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The Cornerian Bar on Galaxies
"Perhaps," Kyle responded to the asking vixen. "And perhaps not. I know many people across the galaxy, most of which are now a part of or contracting with the Marauder Corp." He looked to the Vixen as the bartender came with his Romulan Ale. "Why do you ask?" He asked, taking a sip from his Romulan Ale.

The Cornerian Bar on Galaxies
Fireworks exploded in the sky of the new Dragon-Shifter home world, Dragon'tann. The Kazon alliance was done. For the first time in nearly thirty years, the Dragon-shifters were free. They had an entire universe to build their empire, expand, and recuperate from thew war, now being called the Marauder War. The lessons of the Kazon Alliance were learned well: After the annihilation of their once-proud war machine, the dragon-shifters officially christened their military, called the Marauder Corp. And who better to lead this army than Kyle Indari? Already, they had recruits coming to them, and General Indari, desiring rest after a long war, took his ship - the flagship of the Marauder Corp, the Vengeance-class Warbird Hellhound Marauder - and headed to Corneria, to the bar that had started him down the path he took that made him the head of the Dragon-shifter military.

So it was truly no surprise that a transwarp conduit appeared, and this ship appeared in orbit of Corneria:

Posted Image

(Just click on the img to get a better view.)

"Standard orbit," General Kyle Indari ordered. He turned to the Romulan next to him. "Commander Tossan, you have the bridge."
Tossan smiled. "Aye, sir."
Kyle headed back to his quarters, donning his Marauder Corp Uniform; an emerald uniform with multiple medals from his various campaigns against the Kazon, a symbol on the back of the uniform of a spire pointing to a star with two dragon wings curving around it inside a circle, five gold stars on both his shoulders, a captain's cap with the same symbol, and a pair of black boots. Once all that was on, Kyle equipped his MASRA armor gauntlets, making sure the materializer system was working, and headed down to one of the several transporter rooms on the massive warship. The transporter energized, and put the Cerinian Dragon-Shifter right in front of the bar. He moved inside, spying a vacant seat at the bar. He immediately moved to it, taking off his cap and setting it down as he sat on the bar stool. "Bartender," he said, "A glass of Romulan Ale, please."
During the war, the Cerinian dragon-shifter had developed a taste for the Romulan drink - it's typical effects it had on other sentients were, after so long drinking it, non-existent to him.

Star Fox - Marauder
(Meh - it's fine. I haven't been working on this much.)

Chapter Twelve
Historical Repetition (Part IV)

