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Vulpinism's Art!
You do requests? cool...

... I wonder if you might attempt an RP char of mine, a Cerinian Dragon-shifter named Kyle Indari? He's a Cerinian male capable of taking the form of a crimson dragon. In his Cerinian form, he has blue fur, but is scarred all over (a result of his violent past).

Think you can handle that? (No offense)


EDIT: It'd look BAD-ARSE if he were drawn with tattered clothes and his dragon wings outspread. Just a thought.

The Space Between Spaces
I don't suppose... you'd allow for *custom* factions? Or do they have to come from a specific sci-fi 'verse?

The Cornerian Bar on Galaxies
Mar 11 2011, 03:06 PM
Kursed's eyes would have widened if she were not in diguse as the bounty hunter she was "I'm sorry I have not seen him either." Kursed replied in her mind thinking about what could have happened to Kyle.

"Umm Reece what is up with your friend Rave i really don't like his attitude ,but why is he always like that?" Kadie asked.

"Don't do anything I wouldn't do Sarah." Alex said as she walked off to the Arcade tail wagging slowly behind her as she turned around.
She's holding something back, Krystal thought. She has to have encountered him, or at least know someone who has.
"I'm... sorry. As I said, I've not seen Kyle in twelve years. I suspect--" Krystal stopped, her ears perking up, as though she heard something. No, she *sensed* something. A dark presence; a cold, malevolent hatred. Time seemingly slowed down as the bar door yielded to a dark figure standing in the doorway. Or rather, three dark figures. One was a Terran Dragonarian male wearing Gray Jedi robes, one was a half-human, half-Dragonarian female who wore brown Jedi robes, but the figure at the head of the group was, by far, the most different of the three. He wore a black fleximesh underlay under a set of customized Yaut'ja armor, with an infiltrator-grade PCD and a hunting mask that hid his scarred face from view. His snout was scarred in a few places, and he looked around the bar, regarding everything in there with suspicious eyes.
"Arr youk gon'innt tok fidn ah plache tok sit, orr arr youk juss gon'innt tok stadd thert?" asked the half-human female. The Yaut'ja-armored fox didn't respond directly. Instead, he turned sharply to a vacant booth and sat down.
Youk n'kenn, mekh fredt," the Terran Dragonarian told the fox, "weedren'innt thuuk armurr ad lukk'innt thi wai youk dok, youk'r juss askun'innt fer trublet."
The fox still didn't say anything, he just nodded. The Terran Dragonarian signaled a waitress, and spoke a passable standard.
"Waitress, could we get a few sodas over here?"

The Cornerian Bar on Galaxies
Kursed looked over the picture Krystal had put into her view showing no emotion just as the bounty hunter always had when in this 'disguise' 'Should I reveal my true idenity?' She asked herself as she put a hand under her muzzle "Yes." She sighed "Is he missing?" Edited by Kursed, Mar 3 2011, 05:45 PM.

Krystal sighed mentally. So there *was* hope. "I wouldn't say that he's *missing*," she replied, "but I need to find him, regardless. Please, if you know something, tell me. I've not seen him in twelve years."

The Cornerian Bar on Galaxies
... Krystal had to find someone who knew Kyle...
... found. An armored Cerinian with purple-dyed hair was the most likely to have information on Kyle. She approached her, trying not to give the impression she was assailing her, and sat down next to her.
"I... apologize for the abruptness of this, but..." she started, reaching into her pocket and retreiving her picture of Kyle, "... Have you seen and/or do you know anything useful about this person?" She slid the picture into Kursed's view.

The Cornerian Bar on Galaxies
It was so strange, thought the Cerinian woman. Krystal Indari (NOT the Krystal from star fox, mind you) and her HK series droid, HK-65, walked down the street to the Cornerian Bar. Even as they walked, Krystal couldn't shake this... familiar feeling she had; a presence she'd not felt since the fall of Cerinia. She reached into her back pocket and retreived the last picture she had of who she was looking for. She'd already sent someone else to another region, and even paid him in advance, but she was losing hope that she would find him. Her love and her life, Kyle Indari, was supposed to be somewhere. She knew he'd survived the fall of Cerinia at the hand of the Necromyans, but...
Krystal's thoughts were interrupted when she reached the Cornerian bar. Taking note that weapons were not allowed, she unlimbered her H44 CAR and handing it to HK-65, she said, "HK, find a suitable spot and set up shop. Alert me to anything you think is a threat."
"Query: Of course, master. But where are you going?"
Krystal smiled. "For a drink," she said. If her HK droid got the joke, he didn't say anything as he left to find a suitable post. Krystal sighed, pushed open the door, and entered the bar. She had to find someone who knew Kyle... But who?

(Is there another Cerinian or someone who has delt with Kyle Indari Before here?)

Random Screenshot Thread
Got bored, so I'm postin' something. Here's another HCAW screenie for ya...

... ya know, I wasn't actually scared of them... until right just now.


Sign In - Sign Out Thread
Gretunnos tok youk, mekh fredt'ss ad comrat'ss! I have returned. I told you I would. I am currently at the OC in west memphis with my younger brother sitting right next to me (He says hi, btw). Long story, not enough time to explain. Suffice to say that My brother's discharge and return home has... lifted spirits.

Do svisonia!