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Sorry to hear that, dude. I'll miss you.

I appreciate it, old friend. I can only hope that, in time, I will recover.

It's ok dude, I know what it's like to have a form of pain following each day... Taking some time away could probably help you out. though sometimes the relief is hanging around the friends you have left rather then try stay away to protect them, I've learned that from experience here.though... It's your choice if you want to take another break, I can't tell you how to run your life. We'll be here when you feel ready to return, my characters have only interacted with yours once or twice in an rp and even then it was only a couple of words, but you'll always have your respect by the members who have played with you those times i wasn't around.Take it easy dude, try not to beat yourself up to much while you're gone.

I... appreciate it. But it's not that simple for me. I have no choice but to take this LOA. If I am allowed to... speak my mind... I could turn violent in a split second. And unlike many, I don't have the luxury of friends--even online friends--to talk things out with. Not all the time. I have no place left to retreat. No one to talk to. No local friends. No allies. No one that understands me, not any longer. I am alone. I have nothing. No one.

Forgive me if I seem melodramatic, but this is the world I see. My childhood friend betrayed me. She was my only hope... the only one that could stop me from becoming what I despise. Now, she has left me with nothing. She has...

... I'm sorry... I must leave.

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I'm... sorry, mekh fredt'ss. I must inform you of my impending leave of absence. It's not because of my younger brother's upcoming court date, it's... something personal. Something that drives deeper than what he did, something... that has taken away my peace of mind. I don't know how long I'll be gone. Suffice to say... I have a part of me that's re-surfaced recently. A part of me that *should* have died nearly five years ago.

I recently was back-stabbed by a childhood friend. Someone I'd known since elementary school. She and I were very close... until recently. As I said, she back-stabbed me, and it has left a wound that has yet to stop bleeding. And such as it is, it re-awakened a part of me that I had not hoped to feel for the rest of my life. Now, the game has changed. I'm... becoming someone else. Someone I don't want to be. I'm having a hard enough time typing this as it is. I don't want to wind up saying something that'll get me banned. But - even though I don't know you all personally - you all are the only friends I have left. I am posting this because it is something I must put to rest. A ghost of the past, so to speak. And, as I have indicated, you all are the only ones I feel comfortable talking about it with. I wouldn't expect my own family to comprehend my situation, for they were never there to experience what I did, and therefore, will never understand; My own councellor cannot understand this, either - he's not seen what I have. None have seen my other self., and it is a side of me I would prefer no one saw.

If this message is too cryptic for you, then just disregard it. I wouldn't expect any to acknowledge this message anyway. I will return, I just don't know when. I just need some time to myself, to re-gain my peace of mind. If you feel compelled to PM me, just send it to my e-mail.


can't... comprehend... awesomeness... *head explodes*

Spirit: WTH? what happened to my body? *looks over* Oh, you have to be KIDDING me!!!

(I bet no one will get the reference.)

Radigal's "art"



Can't... Comprehend... Awesomeness...

*head explodes*

Random Screenshot Thread
Yup defintly butt kicking by covanant there what is that mod for?

Srry for the long wait...

... the mod's for Star Wars: Empire At War - Forces of Corruption.

EDIT: Here's another for ya!

... Talk about overkill...

Team Star Dragon & Others
As I said in the Cornerian College, Here's the info on my new char;

///Kyle Anderson\\\
Name: Kyle "Star Dragon" Anderson

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Height: 6' 8"

Weight: 180 lbs

Eye color: Brown

Species: Human

Hair Description: Short, brown.

Vocal Description: Typical 20-year-old human male voice

Body Description: Slim, Dexterous.

Attire/Appearance: Crimson Armor (Custom made, will post a pic later if I can), wears white T-shirt with Romulan emblem on the back with blue jeans and black rubber military sirplus boots. Armed with a modified Goa'uld Staff weapon and flies a custom-built and modified Death Glider.

Family: None (Unknown), has a Girlfriend named Talia.

Occupation: Special Forces Freelancer, captain of the Sangheili Corvette Recalcitrant Predator.