“Kyle to Fox,” Kyle said over the radio, “Come in, over.”
“Fox here,” came Fox’s reply. “What’s your status? Over.”
“Tondam’s on the run,” Kyle answered. “They’re headed your direction. Over.”
“Understood,” Fox stated. “We’ll have a few surprises for them. Over and out.”
Fox smiled to himself as he switched off the radio. He had a number of portable machine guns all around the Jiralhanae CIC – or rather, what was left of it. In addition to the now-trapped Tondam mercs, Fox had three platoons or more of spaceport criminals and thugs and another platoon of Jiralhanae troops to contend with. Fara, Dash, Katt and Falco were aiding the UNSC Marines in setting up the rest of the defenses when Fox spoke.
“Okay, team – some news.” The UNSC Marines and Fox’s team gathered around Fox. “Kyle’s team held the Tondam CP, and are now scouring the premises. That’s the good news; the bad news is that now, in addition to or criminal and Jiralhanae party-crashers, we now have a trapped contingent of Tondam mercs to deal with.”
“Who cares?” a marine noncom asked. “Just means more salvage for us.”
“Let’s earn our pay, boys!” a sergeant roared.
“Then we’ve no time to lose,” Fox stated. “Let’s get those barricades up ASAP, and ready on the portable guns.”
“Let’s do it!” another noncom shouted.
The entire area burst into activity. It wasn’t until five minutes passed by when the defenses were nearly ready that one of the roving patrols said over the radio,
“Contact! Enemy engaged, south of the captured CIC!”
“Copy,” Fox responded, “All patrols, fall back to primary lines of defense. Let’s give the bastards a warm reception.”
The patrols began to file back into the CIC, manning portable turrets and taking up positions. It wasn’t until the last patrol came into view that the enemy in question could be seen – a squad of Tondam mercs. The mercs scattered as soon as they saw where they were headed, and Fox waited for the last patrol to get clear before giving the order to open fire.
As the last patrol made it to safety, Fox yelled over the radio, “Open fire!”
More than a hundred different guns opened up almost simultaneously. Several Tondam mercs were caught out in the open and were cut down, taking as many as eight or ten rounds to multiple areas of their bodies. Fox himself managed to ice two of the Tondam mercs, but more came swarming out of the woodwork. They were determined, but not particularly bright. That, or they wished to go out fighting, as it was almost too easy to pick them off.
But as the Tondam mercs died one after another, the Jiralhanae troops attacked another side and Fara exclaimed over the radio, “Fox, I need a hand over here, ASAP! The damned brutes are trying to break through!”
“Copy,” Fox answered, “I’m on my way. Dash, cover this area!”
Fox took off, heading to Fara. Fara, who had just dropped a towering Jiralhanae commander, was reloading her weapon when a Kig-Yar headed in her direction, intent on jumping her. Fox shouldered his AR610 and dropped the alien with a quick burst to the face. Shifting his aim, he dropped another Kig-Yar and greased an Unggoy before Fara finished reloading her BR30. She rose, greased another Unggoy, and dropped the shields of a Jiralhanae before Fox put a burst to the alien’s face. Fox came over to her side and asked, “You called?”
“Yeah,” Fara said, pausing to ice an overly-ambtious Kig-Yar. “I did. What kept you?”
Fox knew this was a joke; even in the midst of combat, Fara always had a sense of humor.
“Oh, I stopped to do a little shopping before I headed over here,” Fox answered as he dropped an Unggoy.
“Anything else I should know about?” Fara asked.
“I iced a few Tondam mercs while I was away,” Fox said. He paused to drill a Kig-Yar. “That’s not gonna be a problem, is it?”
Fara laughed, then killed a Jiralhanae. “One of these days, my love,” she stated over the gunfire, “we’re going to sit down and get your priorities straight.”
“Like getting married?” Fox asked.
Fara stopped shooting to look at Fox in shock. “Are you seriously asking that question right now?!” she screamed over the sounds of combat.
“Well, would you?” Fox inquired.
Fara ducked behind cover with Fox to avoid flying plasma fire. “I don’t think now’s the best time, baby!” Fara exclaimed.
“Now might be the only time!” Fox responded. “Better now than god-only-knows how many years down the road!”
The twosome rose and simultaneously drilled the same Jiralhanae, then ducked back down.
“I’ve made my choice,” Fox said. “What’s yours?”
Fara paused, smiled, then called out over the radio, “Dash! Marry us!”
There was a burp of static, and Dash responded, “I’m a little busy at the moment!”
Fox iced another Kig-Yar. “Dash, now!”
Dash finished drilling a thug. “Fine then!” he exclaimed. He switched to a broad-comm channel. “Dearly beloved, we be gathered here today...” Another spaceport thug charged Dash, and he shot him in the head. “... To nail your gizzard to the deck, you poxy cur!”
“Fara Phoenix,” Fox continued, “Do you take me to be your lawfully-wedded husband?” He ducked to avoid a flying plasma bolt, then rose again to drill the bastard that fired.
“I do,” Fara responded, drilling a wounded Tondam merc that had wandered into her line of fire.
“Great!” Fox said. They both ducked to reload.
“Fox McCloud,” Fara asked, “Do you take me to be your lawfully-wedded wife, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health...” She paused to ice an Unggoy that attempted to interrupt her. “... With health being the less-likely?”
“I do,” Fox answered.
“In the name of god,” Dash announced, “I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss...”
Dash stopped, drilling a thug that tried to jump him, then repeated, “You may kiss...” He killed another thug as Fox and Fara drilled the same Jiralhanae.
“Just kiss!” Dash exclaimed.
Fox and Fara ducked back down, holding each other close as they kissed. It was as they kissed that the enemy fell back into a full retreat.
“We’ve got ‘em on the run!” a noncom shouted over the radio. “We did it!”
Fox and Fara rose, arms wrapped around each other, watching the enemy retreat.
“Any ideas for the honeymoon?” Fara asked.
“Well, I had thought about going to Sauria,” Fox admitted. “Though I imagine the thought had already occurred to Kyle and Krystal.”
“So what?” Fara asked. “Think about it; two newlywed couples enjoying a stay on Sauria.”
“Are you two done with the wedding ceremony, or are you still planning your honeymoon?” Kyle asked over the radio.
“How’d you know we were married?” Fara asked.
“Uh, because Dash transmitted it on an open channel, duh!” Kyle laughed. “Every radio within range could pick it up!”
“Talk about improvising, damn,” Bill chuckled.
“If you’re not too busy, Fox,” Kyle said, “head on over to the Tondam CP – found something you might be interested in.”
“Understood,” Fox responded. “I’m on my way.”

