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Dragon'taan: Heart of the Marauder Corps
"Master... she is here," Faasnu said.

Almost as soon as Faasnu said this, the meditation chamber seemed to shimmer and pulsate, like a holodeck, until it became a dark tomb. Faasnu remained on his knees as an a grey-scaled dragon walked from a dark corner toward them. The signs of great age were upon this dragon.

"Amie, this is Ahkrinviingah. Master, this is my apprentice, Amie Ahkrin'kaal," Faasnu introduced Amie.

"Ah, so you are my protege's apprentice?" the old dragon said. "No more troubles with Darth Silthar, I hope?"

MARAUDER, EPISODE II: Rise of the Desolator
(Where'd Valtozaz vanish to? I was waiting on him.)

Dragon'taan: Heart of the Marauder Corps
Kyle grumbled quietly, kissed Anna's cheek, and whispered, "I'll be back later." He then slumped into his uniform, and translocated to his flagship.

"Battle alert," he ordered as he stepped onto the bridge.

(What does this ship look like, and how big is it?)

* * *

"Amie," Faasnu greeted Amie. "It is good you found me. Meditate with me; there is someone I would like you to meet."

Dragon'taan: Heart of the Marauder Corps
The unexpected radio transmission woke Kyle, but he remained calm despite his irritation at being woken prematurely as he answered, "Roger, Galatae, permission granted."

* * *

Faasnu patiently awaited Amie to find his meditation chambers...

Sign In - Sign Out Thread
Sorry for the double-post, but I thought you all should know that I'll be gone over the weekend - visiting some relatives in Indiana. I'll be back on soon as I can.

Dragon'taan: Heart of the Marauder Corps
Drake yawned, stretched, then replied, "Other side of the kitchen, right-hand staircase, third door on the left. If he's not there, try his meditation chambers - they're next to the dragons' lair where grandpa Draco and grandma Sheila live."

* * *

Faasnu sat silently in his meditative trance, in his meditation chambers.

But, master... are you certain? he asked.

Come, now, Faasnu - when have I ever been false with you? Ahkrinviingah responded. I wish to meet your apprentice.

As you wish, master... Faasnu droned.

Sign In - Sign Out Thread
Drem Yol Lok, Radigal and Kenichi.

Dragon'taan: Heart of the Marauder Corps
Drake chuckled and commented, "Dual, eh? Such is the way of Jar'Kai - the art of dual lightsaber combat. Most in the Indari family practice Jar'Kai... well, except Anna - she uses a staff."

Dragon'taan: Heart of the Marauder Corps
"Truthfully, I don't know what powers a lightsaber, even though I carry two myself," Drake admitted. He paused, then asked, "Speaking of which, what kind of lightsaber are you going to build? Single, dual, or double-bladed?"

Dragon'taan: Heart of the Marauder Corps
Drake stretched as he asked, "So why come into my room?" he finished stretching and continued, "Did you want something from me?"

Dragon'taan: Heart of the Marauder Corps
"Well, if you're hungry, the kitchen is across from my room," Drake explained. "As for where Uncle Faasnu is, I don't know. The man never sleeps much. Why? What's bugging you?"

Dragon'taan: Heart of the Marauder Corps
Drake yawned, then asked, "Did you have another bad dream again?"

Dragon'taan: Heart of the Marauder Corps
Drake awoke suddenly when the white Vixen wandered into his room. He sat up, rubbing his eyes. "... Amie? Is that you?" he asked.

Dragon'taan: Heart of the Marauder Corps
(If you refer to Kyle and Anna, they're at Indari Manor.)

Drake twitched and stirred in his sleep. His mind was haunted by something his father had said to a close friend of his, long before he met Drake:

"And when the Dragon Prince saw the ashes of what had once been his domain, he let loose a fury that shook the stars. The many worlds of his enemy burned and died, the race that destroyed his home becoming a mere shadow of the power it once held. From the death of one world, came the deaths of many."

Each time he heard that, he saw what happened to his father so long ago. But it didn't show on the young dragon-shifter's face as he slept...

