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MARAUDER, EPISODE I: The Hunt for Marauder One
... What? I don't understand. I thought this was Galaxies? Or did you mean Lylat Life? Either way, I'm doing this RP here. Why?

Dragon'taan: Heart of the Marauder Corps
Faasnu's attention shifted, and as he rose, he felt a familiar presence. To the surprise of those present, he dropped to his knees, and on a telepathic channel, he asked,

What is thy bidding, my master?

There is a disturbance in the force, Darth Faasnu, the ancient dragon said. It was Ahkrinviingah.

I have felt it, master, Faasnu droned. Marauder One has returned.

Marauder one is a threat to us - he must be destroyed, Ahkrinviingah told Faasnu.

Seemingly oblivious to what was going on around him, Faasnu made no reaction when Kyle stepped into the bar. Tuz'iin and Leigh snapped to attention. "General Indari, sir!" they both shouted.

"Leigh, Tuz'iin, come with me," Kyle said in his officious military manner. "We have a situation. Zack, you, too; I may need your skills. Krystal, Alex, if you two feel like tagging along, come on."

MARAUDER, EPISODE I: The Hunt for Marauder One
Very well. Mark your calendars. On 11/3, the hunt begins!

MARAUDER, EPISODE I: The Hunt for Marauder One
Oh. In that case, I'll move the start date to... 11/3 (That's next saturday).

MARAUDER, EPISODE I: The Hunt for Marauder One
@Kursed: Certainly. AIs would be especially useful here.

Okay, assuming that's everyone, this RP will start on 10/28 (That's this sunday), so mark your calendars.

MARAUDER, EPISODE I: The Hunt for Marauder One
Very well. That's two (not including myself). Any others?

Dragon'taan: Heart of the Marauder Corps
Jerry smiled as he took Krystal's glass and refilled it. He slid it back to Krystal as he said, "Lemme know if you need anything else."

Dragon'taan: Heart of the Marauder Corps
Jerry chuckled. "Nope," he responded. He glanced at Krystal's drink and asked, "Need a refill?"

Faasnu's attention, however, was still on Zack. "Not to sound self-centered, but I wonder," he told him, "In all your time with little brother, did you ever meet our father? Did you ever meet Draco Indari?"

Keesha elbowed Faasnu's side harder than before. "Quit prying," she growled.

"Just getting to know Kyle's friends, is all," Faasnu said.

MARAUDER, EPISODE I: The Hunt for Marauder One
@Kursed: Take your time, comrade.

@Shamen3mill: A sniper would be very useful in this RP (Last time, I didn't have a sniper, and that was on another forum). If you feel up to it, jump in!

@FurryFilm: Great! Just, uh... post a link so everyone else will know who you're playing as.

Dragon'taan: Heart of the Marauder Corps
There was no response from Jerry, until he came out of the back holding two plates - one of which held the still-steaming Grilled Chicken Wrap. "Sorry for the wait," he told Krystal. "Heating element burned out and I had to replace it." he slid the plate to Krystal. He then slid the other plate to Tuz'iin.

Dragon'taan: Heart of the Marauder Corps
"Hmmm..." Faasnu responded. "Interesting that little brother never mentioned her."

Keesha bumped Faasnu. "Don't ask. It wasn't pretty," she told the Cerinian Sith. Faasnu shrugged.

"Still," he told Zack, "You are fortunate to have known Kyle. Do you realize the benefits you gained from such a friendship with him?"

MARAUDER, EPISODE I: The Hunt for Marauder One
(This is an RP idea I had a while back, but it got ruined. Now I'm giving it another shot with a few alterations. To those that have RP'ed with this event, this is not going to be the same as last time.)


DMC Emergency Briefing, General Kyle Indari presiding

An emergency situation has arisen, and the Dragon'taan Marauder Corps has been asked to help. It has been reported that a rogue operative, code-named "Marauder One," has made several strikes in different territories across several different 'verses. Dragonaria, Kemoran Prime, Vidaan, Raptoria, Earth and Mirdak are among the territories hit. Even more disturbing, fingers are being pointed at us by the Federation, Klingons and Romulans of Universe 03, the Republic of Universe 02, and the UNSC Military of Universe 04. If we don't resolve the situation soon, Marauder One will ignite a savage, bloody, and not to mention Galactic and Interdimensional war. He must be stopped.

Unfortunately, we don't know who Marauder One is, much less where he is. There may be some chance to learn a little more about him from his last target, the Cairn Installation in Imperial Space, Universe 02-Gamma. The Imperials lost contact with the station there, and Marauder One reportedly hasn't left the vicinity. Move cautiously, though - 'Verse 02-Gamma is home to the Imperial Military of General Zaariin, and will no doubt shoot you on sight. For this reason, you will work with one of my Operative teams, Tuz'iin Do'Vokun and Leigh Hudson. Your primary objective is to find Marauder One and stop him before he causes any more damage. Secondary objective is to find any information pertaining to the identity of Marauder One and his motives. Good luck. General Indari out.