Star Fox - Marauder
Ah, yes - Chapter Eleven.

Chapter Eleven
Historical Repetition (Part III)

Kyle, Krystal, Lucy, Bill and Razuul crept through the rapidly-darkening streets of Leona City. They had already snuck into the residential sector of the city, which just left getting to the mercenary CP on the opposite end. The mercenaries, judging by the intercepted communications, were in full retreat. They had been ordered to fall back to the CP and await reinforcements. Half of what remained of the enemy mercs were already at the CP, which meant that Kyle’s team would have to eliminate the mercs in the CP, then hold it as the other mercs tried to take it back.
Easier said than done, given that there were seventy- to eighty-plus mercs left out of a force of over a hundred.
“Contact,” Krystal whispered. “Enemy mercs in sight.”
“Do they see us?” Kyle asked.
“Negative,” Krystal replied. “They’re focused on getting to the CP.”
“Let’s follow them,” Kyle said. “They can lead us to the enemy CP.”
The team stealthily followed the unsuspecting mercs as they wound their way through the eerily-empty residential sector streets. Every now and then, they would stop, looking to make sure they weren’t being followed. It took a full fifteen minutes to reach the enemy command post.
Under a stealthy cover, Kyle, Krystal, Lucy, Razuul and Bill advanced on the enemy CP. Kyle and Krystal moved along the right side of the house, Bill and Lucy moved along the left, and Razuul scaled the walls to get on the roof.
“Raz to Kyle,” Razuul said, “I’m in position.”
“Bill to Kyle,” Bill radioed, “We’re set.”
“Here goes nothing,” Krystal commented.
“Just stick close to me and you’ll live, darling,” Kyle said. Krystal chuckled. “Kay to all teams – go!”
What happened next happened so fast, it was almost a blur. Kyle, Krystal, Bill, Lucy and Razuul worked their way toward each other, literally going room-to-room clearing out Tondam mercs. When the dust settled, fully three dozen mercs lay dead on the floor.
“Wow,” Krystal remarked. “That went well.”
“Don’t break out the champagne yet,” Kyle stated, “We still have to hold this place against the Tondam Mercs still headed here.”
It was then that a throaty Sangheili voice came over the team’s radio channel.
“... To Star Fox team inside the enemy CP, repeat, Sub-Commander ‘Rolamee to Star Fox team inside enemy CP, come in,” the Sangheili said.
“This is Kyle Anderson of the Star Fox team,” Kyle responded, “I read you, over.”
“We are sending down reinforcements to your location – you have a platoon of Jiralhanae troops converging on your position,” Sub-Commander ‘Rolamee stated. “They should be arriving in the next fifteen seconds, over.”
“Understood,” Kyle responded. “Over and out.”
“Who’s coming in fifteen seconds,” Krystal asked, “the Jiralhanae or our reinforcements?”
The team heard the thrumming noise of approaching Sangheili dropships outside.
“Never mind,” Krystal corrected herself.
The dropships landed outside, their plasma cannons probing the Tondam Mercs nearby as they made their way to the CP. The Sangheili hurried inside, and the noncom leading the group – the one dressed in red armor – asked, “Who among you do you name as the leader of this particular squad?”
“That’d be me,” Kyle said, stepping forward.
“Squad Commander Huki ‘Unamee,” the Sangheili noncom introduced himself.
“Kyle Anderson, Star Fox team,” Kyle replied. “Welcome to the party.”
“We’ve heard of you – the shape-shifting warrior who can turn into a dragon,” one of the Sangheili said.
“Well, I don’t exactly call myself a shape-shifter, but--” Kyle started. Automatic fire snapped over the squad’s heads, and they ducked for cover. Several Sangheili went upstairs with Razuul to get a better view of the sector. Kyle, Krystal, Bill and Lucy took cover on the lower level with SC ‘Unamee, and opened up on the Tondam Mercs approaching the captured CP. Plasma beams slashed through the nighttime darkness as the Sangheili Plasma Carbines cut into the Tondam Mercs. Red plasma bolts stuttered through the air as the Jiralhanae platoon arrived. They cut through the Tondam mercs with little difficulty, but had a tough time getting to the CP. The moment they got within max close range, Kyle, Krystal, Bill and Lucy opened up on them with their weapons. The disruptor on Kyle’s MP340A2 was especially effective against the Jiralhanae; the Kadgeron pulses phased through the brutes’ armor’s energy shielding and stopped them in their tracks.
The Jiralhanae retreated, but more Tondam mercs came swarming out of the darkness. With the night vision enhancements in Kyle and Krystal’s armor, they gunned down one merc after the other, aiding the Sangheili in eliminating the Tondam threat.
“They’re pulling back!” yelled a red-armored Sangheili noncom.
“We’ve got ‘em on the run!” ‘Unamee exclaimed.
“They’re headed to the Jiralhanae CIC!” another remarked.
“Kyle to Fox,” Kyle said over the radio, “Come in, over.”
“Fox here,” came Fox’s reply. “What’s your status? Over.”
“Tondam’s on the run,” Kyle answered. “They’re headed your direction. Over.”
“Understood,” Fox stated. “We’ll have a few surprises for them. Over and out.”
“I shudder to think what ‘surprises’ Fox has in store for the Tondam mercs,” Kyle muttered.
“Well, let Fox deal with them,” Krystal said. “We still have to find out where the mercs’ secret passageway is.”
“Yeah,” Kyle sighed. “And once this is all over, I still owe you a honeymoon.”
Krystal chuckled. “Let’s focus on finishing this first, mekh luff.”

