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Dragon'taan: Heart of the Marauder Corps
The people cheered in the bar, throwing a round of applause for Lupe. One of them began chanting, "Linkin Park! Linkin Park! Linkin Park!" soon after, others joined him until the whole crowd was basically asking GearHeart to do a Linkin Park song. Kyle shrugged.

"I guess Dragon'taan wants a Linkin Park song," he commented to Drake.

Dragon'taan: Heart of the Marauder Corps
When the last song ended, Drake asked, "I don't suppose you all know any Linkin Park or Breaking Benjamin?"

"Or Nickelback!" Kyle added.

Dragon'taan: Heart of the Marauder Corps
"So what song's first?" Drake asked.

"Yes, I'd very much like to know," Draco added.

MARAUDER, EPISODE I: The Hunt for Marauder One
(What did Zack just say? Please provide a translation.)

"Marauder One," Kyle called out to Maria's ship. "Step out into the hangar bay with your hands where we can see them!"

Marauder One chuckled to herself. "Show time," she murmured.

Dragon'taan: Heart of the Marauder Corps
Draco chuckled. "GearHeart, eh?" he asked. "I think I heard one of your songs on the radio once - can't remember when."

"Stage is open if you want to get set up," Kyle commented. "Or we could schedule a time when your bassist is here."

"Just out of curiosity," Drake inquired, "What kinds of music do you play?"

Dragon'taan: Heart of the Marauder Corps
"Oh?" Draco asked. "And what is it exactly you were hoping to do here?"

"Obviously, you're not signing up for the Corps," Drake commented. "... Are you?"

Dragon'taan: Heart of the Marauder Corps
(FF, who was that directed at?)

MARAUDER, EPISODE I: The Hunt for Marauder One
The Multi-Kilometer-long Dragon's Rage appeared, and a shuttle carrying General Kyle shuttled to the other ship. Kyle appeared shortly thereafter in the hangar where the others were.

"Anything?" he asked.

"We've not heard a peep from her," Mathayus said.

Kyle looked to Krystal. "Is there some reason you wanted me here?" he asked.

MARAUDER, EPISODE I: The Hunt for Marauder One
(Comrade, Kyle is still on Dragon'taan - Mathayus/Faasnu is present.)

"That does not surprise me," Mathayus responded. "There were many who were confused regarding myself allying with little brother; but no one took measures as extreme as this. But here's where she was wrong; Kyle did not send Maria on a suicide mission - quite the contrary. Her mission was to infiltrate Darth Belgrod's compound, and gather intelligence before a strike. But when she was compromised, Kyle risked an entire strike fleet to save her. By the time they got there, however, Belgrod had taken Maria and disappeared. We never knew what happened to him until a routine mission by Marauder Operatives Tuz'iin and Leigh revealed Belgrod's base of operations three years later. I helped them take down Belgrod, but Maria was nowhere in sight. It took another year or so to learn that Maria had escaped, but we didn't know she'd taken the name 'Marauder One' and gone rogue."

Faasnu looked to Marauder One's ship and sighed. "I can only hope we can reach whatever sane part of her is left and redeem her," he said. "Otherwise, she is facing multiple charges that could earn her a court-martial and a life sentence, at the minimum."

MARAUDER, EPISODE I: The Hunt for Marauder One
A tractor beam snared the Unseen Predator, and dragged it into a hangar bay of the largest ship present. The Insurrection Alpha released it's own tractor beam, and followed, landing adjacent to the ship of Marauder One. Marauder Corps personnel surrounded the ship, and Marauder One continued to sit, lethargic and inert inside her own ship. Appearing in the Hangar was Mathayus as Tuz'iin and Leigh stepped off their ship.

Leigh and Tuz'iin snapped to attention as they saw Mathayus. "General Mathauys, sir!" they shouted in military fashion.

"At ease, you two," Mathayus said. "Good work capturing Marauder One." He looked to Krystal. "If you think you can talk to Marauder One, this is your chance."

MARAUDER, EPISODE I: The Hunt for Marauder One
(Kursed, onik fahdon - Marauder One isn't a Dragon-Shifter. Just a rogue Marauder Operative.)

I have faults of my own - and I know what it feels like to feel alone in this universe, with none to call your kin, Marauder One answered. But you do not know of what I went through. You were not tortured by a true Sith, as I was; You did not walk the paths I walked in exile, as I did; You know nothing of the fires that raged on New Korriban as my comrades died around me. You have something to believe in, however blind you are to not see what it has become - I have nothing. Tell me, Krystal, Cerinian Refugee to the Fall of Cerinia at the hands of the Necromyans - what is there left to believe in, when you are betrayed by your own? When all that you are, all that you have done, is buried beneath the lies and deceit of corrupt men you thought you could trust? When you have outlived your usefulness, Indari will send you to die, just as he did me. Marauder One said nothing further as the three DMC warships appeared, dropping out of Translight speed.