Good/Bad: Depends on who has the most money and does not conflict with his moral ethics.

Theme Song: 30 Seconds to Mars - Echelon

Birthplace: Earth

Current Location/Residence: On the Recalcitrant Predator wherever it travels.

Training/Specialties/Skills: Experience from the jobs he's pulled, specializes in Martial Arts, Explosives, Tactics, all forms of weapons.

Special Markings: Aforementioned Dragonarian mark on the back plating of his armor.

Personality: Keeps to himself unless with Talia. Does not like being stereotyped as the kind of mercenary that the galaxy at large sees. If pushed, he could get violent. Has no compunctions over killing others, but tends to lean towards warning them with his weapons if they get too close.

Other Info: Kyle "Star Dragon" Anderson is a man shrouded in mystery. A fairly new player to the Mercenary scene, he has made a name for himself with the jobs he's pulled for various factions. Unlike most mercs, he has a code of honor and moral ethics, and no amount of money will dissuade him from them. He started his life as a mercenary when he was 18, when a Kemorainian Faedyr attack destroyed the home of his foster parents. With everyone - except his girlfriend, Talia - believing him to be dead, he set out to become a mercenary. Two years later, Star Dragon is the most feared freelance merc in his galaxy.

Corneria College
(I'm bored, so I'll just post this. Correct it as you see fit. I'll use a new char. Info on him will be up after this post.)

In all the activity of the Cornerian college, no one was looking in the direction of the hastily-arranged landing pad to see a Heavily-Modified Death Glider appear, circle once, and rear up as it came in for a landing. Unlike the usual model, this one was significantly larger, with a pitch-black hull, with twin Plasma Pulse Cannons, Twin Kadgeron Pulse Disruptors, four 30mm Kadgeron Autocannons imbedded in the nose, and rode on twin magneto-impelled ion thrusters. The pilot shut the craft down, grabbed a sort of staff from the back, and hopped out of the cockpit. The staff he carried, like the Death Glider he flew, was unlike the original model. This version was refitted as a Kadgeron Disruptor, with an energy sifter on the end of the staff opposite to the weapon, and on the sides of the weapon were small domes that, when activated, brought to life twin plasma short blades, effectively turning this staff into a spear.
A team of techs came to investigate the strange craft that landed and the pilot - covered from head to toe in crimson armor with a Dragonarian mark on the back plating - turned on them, pointed to the craft, and called out as he walked backward, "Hey - touch that glider and die. I mean it; the security systems will screw you up if you mess with it." The pilot turned back around, and used the staff as though it were a walking stick as he walked along.
His target - if that's what this person was called - was somewhere in the vicinity; a man by the name of Indari. Why that Cerinian woman was so obsessed with finding him was a mystery, but she was paying well, and that's all that mattered to the pilot. Hell, he even had the proper ID and other such passes - the licence to pilot his Death Glider, the licence to carry his weapon, and if necessary, to use it on any who he saw as a threat to his mission.
Although, given the location of this place, Kyle doubted he would run into any trouble...

(Here's a pic)
Posted Image

Insurrection Alpha
In this RP, you will lead your own team to assist my team (Team Star Dragon) in tracking down a rebel leader who is spreading the seeds of rebellion across the galaxy. Simple, right? Wrong. To participate in this RP, you will need the following:

A team of your own (be creative with the name) with no less than three members. If you can, provide a character sheet for them (In a link)
A ship (If you can give me an image, that's great. If not, I'll settle with a description of weapons and systems)
A reason for helping Star Dragon
Each member of your team MUST have a unique weapon. (Doesn't necessarily have to be of your own creation; I know you can go to the Ballistic Weapons UT2004 Mod site to get pics and specs on several.)

Absolutely NO godmodding WHATSOEVER.
In your posts, try to be as creative and detailed as possible.
NO Godmodding your equipment. In other words, no carrying an impossible ammount of ammunition or making your weapon spit munitions at an insane rate (Unless, of course, you're using a minigun, like the XMV850. That I would understand.)
Ships: the bigger your ship, the more it carries, the slower it goes. Try to stick to this. Don't godmod your ship, either. A ship may be powerful, but it is not invincible. Every ship has a weakness; it's just a matter of finding it.