Aside from the painfully obvious, here are some other rules:

1. Be respectful. We're supposed to be working together to prevent a catastrophe - and such an effort requires teamwork.

2. No custom starships. Worrying about a starship to get us from one destination to the next will be my job. I'll post an image of our ship when I can.

3. No more than two characters per player.

And, here are a few brief bits of advice:

1. Stick together. Wandering away from the main group can be hazardous. Stay close to everyone else.

2. Pay attention to your surroundings. You never know what you'll find.

3. Be on the lookout to gather new intel. Computers, datapads, datacubes, and all manner of other items can hold new information that will shed light on the situation.

4. IF YOU FIND YOURSELF IN AN ENGAGEMENT WITH MARAUDER ONE, pay close attention to him. Learn what he does, how he fights, how he moves; such action will provide valuable insight on what to expect from Marauder One.

You know where to find my characters' profiles - post links to your own that you are using. If you are using a new one, post the character sheet as follows:

///<Character Name>\\\




Weapons: (If you can, provide an image.)


Let the Hunt begin...

Dragon'taan: Heart of the Marauder Corps
Leigh shrugged, shook Zack's hand, and answered, "Who knows? Sith bastards..."

"We don't know why they were after you - perhaps the only one outside of the Sith who would know is the General," Tuz'iin stated, finally snapping out of his memory flashes. He sipped his Juma Juice and added, "Whatever it was they were after you for, we made sure they didn't live to carry out their plan... whatever it was. Hey, Jerry - Can I get a 9oz sirloin steak, cooked medium-rare?"

"Coming up!" Jerry answered from the back.

Faasnu turned his attention to Zack. "I wonder... how did you know my little brother?"

Dragon'taan: Heart of the Marauder Corps
Jerry smiled. "Sure do," He reached under the bar counter and slid one to Krystal.

Leigh chuckled at Zack's comment. "Thought it was you," she said. "General Indari personally sent us on an op against some Sith faction that was gearing up to go after you and your family. Obviously, we succeeded."

Tuz'iin, however, was lost in though, various memories playing across his face of the days LV-3297 was overrun by Xenomorphs.

Dragon'taan: Heart of the Marauder Corps
"Yes, well - either way, you are fortunate to know the General," Leigh said.

"Yeah," Tuz'iin sighed. He rubbed his temple as the memory of what happened to LV-3297 subtly played across his face.

Leigh looked around the bar and noticed Zack nearby. She frowned, then asked, "Hey kid - are you Zack McCloud? General Indari's old friend?"

Dragon'taan: Heart of the Marauder Corps
Tuz'iin raised an eyebrow. "You fought with him against the Necromyans?"

"Tuz'iin has only known the General since the end of the war, after he escaped the disaster that befell his own home world," Leigh said. "I've only known him for... a year? Two? I don't remember. I met Tuz'iin when he crashed on my home world, Mu-Gamma IV... and he, myself, Zuko and a few friends escaped that place. Like Tuz'iin, my home world suffered a disaster."

Star_Dragon's Mural
Ah. Do you have a specific image I can use? Or should I just find one on my own? Bear in mind, however, I may not be able to draw the Arwings with the Great Fox... well, not with very much detail, at any rate, considering they *are* fighter craft, and are tiny compared to the other ships present.

Dragon'taan: Heart of the Marauder Corps
Tuz'iin nodded, then sipped his coke and asked, "So how did you come to Dragon'taan?"

"And for that matter, do you know General Indari at all?" Leigh queried.

Star_Dragon's Mural
I forget, Red - what was your request?

Star_Dragon's Mural
I apologize for the long wait, comrades - apart from the downloading of CoD: BO (which, thankfully, is done), I was doing a little remodeling of my house. Anyway, I have some new progress for ya:

Posted Image

Kursed, I believe you can spot your ship easily enough. Keep in mind, I have not had time to add other details, as the next image will show:

Posted Image

In order of left-to-right on the upper edge of my mural, the new ships are:

Kirn Command Battleship (Top page, far left on the upper edge - the one shaped like an arrow with multiple turrets.)

Dragon'taan Marauder Corps (DMC) Ares-class Attack Cruiser (The ship sitting off to the right [technically, port] side.)

DMC Wyvern-class Battlecruiser (Upper-right page, the ship on the upper-left corner of the page)

DMC Marauder-Class Star Dreadnought (The biggest ship on the aforementioned page)

Kirn Attack Frigate (The itty-bitty arrow-shaped ship off the port-side-aft of the Marauder)

Zurrak Battleship (The one shaped like a sphere surrounded by a ring, connected to said ring by four support structures)

If any of you have requests, please tell me. Bear in mind what I have said of such requests (HINT: see page 1).

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