"About time," Tuz'iin commented.

(Take heart and stay sharp, comrades - this RP is not over.)

MARAUDER, EPISODE I: The Hunt for Marauder One
Oh, a true Sith Lord would help you - if it served his purpose, Marauder One said. But Once you are a Sith, you will always be a Sith, no matter how many good deeds you drown the dark side in. No matter how redeemed Faasnu may be, he is still a Sith - and the Sith must die as much as the Jedi. Remember: Every Sith was once a Jedi; Revan, Malak, Malgus, Vader, Caedus... Faasnu. They were all once Jedi; The Jedi are as much a danger to the Corps as the Sith. Neither side is free from fault. Regardless; what can you possibly know of Faasnu and his brother? Did you serve beside General Indari, as I did? Did he send you to die, as he did me? Why is it you still trust him? What has he done for you?

MARAUDER, EPISODE I: The Hunt for Marauder One
Marauder One chuckled mentally. I have thought this through, yes - The Corps will survive. It's corrupt leadership must not. Mathayus... Kyle... Anna... All must die. The Sith must not be allowed to gain control of the Corps. Destroy the Marauder Corps? You misunderstand me; I am trying to save it... from itself. Belgrod sent his agents to infiltrate the Corps - I managed to stop them, but too late did I realize that the Sith had already corrupted our leader; Darth Faasnu has had General Indari's ear for some time. If you've any knowledge that may shed more light, I am open - it's not like I can do anything else at this point.

MARAUDER, EPISODE I: The Hunt for Marauder One
With Marauder One's ship disabled, Tuz'iin sat back and breathed a sigh of relief. "That was too close," he said.

"Tell me about it," Leigh added.

Then, another thought came to Tuz'iin's mind. "Valtozaz, Zack, see if you can hack into the Unseen Predator's internal systems; I want to see what Marauder One is doing."

* * *

Marauder One awoke to a dark ship. she rose, then got in her knees on the floor, seemingly meditating.

"I hope you're ready," Foxtrot said. "In a couple of minutes, the DMC will be here to apprehend you."

"Of course," Marauder one responded. "Why wouldn't they? They went to considerable effort to find me. But let us be silent; I do not wish unfriendly ears hearing us."

Dragon'taan: Heart of the Marauder Corps
A wave of relief washed over Kyle. "Alright, tell them to hold position - an extraction group is on the way, ETA: two minutes." Kyle worked furiously and sent a Draco-class Battleship - the Marauder Dragon - and two Wyvern-class Battlecruisers - the Alpha Marauder and the Dragon's Courage - to extract the team and their prisoner.

It's not over yet, Kyle told himself. Marauder One may have another trick up his sleeves. Be wary.

Jerry returned with Lupe's cassarole and handed it to her. "Here you are," he said. "Just give the boys back there a holler if it isn't done right - they don't often cook Titanian dishes, so I wouldn't be surprised if they forgot something."

Dragon'taan: Heart of the Marauder Corps
"Hnh," Drake scoffed. "Impressive. Still... what else brings you here to Dragon'taan?"

"I confess, I, too, am curious as to why you came here," Draco added.

MARAUDER, EPISODE I: The Hunt for Marauder One
As the engines on the Unseen Predator died, the ship continued to move.

"Leigh, tractor beam!" Tuz'iin ordered. "Valtozaz, disable the Unseen Predator's weapons. I don't want any surprises."

The tractor beam of the Insurrection Alpha caught the fleeing ship, and stopped it dead. Tuz'iin breathed a sigh of relief. "Krystal, get a line to General Indari - we have captured Marauder One. Request immediate extract," Tuz'iin requested. "Valtozaz, disable any weapons and anything else you think may give us trouble - just don't kill her... yet. I know General Indari will want to question her. If she tries anything, however, do whatever you can to incapacitate her. Zack, you and Kit try and look into Foxtrot. Keep it from overriding our computer systems, and see if you can disable it."

MARAUDER, EPISODE I: The Hunt for Marauder One
Once everyone was secured, Tuz'iin initiated liftoff, shutting the boarding ramp and taking off.

"Serena," Tuz'iin exclaimed, "Get word to General Indari: Marauder One intends to release Nova 12 on Dragon'taan!"

"I have a lock on Marauder One!" Leigh exclaimed.

"Valtozaz, see if you can hack Marauder One's computer on her ship! Try and disable it! Argo, help him out!" Tuz'iin ordered. "Zack, deploy the MASRA armor generators! Ricca, guide him through it!"

Dragon'taan: Heart of the Marauder Corps
"Nova 12," Kyle grumbled. "How does she plan on releasing Nova 12? Does she have a release system?"

Dragon'taan: Heart of the Marauder Corps
It took a moment for Kyle to realize it was his communicator beeping. He answered it, and said, "Indari here, go ahead."

While Kyle talked with Serena, Drake looked to Tyler. "Where did you learn Dovah?" he asked.

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