You can use My profile as a guideline:

Team: Star Dragon
Members: Kylet'oran Jek'ari, San Jek'ari, Keesha Jek'ari, Voro 'Zamamee, Ado 'Zamamee, Kyle Indari, Dar-Ma, M'raaj-Dar, Jason Denton, Deinonychus Saevus, Keedar (<----- This will be the ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM allowed members on one team. You can read about them in my characters thread.)
Ship: Sangheili Gunship Retribution's Thunder (Looks like a Covenant Assault Carrier, just bigger) Armaments: x2 Energy Projectors (total. Dorsal/Ventral), x16 pulse lasers (Total. Includes Fore/Aft/Port/Starboard.), x2 Improved MAC guns (Fore), Plasma array (goes aroundf the lateral edges of the ship fore/aft/port/starboard), x6 Phaser Strips (Lateral-Dorsal fore/aft/port/starboard), x6 Disruptor arrays (Lateral-Ventral fore/aft/port/starboard), Dual Quantum-pinch-fusion reactors (Power for shipboard systems), Advanced Sangheili engines (for sublight and slipspace speeds), Class-XIV shields, Sangheili battleplate w/Titanium-A reinforcement, Romulan-Reman cloaking device. Powerful, but suffers from poor maneuverability.
Team weapons: In the character sheets.

Get the idea?

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As do I. Unfortunately, we're not the richest family, and even if we were, my mother wouldn't do it. Such inaction runs in the family (But thankfully, not in me. Not anymore.).

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Wow, dude. I know how that feels. Even though I don't [personally] know you, I will simply say, good luck.


Random Screenshot Thread
I couldn't help but notice this "Random Screenshot Thread," and decided to post a few things here. This first pic is of a Mod I am tracking for SWEAWFOC called Halo: Covenant At War. NOTE: I AM NOT repeat, AM NOT a part of the team making this mod. I am just tracking its progress. Anyway...

... In this screenie... yeah, I think it's safe to assume the UNSC is getting their arse kicked (Forgive the expression).

Star Fox vs Kemorainian Cobra-Shark Battleship
I know, not a very detailed drawing, but bear with me. If this topic is in the wrong place, forgive me; I didn't know where else to put it. The above image is A Kemorainian Cobra-Shark Battleship. I was wondering if any of you would think that Star Fox (or any faction in the Star Fox universe, for that matter) would stand a chance against this vessel. Before you answer, let me give you a run-down on the ship's specs:

The Kemorainian Cobra-Shark Battleship is a powerful and old part of the Kemorainian fleet. It comes equipped with: Dual Quantum-Atomic Fusion reactors, providing power for quadruple ion engines, Class-XII energy shields, the standard cloaking device, and all weapons. Armament includes: x4 Tri-barrel 16" Plasma Cannons, x10 Dual-barrel 12" Plasma cannons, X1 tri-barrel 16" heavy Plasma Cannon, x6 Plasma Torpedo Launchers Fore, x6 Plasma Pulse batteries Port, x6 Plasma pulse batteries Starboard, x14Plasma Pulse lasers Fore. This ship is 3,120 meters long and 650 meters wide.

Any thoughts?

Star Fox - Warring Guilds
Some of you know this story, some of you don't. For those of you that do, DON"T SPOIL IT! lol... This is a story of... well, read it for yourself...