Star_Dragon's PIMPMYGUN armory
@ Kursed: Meh, it took me forever to get that shot...

@ TRF8: Yeah, with the Star Wars: Requiem mod Installed... least I thought it was SW: R...

@ JQ: Thanks!

Anyway, here's some more for ya:

Posted Image
Y'know, this is why I love Dragons. Don't he look adorable? lol

WARNING: This next image is BIG!

Posted Image

/\ A little something I drew a while back...

HELLHOUND: The Marauder War
(Sorry, comrade - and I don't have to tell you that it WON'T happen again. Can we get back to slaughtering everyone?)

"Sir," Voro said, "Incoming transmission from the Hellhound Marauder - He wants us to take a task force and head to the Kestian system."
"About damn time," Kylet'oran growled. "Dar-Ma, set course for the Kestian system. M'raaj-Dar, contact the nearest ships, have them follow us. Voro, are the Incursion Drones ready?"
"Indeed they are," Voro responded.
"Good - ready a squadron. They launch as soon as we hit Kestian," Kylet'oran ordered.
The Retribution's Thunder, surrounded by two DS Imperial-II Star Destroyers, one DS Lucrehulk Battleship, three DS Venator Battlecruisers, and four DS Sangheili Marauders warped toward Kestian.

* * *

"All boarding parties are safely on-board, general," Ops reported.
"Good," Kyle stated. "Helm, engage transwarp engines to system X38756."
Outside, the Hellhound Marauder and it's accompanying battle fleet and Incursion Drone-Warships disappeared into Transwarp speed, heading to the aforementioned system.