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Cornerian Academy (REDUX!) : Top Flights of Future Past!
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"Slippy!" Bill exclaimed. "Nice to know you're still kicking. I can't talk long, so listen fast - I'm headed down with... with the man that pulled my ass as well as Todd's ass out of the fire in a drop ship - tell General Pepper to stand down air defenses!"

"Slippy Toad, this is General K'torr of the DMCS Iron Regent," came K'torr's voice, "I need you and anyone you think needs to hear this to rally in a briefing room or in some room safe from eavesdroppers. There are details of what happened earlier... that can't be mentioned here, not over an open channel. I'm sending my drop ship's transponder code; it goes without saying that any hostile action against my craft, my ship or my people will be met with all due force. Do I make myself clear?"

Cornerian Academy (REDUX!) : Top Flights of Future Past!
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With merc guidance, Bill made his way to the bridge with Todd in tow. "General K'torr, sir!" the merc said in a military fashion, snapping off a sharp salute.

"As you were," K'torr responded. He rose from his seat and turned to face Bill and Todd. "Mmm... I was expecting someone taller. No matter. Maybe one of you can tell me what I want to know - what. In the hell. Happened back there?"

"To be honest, General, we don't know; we can't even begin to explain what it was we saw today. All we know is, Andross is back - and more powerful than he ever was before. We have to get back to Corneria to deliver our report," Bill explained.

"What were you doing on Venom in the first place?" K'torr asked. At the same time, K'torr issued a command to his Helmsman: "Helm, plot a course for Corneria, prepare to open the rift."

"The details of our op... can't be explained," Bill said.

"Classified, eh? Well, I won't argue with that," K'torr responded. "Helm, open the rift, engage engines when ready."

* * *

In orbit of Corneria, a swirling maelstrom of light and fire opened up, but nothing exited it - just a strange background radiation. After the rift closed, there was silence. Then, the comm channels would start picking up an electronic zinging as the "background radiation" began to take on a shape to sensors; shortly afterward, sensors went haywire as a massive, 8-kilometer-long warship de-cloaked in the midst of the Cornerian Defense Fleet. Her shields were up, but her weapons weren't armed.

"Commander Bill Grey to General Pepper, if you can hear me on this Channel, acknowledge this transmission," Bill's voice said over an open channel.

Cornerian Academy (REDUX!) : Top Flights of Future Past!
(just so we're clear and I don't get accusations hurled at me, Falcory said I could do this. Ask him if you don't believe me.)

The sudden appearance of another piece of Andross did not go unnoticed by the Iron Regent staff. The ship de-cloaked, her weapons still armed, and her tactical officer targeted the anomaly. The Iron Regent moved in a tight arc, bringing its starboard weapons to bear; moments later, the Gunners opened fire. All manner of Kadgeron weaponry - Disruptor cannons, Plasma Pulse Cannons, Gauss Cannons, Heavy Disruptor Cannons, Plasma Torpedoes, and even a volley of High-Explosive Short-Range (HESR) Missiles - lashed out at the Andross anomaly, striking it again and again and again, blasting chunks out of it, burning craters in it, and tearing it apart. When the whole thing was done, a small debris field sat where the anomaly had been.

K'torr scoffed. "You'll have to do much better than that, Andross," he said to no one in particular. The Iron Regent again cloaked, her weapons powering down, and the General waited for the two new passengers to make their way to the bridge.

Cornerian Academy (REDUX!) : Top Flights of Future Past!
Posted Image

On board the DMCS Iron Regent, plans were already in progress. "Tactical, get the Marauder Drones back in the Hangar; Helm, prepare to open a rift, random coordinates," K'torr commanded. Almost simultaneously, the warships that had been spawned by the Marauder Drones shimmered and vanished, the Drones speedily making their way to the Ventral Hangar bay. While they rushed in, the Shuttle carrying Bill and Todd landed in one of the Hangars.

The hangar doors closed behind the shuttle, and at the same time, the last of the Marauder Drones were stored safely in the Ventral hangar.

"Marauder Drones are stowed, General," Tactical reported.

K'torr looked at Andross one last time and said, "We'll meet again, mudak." He nodded to his Helmsman, who opened the rift as the Asteroids got closer. The engines lit up, and the ship sailed through the aperture of light and fire, with the rift closing behind it before anything else could go through.