[ti]SW[/ti]OH MY GAWWD!
That's okay, tovarishch - I know the rigors of school. I won't bash you for it.

Dragon'taan: Heart of the Marauder Corps
Kyle lay restless in his bed. Anna lay next to him, her arms wrapped around his chest, the only movement coming from her was the expansion and contraction of her chest as she breathed. She took notice of Kyle's aloof demeanor and asked,

"Honey, is something wrong?"

"Just... thinking about Drake," Kyle answered. "How do you think he'll take the news?"

"What, that I'm his biological mother?" Anna asked.

"Yeah," Kyle sighed. "How do you think he'll react?"

"It'll be just fine, Kyle," Anna assured him. "Where is Drake, anyway?"

"In his room," Kyle answered. "Boy's out cold."

Anna giggled, then whispered, "Go to sleep, darling."

MARAUDER, EPISODE II: Rise of the Desolator
"Very well," Faasnu said. "Marauder One, light the fuse."

"I did," Charlene answered, indicating the flickering computer screen. "We have two minutes to get our asses out of here. Let's MOVE!"

The team dashed out of the Necromyan ship at a sprint, never looking back to see it detonate like a massive time bomb.

"Faasnu to General Garza," Faasnu said over the radio. "We need extraction on the double."

"Faasnu!" Garza responded, "I lost your signal after you entered Black Sun Territory. What happened?"

"We'll send you a full report later; we have to make for Ord Mantell immediately," Faasnu stated. "Be advised: Flood contamination has been eliminated, but you may have a few Necromyan stragglers left. Watch your back."

"Drop ships are on their way," Garza announced. "Make for landing pad 39-F. Uploading nav coordinates now."

A NAV marker appeared in Faasnu's armor's HUD, and he ordered, "Valtozaz, take point - let's move out!"

MARAUDER, EPISODE II: Rise of the Desolator
Almost as soon as the violence started, it stopped. The flood forms ceased to attack, and seemingly melted into the shadows.

"I've got good news and bad news," Charlene said. "Good news is, our Necromyan pals have contained the flood forms to this ship; if we detonate the ship's reactor, we can wipe the contamination clean."

"Can you detonate the reactor from here?" Keesha asked.

"I could," Charlene responded, "But I'd have to cut the timer short to prevent any flood forms from escaping when we get out of here."

"So what's the bad news?" Faasnu asked.

"We arrived too late to stop the Necromyans from transmitting these planet prison designs off-world," Charlene reported.

"Dammit," Faasnu cursed.

"Force choke me if you want, Vader," Charlene stated, "But I have tracked the transmittion to an outpost on Ord Mantell."

"Any foreseeable problems?" Faasnu asked.

"Apart from the separatist movement there, no," Charlene answered.

"Good," Keesha sighed. "I'd take rebel separatists over the damned Flood any day."

"We have our next heading," Faasnu said. He accessed the comms and told Kerrigan, "Kerrigan, if you can hear this, finish off the Necromyan presence, then get clear; we're destroying the ship. If you think you can help us, meet us at the hangar bay where the Unseen Predator is kept."

MARAUDER, EPISODE II: Rise of the Desolator
"Contact!" Keesha shouted as she opened fire on a mob of Flood combat forms.

"No wonder the Necromyans aren't in here," Charlene muttered, "It's infested with Flood! Foxtrot, hurry it up!"

"Working on it," Foxtrot grumbled.

"Contact!" Faasnu shouted as he engaged another mob of Flood combat forms.

MARAUDER, EPISODE II: Rise of the Desolator
"Let's move!" Faasnu commanded. The team moved out and got into the Necromyan ship and to the empty bridge, at which point, Faasnu turned to Charlene. "Charlene," he told her, "Hack the computers."

"On it," Charlene said. As she began her work, Faasnu looked to the others.

"Everyone else, set up a perimeter; we need to hold this position to give Charlene time to work," he stated. Shortly thereafter, that rustling noise from earlier sounded.

"Not good," Keesha remarked.

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