Star Fox:
Warring Guilds


It has been two years since the destruction of the Anglar, and Venom’s sudden Terraforming to an inhabitable planet. Star Fox, by some incredible, yet incomprehensible miracle, has been transformed into its own guild, with members spanning throughout the galaxy. Fox McCloud, Krystal, Katt Monroe, Falco Lombardi, Slippy Toad, Amanda Toad, and Lucy Hare are just a few of the leading members. Over the years, great Trans-Dimensional Intergalactic Rifts have brought numerous races to the Lylat system.
Among these races are the Covenant Collective, the United Federation of Planets, The Klingon Empire, the Romulan Star Empire, the Dragonarian Empire, the Reman Federation, and the Kemorainian Star Empire. A few of these races, such as the Dominion alliance and the Kemorainian imperial remnant, are less friendly, and wage war on the Lylat system. With the help of the Dragonarian and Kemorainians’ technology, the conflicts were ended, with only minor skirmishes breaking out every now and then.
This story starts when Fox and his friends receive a new member to the guild. But this new member is hiding a secret... one so deadly, it alone could mean the salvation of the new Star Fox guild... or its destruction. Soon, there will be a new enemy to the guild, an old rival may yet rise up to face them, armed now with the tools of the enemies of the galaxy...

Chapter One

Fox wasn’t here, wasn’t there, wasn’t anywhere insofar as he could tell from within the strange never-never land he floated in. He could barely hear Falco calling his name, and he could occasionally make out images of various members of the Star Fox guild. But one such person wasn’t a member that Fox recognized. He was a Cornerian Cat like Katt Monroe, but with Crimson fur and lifeless brown eyes. His hands held a sort of rifle, and clipped to the sides of his belt was a pair of plasma katanas, probably gotten from the Terran Military. Fox didn’t recognize this particular person, and as soon as he saw him, he heard a voice chanting in an alien language.
Suddenly, without warning, Fox awoke.
“Fox, are you awake?” Falco said over the intercom. Fox groaned, reached over and answered the call.
“Yeah, I’m awake. What’s going on?”
“We have a new member to the guild. Peppy sent us his file.” Falco answered.
“Acknowledged, I’m on my way.” Fox replied. He killed the comm connection, slumped into his clothes, and headed to the main promenade level of the space station he was on, commonly called “Star Fox HQ.” It was the main headquarters of the guild, the largest one in the galaxy, rivaling the Star Wolf guild’s HQ in the former Mirdakian home planet of Mirdak. Star Wolf had done much to revitalize Mirdakian space after it had been annihilated by the Kemorainians so many years ago.
Star Fox HQ was a massive, multi-level orbital space station shaped like two dinner plates on a stick, with multiple platforms and defense complexes jutting outwards from the stick. It served as a home sweet home for many of Star Fox’s members, which included many species, mainly Terrans, Anthropomorphic Foxes, Canines, Cats, Rodents, Birds and Hares, as well as a select number of Sangheili, a few Klingon, Romulan and Reman ships, and some Dragonarian ships. The station itself sat in orbit of the planet Venom, as Star Fox’s token of good will to Dash Bowman, the leader of the Venomian Empire in exchange for occasional military assistance.
Fox stopped in the mess hall to pick up a cup of coffee, and promptly ran into his lover, Krystal. She seemed genuinely worried over Fox’s appearance, and this showed in her voice.
“Fox, are you alright?” she asked as she grabbed a cup of hot tea. Fox paused a minute as he took a drink of his coffee. He had long ago learned not to lie to Krystal, as she was a telepath, and would be able to pick it out easily, so telling her “I’m fine” wouldn’t do any good.
“Before Falco woke me up, I... had a vision of sorts.” Fox finally said. Krystal placed her hand on his. Her grip was tight, yet gentle, a testimony to the feelings she had developed for Fox over the years.
“What about?” she asked. Fox smiled, then replied,
“I saw... various members of Star Fox. I’m not sure why. I think I might have seen you, shortly before I saw...” Fox paused, unsure of what to say. He knew that the crimson-furred Cornerian cat he saw wasn’t part of Star Fox. But who was he with? What was so special about him that could have induced a slideshow vision of several Star Fox members?
“Before you saw what?” Krystal inquired. Fox sighed, somewhat fearful.
“Before I saw someone I haven’t seen before. Someone not part of Star Fox.” Krystal sipped her tea, then set it down on the table.
“What did they look like?” Before Fox could answer, Falco’s voice came over his communicator.
“Fox, better get up here to the Command Center.” Fox downed the last of his coffee, and grabbed his communicator.
“Acknowledged.” He was about to go when Krystal gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and said,