When the Iron Regent emerged from the other side of the rift, K'torr issued a new order: "Tactical, engage the cloaking device; let's not give any of Andross' lackeys something to shoot at." The tactical officer tapped a few commands into his console, and outside, the Iron Regent seemed to shimmer and vanish from view and from sensors.

Down in the Hangar, Bill unstrapped from his seat. "Thanks for pulling our asses out of the fire," he told the pilot.

"Don't thank me - I was just following orders. If anyone, thank the General - he's probably on the bridge," the Pilot said. Bill stood up and stepped onto the deck.

"Come on, Todd - let's see if this 'General' can take us home," he said.

Cornerian Academy (REDUX!) : Top Flights of Future Past!
Inhaling deeply and not allowing the Iron Regent to recover, the Venom Andross pulled in a multitude of asteroids from nearby space. The entire orbit surrounding had become a obstacle course!

With a flick from his giant mountain hand on his left, large rocky pillars began to string together in the asteroids, making a enormous cage that the Iron Regent was trapped in the middle of. Then, they slowly began to shrink, threatening to crush the ship. The shields may have been able to hold off any damage to the inhabitants inside...but they would also be imprisoned in a small moon!

Posted Image

Bill strapped in with Todd, and the drop ship began it's ascent, avoiding flying rocks that seemed to be coming from everywhere at once. Once in orbit, the pilot said, "Shit, Andross is trying to crush the Iron Regent!"

Bill looked out the cockpit and saw it; a shrinking cage of asteroids. "Can you get through that?" he asked.

"We ain't come this far to be stopped by it - the General probably already has a trick up his sleeve," the pilot said. He piloted the ship into the cage, and made for the hangar.

[offtopic]Would this be a good time for the General to make his retreat, or do you want to draw this scene out a little more? As was indicated, K'torr has a few more tricks up his sleeve.[/offtopic]

Cornerian Academy (REDUX!) : Top Flights of Future Past!
(Sorry for the delay. A storm on my end has been disrupting my internet signal. My apologies.)

Venom - Andross's Supposed Lair
After Bill and Todd's rescuer seemed to arrive right in the nick of time, things seemed to take a turn for the worst. A giant tremor this time sent the entire location reeling back and forth, making the terrain almost impossible to stand upright on.


In orbit the ghostly tone spoke yet again.

"The best I can conjure?" it asked. "I'm afraid that you are quite correct General. As enemies, I apologize for not giving your the respect you deserve.

The readings on multiple scanners would show that Venom was going red hot. To anyone viewing the readings...it seemed that the planet would explode!

On the surface the elemental Androssi began to move together in strange patterns. Some of them joined force together to become something...larger. Other went into the ground or nearby sea, disappearing from the naked eye.

"Corneria!!!" the voice boomed all over the planet and in orbit. "Did you really believe me so foolish to set up my base of operations here on Venom of all places? Why would I continue to live here...when the rest of the universe can be at my beck and call??

The planet quake was getting worse. On readings Venom was getting hotter and hotter. More of the Androssi began to move together and make shapes.

"But find myself highly grateful for your predictable choices. If you had not believed me to still be here...I would not have been able to use my latest discovery to fruition."

As things on the screens would get hotter and hotter going off the charts...something impossible would begin to happen. Right at Bill and Todd's very feet a huge crevice would begin to open....and inside of it...was a giant eye! And it was not yet even a quarter full open!

Outside....nearby moons and asteroids began to be pulled to the planet Venom. Quickly...they all mounted themselves on the side and within moments made giant hands that were just a bit smaller than the planet Venom itself!

"You've seen what I've done with Bio-weapons in the past. But look no further. Bio-weapons are now obsolete. What you are witnessing is my own genius sent rampaging free!!"

Lastly...the flaming Androssi began to cover the the giant eye that were in Bill and Todd's vicinity. In orbit you could see another large circle of flame cover another eye opening in the far west of the planet. Cloud Androssi began to form all over the planet resembling a larger than life beard. And in the south...dirty water Androssi flew directly into a giant chasm of of a mouth...seeming to make up the saliva of the orifice. The planet Venom...was ANDROSS!

"I AM ALIVVVEEEEEEEE!" With it's large red malicious eyes the planet roared with it's giant mouth, the force of it's sound waves shattering planets nearby and sending the Iron Regent and any other ships tumbling out of control wildly. In continued for a straight seven seconds, but to anyone who was there to witness it in person would feel as though it lasted much longer.

