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Outside Dragon'taan - The Untold Ops
"Odd moon?" Markus asked. "Were there moons in Fichina orbit before?"

Outside Dragon'taan - The Untold Ops
"Celina, at last report, there was a facility here. Communications disruption could mean a number of things, but I'm concerned it may have been sabotage... or worse. Either the Fichina facility's comm is dead, or they are," Markus explained.

Outside Dragon'taan - The Untold Ops
(Continuing this RP from LL)

The UACS Thermopylae dropped out of warp with her escort of two Sangheili Assault Carrier Gunship Refits over Fichina.

"We are secured from warp, Lord-Admiral," the helmsman announced.

"Anything on the comms?" asked the Cerinian Tiger with an inverted fur pattern.

"Negative, Lord-Admiral," Comms answered. "No distress beacons, no radio signals, no transmissions... no nothing. It's eerie."

"And unsettling," the Lord-Admiral growled quietly.