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MARAUDER, EPISODE II: Rise of the Desolator
"Yaut'ja hunters," Faasnu explained. "Little brother has had experiences with them. Could be a rogue clan of them we're up against."

"Whoever they were, they were after that Nova 12 chemical we had here - they released a few canisters, and took off with the rest. One of them mentioned heading to Coruscant for some sort of... Planet Prison, as they called it."

"Talking Yaut'ja?" Keesha commented. "That's a first."

"Or maybe it's someone that uses Yaut'ja tech," Charlene said.

"Either way, we have our next heading," Faasnu stated. "Mandalore, if you can clean up here and find other survivors, do it - otherwise, meet us on Coruscant. Valtozaz, meet us at the Unseen Predator, get it ready for takeoff; we're leaving. Rae, Alex, Keesha, Charlene and Zack, let's move."

Faasnu then led the team out of the base, headed back to their ship.

MARAUDER, EPISODE II: Rise of the Desolator
The team headed to the area that Valtozaz's ping indicated, and found a few Mandalorians, still alive. One of them wore the specially-ornamented armor of Mandalore.

"Well, you certainly took your sweet time," he said.

"We were unaware of the situation on Dxun, or we'd have been here sooner," Faasnu responded. "Is this all of you that survived?"

"If there are other survivors," Mandalore replied with the shake of his head, "They're radio-silent."

"Who attacked you?" Keesha asked.

Mandalore shrugged. "Who knows?" he answered. "The bastards wore adaptive camo; they barely registered on sensors."

"Sounds familiar," Faasnu commented.

Star_Dragon's PIMPMYGUN armory
Apologies for the double-post, but it didn't make any sense to me to make another 3d art thread when I already had one. Now, I'll be using my armory to showcase new ships for the faction I proudly RP, the DMC (For those of you unfamiliar with the acronym, that's Dragon'taan Marauder Corps). The first two I post: the Guardian-class Star Dreadnought and the B'tari-class Battleship.

Posted Image

x2 Super Siege Kadgeron Mass Driver Cannons (SSKMDC)
x6 Kadgeron Siege Disruptor Turrets
x2 Kadgeron Plasma Cannons w/ Integrated Kadgeron Torpedo Launchers
x2 Heavy Kadgeron Mass Driver Turrets
x50 Oversized Kadgeron Antimatter Missile Launchers w/ x3 Materialized Reloads
x4 Twin Kadgeron Plasma Siege Cannons w/ Integrated Kadgeron Torpedo Launchers
x54 Heavy Kadgeron Gauss Plasma Beam Arrays
x18 Heavy Kadgeron Disruptor Turrets


16,000 meters (Length)
8,000 meters (Width)
4,000 meters (Height)

Posted Image
x2 Kadgeron Siege Mass Driver Cannons
x3 Twin Kadgeron Plasma Siege Cannons w/ x2 Integrated Kadgeron Torpedo Launchers
x4 Twin Kadgeron Gauss Cannons
x16 Twin Kadgeron Disruptor Cannons
x24 Oversized Kadgeron Cluster Sonic Missile Pods w/ x3 Materialized Reloads
x82 Kadgeron Heavy Plasma Beam Arrays

11,000 meters (Length)
5,500 meters (Width)
3,300 meters (Height)

Villains you love to hate
My favorite villains? well...

1. Darth Traya: My top favorite villain EVER. She is a rogue sith lord in KOTOR II that manipulates you and everyone else from the VERY BEGINNING of the game, and you never even realize it until the end. A lot of the philosophies I live by are said by her.

2. The Borg: These badasses have. No. END. They consist of virtually every race the galaxy has to offer assimilated into their collective, are incredibly adaptable, and just. Don't. DIE.

3. The Graboids: These ugly toads from the "Tremors" series are very, Very, VERY old. They have three stages in their lifecycle: Graboid (Completely Subterranean worm creature that hunts by sensing seismic vibrations in the ground), Shrieker (Hermaphroditic creature that can double in number every minute simply by eating sufficient food and hunts with sensory organs that see only in infrared) and [forgive the name] Ass-Blaster (A larger, dark-skinned version of the Shrieker that can fly. Hunts the same way the Shrieker does.)

Ask The Group
Hey Star, have you ever met a dragon?

SFC's gallery :3
Hnh... Impressive, if I may say so myself. You certainly do better drawing people than me. Of course, I primarily focus on weaponry and starships.

All in all, well done!

Dragon'taan: Heart of the Marauder Corps
The crowd cheered, and when the song ended, Drake made a request of his own.

"Think you can play Nickelback's 'When We Stand Together'?" he asked.

MARAUDER, EPISODE II: Rise of the Desolator
"It's worth something if you're a sniper," Faasnu said. "Get up there and see if you can spot anyone living, Mandalorian or otherwise."

"Foxtrot," Charlene asked, "Is that signal still broadcasting?"

"Affirmative," Foxtrot responded. The AI paused, then added, "But I did get into the Mandalorians' computer systems, and I found out that they were working on an upgraded version of the Nova 12 chemical."

"Lemme guess," Keesha deduced, "Somehow it got loose?"

"An unknown party released the chemical and took off with the device," Foxtrot affirmed. "Furthermore, I've found out another part of this 'Desolator' Superweapon... something called the 'Planet Prison.'"

"Great," Faasnu growled. "Where is it?"