The command staff of the Iron Regent fought to keep the ship under control. The Iron Regent recovered, but not right away - two of the other drone warships collided with each other, but the Marauder Drones themselves were undamaged, and re-materialized as the ships they had been.

Down planetside, Bill stumbled, and made his way to the drop ship. The pilot fought to keep his craft under control. "Todd, come on!" While Bill waited for Todd, the third NCO that they'd been with inadvertently fell into the chasm; whether or not he screamed on his way down, Bill didn't know.

"We can't stay here long; you and your friend, get on board, strap in!" the pilot called out.

Cornerian Academy (REDUX!) : Top Flights of Future Past!
The sudden gravitational anomaly did not go unnoticed by the crew of the Iron Regent. They fought to react appropriately. "Sir," tactical proclaimed, "I have an idea!"

"Whatever you do, do it quick," K'torr said as the ship shook violently. The tactical officer worked furiously with his console, and the shield arrays emitted a strange anti-gravity field around the hull that dissipated the gravitational pull. The ship stopped shaking, and reversed engines put it back with his fleet.

* * *

Bill stopped just inches from the water. Two of his three other squadmembers (apart from Todd) weren't so lucky; they fell in and were boiled to death. Bill activated a beacon, hoping someone would detect it, but knowing it was no use...

* * *

Having saved his ship from crashing into Venom, K'torr was unfazed. "Is this it?" he asked. "Is this the best you can conjure, Andross? What happened to your armies? What happened to--"

"Sir," tactical piped up, "I have a beacon down planetside - looks like three life forms trapped down there."

"Venomian?" K'torr queried.

"Cornerian," Tactical responded.

"Can we get them out?" K'torr inquired.

"Negative, general - atmospheric anomalies are making translocation impossible," Tactical reported.

K'torr thought for a moment, then gave his order. "Send a drop ship and deploy Fighter Squadron Alpha to defend it. Get those men out of there."

Drop ships made for Venom, supported by a fighter squadron of JX70 Advanced Assault Fighters. At the very least, the JX70s would provide a distraction so that the drop ship would be able to pick up the Cornerians...

* * *

Bill looked around for any way to escape, but found none. This was it. The end. His...

Something came screaming in from above - starfighter engines. Bill looked up and saw a dozen strange-looking craft attack the anomalies. Meanwhile, a drop ship reared up and turned it's troop bay to face Bil, Todd, and the remaining soldier. A man inside proclaimed, "If you want to live, get in!"

Bill looked to Todd. He didn't speak it, but his words were clear: "Tell me I'm not seeing things."

Cornerian Academy (REDUX!) : Top Flights of Future Past!
K'torr remained unfazed by the voices. He had faced down worse things than an eerie voice demanding him to be stupid. He trained his mercs, trained himself, to ignore fear. "Comms, any idea on the source of that voice?" he asked.

"Negative, general... it seems to be coming from everywhere at once," the comms officer reported. K'torr growled quietly.

"I'm back, Andross - and this time, it's personal," K'torr growled, as though he was speaking to Andross face-to-face. "Even if you beat me this day, I will hunt you down... I will find you... and I will kill you. So swears Kelltorr Ruslan."

* * *

On Venom's surface, Bill made a desicion: "Cerberus, fall back to the escape ship! HAUL ASS!!!" He made for the escape craft, hoping his efforts weren't futile; the escape craft was nearly three kilometers away. It'd be a long hike, and difficult to run that long. "TODD, MOVE IT!" he screamed over the chaos.

1 2 3 4 5

Cornerian Academy (REDUX!) : Top Flights of Future Past!
Bill didn't answer Pepper's question as he looked at the anomalies in the sky. "What the hell is going on...?" he mused. He looked to his team. "We need to get the hell outta here - Todd, where's our ship?"

(I'll leave it to your imaginations what happens to Cerberus' escape craft.)

* * *

The Iron Regent was ready. The last of her personnel were aboard, and the shuttles were clear. "All hands: Go to Battle Alert," K'torr commanded over the ship's intercom.

BOOOO-DEEEET! BOOO-DEEEET! BOOOO-DEEEET! The Battle Alert alarms blared all across the ship, and crewmembers rushed to their preassigned stations. On the bridge, K'torr issued another command: "Deploy the Marauder Drones."

From the Ventral hangar bay, a grand total of twenty-five Marauder Drones deployed, flying to positions all around the Iron Regent and using their technology to become a number of Warrior Battlecruisers, Ronin Battlecruisers, Venator Cruiser-Carriers, Victorious Attack Cruisers, Vanguard Destroyers, Hunter Frigates, and two Indari Battleships.

