-class Light Corvette exited it - the Unseen Predator. With priority clearance, the repainted starship headed down to the surface of Dragon'taan and landed in an empty landing bay.

"Well, back home on Dragon'taan," Keesha said, sitting back in her seat and propping her legs up on the dash. "What now?"

Faasnu lowered the boarding ramp and responded, "We wait for the operatives little brother mentioned to get here."

MARAUDER, EPISODE I: The Hunt for Marauder One
*Days Later*

"Security on Dragon'taan was tight today as General Kyle Indari passed judgement on Captain Maria Odell, also known as 'Marauder One,'" The Holonet News Anchorman on Dragon'taan said. "Marauder One was then executed for a number of war crimes--"

The Holonet TV abruptly shut off. The inhabitant in the room watched over an unconscious Maria - now known as Charlene "Charlie Alpha" Alexandria. Foxtrot was somewhere in the systems of this remote outpost. Eridanus Secundus was still a dead place - but the Corps had decided that, since no one dared visit this place for fear of the consequences presented by rumors leaked by the Corps to other groups, it was the perfect place to hide the Nova 12 biochemical weapon. As added insurance, the Corps contacted the Romulans to have them create an artificial radioactive nebula to help deter would-be intruders.

Charlene awoke with a gasp, and looked around. The room was well-lit, providing Charlene with a good view of her caretaker's face.

"Welcome back," Faasnu said.

"Where am I?" Charlene asked.

"Back on Eridanus Secundus - now guarded by the Corps," Faasnu replied. "You can review the specs on your ship."

"Did the galaxy buy it?" Charlene asked.

"They played right into it," Faasnu affirmed. "They now think you're Charlene Alexandria, AKA Charlie Alpha. Marauder One is dead."

Charlene breathed a sigh of relief. "What now?" she inquired.

"There is still much to be done," Faasnu responded. "Forgive the jedi speak, but shortly after news of your death went out, there was a disturbance in the Force. Little brother asked me to investigate this - and I decided to take you along so you may work on your new identity."

"What's the problem?" Charlene queried.

"That's the question, isn't it?" Faasnu chuckled as his wife came in.

Keesha was dressed in a grey Jedi robe with a pair of MASRA armor gauntlets. At her hips were twin lightsabers.

"Our first destination is an outpost on Dxun," she said, "Universe 02-Bravo."

"Let's not jump the gun, dear," Faasnu said. "Charlene just woke up."

*That concludes MARAUDER, EPISODE I: The Hunt for Marauder One. Be on the lookout for the next in the series.*

Star_Dragon's Mural
Okay, ppl - an update on my mural's progress. I marked the new ships (and some of the older ones that I use in RP's) so you'd be able to tell which one is which:

Posted Image

Posted Image

Again, I am open to draw specific warships - all you need to do is ask and provide a good image of what you want.

MARAUDER, EPISODE I: The Hunt for Marauder One
"Very well," Kyle said. "Carry on."

Maria got down on her knees in a submissive manner, to submit herself to her... "punishment"...

MARAUDER, EPISODE I: The Hunt for Marauder One
Maria stood silent, not a word coming from her mouth. She seemed to be thinking, coming up with a plan. Finally, she said, "Then you all know what must be done; if the galaxy is to believe that the threat posed by me is over, I must... die."

I think she means we must put on a show of killing her for her crimes against us to appease the rest of the galaxy, Kyle thought to the others. She may yet prove useful to the Corps again. Suggestions?

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