“We’ll talk about this later.” Fox smiled, returned the kiss, and left.
It took five minutes to get to the command center, and when Fox arrived, Falco approached him.
“Fox, I really think you should see this,” Falco said.
“What, the file on the new member?” Fox asked.
“No,” Falco replied. “The file on his ship.” Before Fox could ask why, Falco led Fox over to a panel displaying a tactical readout. From the readout, Fox saw that the ship was a heavily-modified Class-II Dragonarian Warbird, armed with a multitude of weapons. The offensive weaponry included 28 Dragonarian disruptor banks, 16 Reman disruptor banks, 10 Transphasic torpedo launchers, 8 Bio-molecular torpedo launchers, 6 infinity-modulating Phaser arrays, 2 Sangheili plasma torpedo launchers, 1 Bio-Pulse beam emitter, 4 Klingon Poleron torpedo launchers, 1 Hyper-Velocity Mass Driver Cannon and 2 Multi-Modulating Pulse Phasers. For defensive systems, this warship was equipped with Class-X advanced shielding, Multi-adaptive ablative armor, a highly-advanced Romulan-Reman-Klingon hybrid cloaking device, and Auto-regenerating hull armor. The ship also was equipped with a number of Transwarp coils and Dragonarian warp cores. This would allow for a capacious supply of power and allow the ship to traverse hundreds of thousands of light-years in just minutes.
“A technological marvel, isn’t it?” said the deep voice of a Ryukaissen Dragonarian. Fox turned to see Rad’err, one of Star Fox’s Dragonarian members, looking over his shoulder.
“What do you mean?” Falco asked.
“That Class-II Dragonarian Warbird belongs to a Dragonarian military legend, Vice Admiral Kyle Anderson... but he is known to us Dragonarians as Kylet’oran Jek’ari.” Rad’err replied. Fox frowned.
“Care to explain why his Dragonarian name is ‘Slain Warrior’?” Rad’err shook his head.
“It was a name given to him a very long time ago, during the Lylat-Kemorainian War. Not even I know why he carries that name.”
“Fox,” Slippy said, “I have an incoming text message... I can’t locate where it originated from. I’m bringing it up on the screen.” Instantly, a message appeared on Fox’s console.
“Star Fox guild, you have a Borg cube heading to your position! Be ready!” it read. Fox had no more that read this when Slippy piped up, his voice on the verge of a frightened scream.
“Fox!! I have a Borg Cube on the long-range scanners, bearing two-one-zero-mark-two-six!” Turning to the Terran at the Comm, Fox ordered,
“Open a channel to the fleet.” The Terran nodded, and a moment later the channel was open. “This is Fox McCloud to all Star Fox members, we have an inbound hostile! Stand to battle stations!” Fox had just said this when a giant cube dropped out of warp speed.
But something was wrong. This cube had a large chunk missing from it, as if it had been blown off. Something had happened to this cube, Fox reasoned, most likely an attack by Species 8472. But why would Species 8472 go back into this galaxy, knowing full well that the galaxy they invaded has the weapons to destroy them?
Suddenly, a yellow-orange bio-pulse beam lanced out from nowhere and struck the cube, obliterating another part of it, followed by two Transphasic torpedoes. The torpedoes slammed into the mid-section of the cube and destroyed it. Fox, along with everyone else on the command center, sat shocked at what had just transpired, unaware that the heavily-modified Class-II Dragonarian Warbird had just de-cloaked nearby.
It took a full minute for one of the Star Fox members to turn his head and call out,
“My god! What is that thing??” Fox turned his head and saw it; a massive ship sitting on the starboard side of the station. This ship was apparently modelled on a great eagle, as it had long, multi-layered, downswept wings and tail-like, trailing surfaces at the rear of the central hull, while the central hull was tapered like a raptor's head. The ship had multiple ablative armor generators installed all over the hull, and Fox could see the Bio-Pulse beam emitter slung under the belly of the ship, along with the crimson color of the hull.
As if someone patched in an audio hail, a voice came over the comm channel.
“Fox McCloud, Star Fox guild, this is Kyle Anderson, requesting permission to come aboard.” the voice sounded friendly, but Fox thought he could detect a hint of anger in it. Opening the telepathic link that he had developed with Krystal, and thought,
Krystal, what can you sense? There was a momentary pause as Krystal tried to sense what was going on, and Krystal replied,
Whoever this Kyle Anderson is, he is far beyond a telepath. He’s blocking me out. Be careful, Fox. Fox took note of the “far beyond a telepath” part of Krystal’s reply, and nodded to the Terran at the Comm station.
“Roger, Mr. Anderson. You are cleared to shuttle over to hangar bay two.” The Terran said. There was no reply as a Hangar on the nose of the colossal ship opened up, and a sole fighter came out, described a number of loops, barrel rolls and other tricks, and headed into the station...