"Coruscant," Foxtrot answered, "This 'verse."

"Let's find Mandalore, if he yet lives, then we high-tail it to Coruscant," Faasnu said. "Valtozaz, can you pinpoint Mandalore's location?"

MARAUDER, EPISODE II: Rise of the Desolator
(Gah, damn storms...)

The teams moved inside the Mandalorian outpost, keeping weapons ready. In direct contrast with the area outside, the interior of the outpost was eerily silent, with only a hollow booming to disturb the otherwise perfect silence.

"You're coming up on the signal," Foxtrot said. "Veer east. You should see a doorway."

"Valtozaz," Keesha asked, "Can you see anything?"

MARAUDER, EPISODE II: Rise of the Desolator
"Well, the pattern of the damage indicates the wall was blown open from the inside. Someone was in a hurry to leave," Keesha assessed.

"I'm picking up a radio signal from within," Foxtrot reported. "I think it may be Mandalore. The frequency is encrypted, but--"

"Can you put us in contact with him?" Charlene interrupted.

"I was getting to that," Foxtrot said. "The frequency is encrypted, but silent. Either Mandalore is dead or incapacitated, or has gone radio-silent."

"Either way," Faasnu said, "We have to go in there. Rae, take point; Alex, you and Keesha cover her; Zack, you and I will be bringing up the rear. Move out."

MARAUDER, EPISODE II: Rise of the Desolator
When the team reached the Mandalorian outpost, they halted just shy of the entrance.

"Foxtrot, can you hack through this door?" Charlene asked.

"The schematics look like spaghetti," Foxtrot responded. "You'll have to figure something out on your end."

"Uh, people... you might wanna look at this," Keesha said. She stood before a gaping hole in the wall.

Dragon'taan: Heart of the Marauder Corps
"Hnh," Drake chuckled, "Ain't that a kick in the head?" He laughed to himself, then said, "Lemme offer you a piece of advice: If you work with the DMC often, get used to being around Dragons. Around here, dragons and dragon-shifters are everywhere. You'll often be called on to work in tandem with other dragons and dragon-shifters across the many 'verses."

It was then that Draco walked into the bar. "Drake, do you know this person?" he asked.

"You could say that, grandpa Draco," Drake answered. "Grandfather, this is Rae. Rae, this is my grandfather, Draco."

Dragon'taan: Heart of the Marauder Corps
"Indeed," Drake murmured. "Strange... I wonder, who do you work for now? Are you part of the Corps now? Or do you work for someone else?"

Dragon'taan: Heart of the Marauder Corps
(Last post for the night. And Kursed, that's WY, not WV... *chuckle*)

When Rae mentioned the lab, Drake stopped, looking to Rae. "Of course!" he said, comprehension dawning. "You were there when I destroyed that place! How... how did you get free of them?"

Dragon'taan: Heart of the Marauder Corps
"Indeed?" Drake inquired. "Odd. I was almost certain I've met you before. But, oh well." He sipped the last of his Romulan Ale, then ordered another glass. "You ever try Romulan Ale?"

Dragon'taan: Heart of the Marauder Corps
Drake shrugged, hearing Rae's comment. "Why does the Weyland-Yutani Corporation do anything these days?" he asked her. "The left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing, the head doesn't know where the legs are, and the feet don't know they have toes." He sipped his Romulan Ale, then looked to Rae. Something about her seemed... familiar. In his mind, he swore he'd seen her before. "Do I know you?" he asked her. "You look... maddeningly familiar. If I didn't know it was impossible, I'd swear I've met you before."

(You do remember how Drake destroyed the lab he was created in, right?)

MARAUDER, EPISODE II: Rise of the Desolator
"Very well," Faasnu commanded, "Take point. We'll cover you."

"Tell me I'm not the only one getting a bad feeling about this," Charlene grumbled.

MARAUDER, EPISODE II: Rise of the Desolator
"Why not?" Faasnu asked.

A roar came from somewhere in the distance.

"If we need to get to the Mandalorian outpost, I suggest we get moving," Charlene suggested. "Dxun wildlife is very aggressive."

Dragon'taan: Heart of the Marauder Corps
Kyle smiled, chuckled, then said, "Another Cerinian... we are happy to welcome a fellow Cerinian into our midst."

"And anyone created using stolen DNA is kin to me," Drake added. "I, myself, was created by the Weyland-Yutani Corporation. It's a long story why, but suffice it to say... I made sure their purpose for me was never fulfilled."

Kyle yawned, then checked his watch. 10:45 PM.

"Well, I'm off to get some sleep," he said. He paid his tab, but Drake remained.

"You gonna be alright here on your own?" Kyle asked his son.

"I'll be fine, dad," Drake answered.

"Alright," Kyle sighed. "Try to stay out of trouble."

"We're on Dragon'taan, dad - what's the worst that could possibly happen?" Drake queried rhetorically. Kyle just laughed, ruffled his son's hair, and left. Drake shrugged.

"Parents..." he scoffed.

MARAUDER, EPISODE II: Rise of the Desolator
Faasnu nodded by way of a greeting. "Mathayus Indari, Dragon'taan Marauder Corps - although most of the galaxy knows me as Darth Faasnu," he said. "My wife, Keesha, and one of the DMC's finest operatives, Charlene."

"I don't suppose you know a shortcut to the Mandalorian Outpost here on Dxun?" Charlene asked.

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