The head Star Fox members assembled in the hangar bay as Kyle’s fighter landed. It circled the outside of the hangar once and phased through the force-field. Once inside the hangar, the ship reared up as a landing strut appeared under the front of the craft, and the fighter settled in for a landing.
Once landed, Fox and the others took a good long look at it. The head and neck part were shaped somewhat like a wrench. On the top of the wrench head was the cockpit, while on either side were light plasma autopulsers, and on the slanted part on either side of the forward part of the head and between the wrench prongs were starfighter-mounted plasma missile launchers. On the other side of the nine-foot neck was what looked to be the body of a bird, with forward-swept wings and a tail that held the propulsion system. Around the mid-section of both wings were two heavy laser cannons—making a total of four, one above and below each wing—with barrels that extended one-quarter the length of the neck. A half-pyramid rose up on both dorsal and ventral areas of the fuselage, and supported four winglets that formed an X. Mounted on the tips of these wings on a perfect 180-degree angle were four of what Fox assumed to be Starfighter-mounted, rectangular-shaped rocket launchers that held two rockets each. Upon a second glance, Fox and the others noticed three ship-to-ship missiles embedded in each wing.
As the cockpit opened, Fox had to shake his head to keep the typical “I’m the leader of Star Fox” look he had. The person he saw in the cockpit was the same person he saw in his vision. Fox daren’t open the telepathic link, as Krystal mentioned earlier that this person was beyond telepathy, and if he did that, this person could detect it with ease.
But whatever Fox felt, Krystal could sense it, so Fox was sure she knew how he felt. But none of this showed on either of their faces as this person approached them. His brown eyes had an undead quality, something that clearly implied that he had died—and was subsequently brought back to life—sometime in his past.
The person stood 6’ 4”, had a slender body, crimson fur, and had scars that ran over both his eyes. He also wore an emerald-green jump suit that was somewhat loose on his skin. But on his hands were a pair of wrist gauntlets large enough to carry a small blade.
As he approached the group, Fox could feel Krystal’s internal tension.
Fox, she said telepathically, there’s something wrong with this person. It’s almost as if... she stopped as the person stopped in front of Fox.
“Vice Admiral Kyle Anderson, reporting for duty, sir.” he said with a raspy voice. Somehow, Fox and Krystal felt that there was something that this new member was hiding...

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I'm... sorry, I must apologize for my extended absence. The situation in my life has gotten... complicated. Not bad, but complicated. And I feel I owe you all an explanation...

It all started a few years back when my younger brother went to jail. At the time, I was... lost. And angry. I blamed him for what had happened to myself and my family. In jail, he was horribly mistreated - namely, starved and losing weight where he had none to lose in the first place. I will not state what he did to go to jail.
Fate, it seemed, favored us. My brother was transferred from the correctional facility in Alaxander, AR to Jonesboro, AR. It got better from there, and now... He has his court date and possible discharge (as in, he's coming home PERMANANTLY) at the end of this month.
So yes, my situation has been complicated. It will not, hopefully, keep me from coming on-line.