When the Drones finished deploying as those ships, K'torr gave his next order: "Open the Rift, prepare to engage engines."

In Venom orbit, a massive, swirling maelstrom of light and fire would appear, linking this 'verse with that one. "Engage engines," K'torr commanded. The Iron Regent's engines lit up, as well as the engines of the drone warships, and they all sailed through the portal - a TDIG rift. In Venom orbit, this fleet would appear, looking as though they deployed emergency brakes to stop forward movement as they entered the system.

"Shields up! Have all drones give a ready-report and go weapons-hot! All hands, ready on the guns!"

Across the "fleet," shields flickered and flared as they were raised, energy weapons glowed with energy, and ballistic weapons were loaded.

Cornerian Academy (REDUX!) : Top Flights of Future Past!
Bill raised an eyebrow as the two Venomian troops ran off. Then, he felt the ground shaking. "Tell me you all felt that," he grumbled. His communicator squawked, and it was clear who it was.

"This is General Pepper of the CDF, authorization clearance nine nine ten one. Squad Leader Bill Gray. Status report on how things bode."

"Can't talk right now, sir - Venomian troops are going apeshit, and not over our presence here!" Bill reported.

"Uh, sir... what's that?" one of the NCOs asked, pointing to something in the distance.

Cornerian Academy (REDUX!) : Top Flights of Future Past!
(Last post for the night. Gonna get off here, play a bit of Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion, then get some shut-eye. I'd advise you read up on the ships I posted - K'torr's Marauder Drones can become any one of those [though he only has a limited number of them, so only a few will be used at once].)

"Yeah, I heard it - and it's creeping me out," Bill said. "What'd you do with the Monkey wrench?" Bill kept his attention on the enemy troops, waiting for them to be stupid and leave the entrance unguarded while they're running from the gas leak [or trying to fix it].

Cornerian Academy (REDUX!) : Top Flights of Future Past!
"Subtle," Bill grumbled. He quietly spoke into his communicator, "Todd, get your ass back here before those apes spot you!"

Cornerian Academy (REDUX!) : Top Flights of Future Past!
"Go - I'll keep an eye on enemy troop movements. Move quickly, move quietly, and stay alert," Bill said.

Cornerian Academy (REDUX!) : Top Flights of Future Past!
(A link to my art thread, so you can see all of the ships K'torr's Marauder Drones can become, complete with size and weapons specs: LINK

"It's worth a shot, but gunfire may attract attention - we'll need to cause the leak without alerting the enemy troops to our presence," Bill said. "Got anything that can accomplish that without announcing our presence?"

Cornerian Academy (REDUX!) : Top Flights of Future Past!
"No shit," Bill whispered. He indicated a large facility and said, "But that's where we need to go. and I'd prefer we get there without them figuring out we're here."

Star_Dragon's PIMPMYGUN armory
Some new ships that I'll be using in RPs. Bear in mind (And this goes for the ships in the previous post), what you see on one side is mirrored on the other. Also note, while some of them bear UNSC origins, I assure you, they are custom warships.

Indari-class BB

x2 Super Siege Kadgeron Mass Driver Cannons (SSKMDC)
x3 Kadgeron Plasma Siege Cannons w/ x2 Integrated Kadgeron Torpedo Launchers
x4 Kadgeron Twin Heavy Mass Driver Cannons w/ x2 Integrated Missile Pods
x49 Twin Kadgeron Gauss Cannons
x52 Kadgeron Anti-Ship Torpedo Launchers
x102 Kadgeron Gauss Plasma Pulse Cannons
x24 Multi-Craft Hangar Bays

14,500 Meters (Length)
3,625 Meters (Width)
4,834 Meters (Height)

Avenger-class BB

x1 Kadgeron Siege Mass Driver
x4 Kadgeron Plasma Siege Cannons w/ x2 Integrated Kadgeron Torpedo Launchers
x8 Multi-craft Hangar Bays
x9 Kadgeron Twin Gauss Cannons
x10 Kadgeron Antimatter Missile Pods w/ x3 Materialized Reloads
x32 Kadgeron Disruptor Cannons
x52 Kadgeron Gauss Plasma Pulse Cannons

14,000 Meters (Length)
4,600 Meters (Width)
3,500 Meters (Height)

Warrior-class BC

x2 Kadgeron Siege Magnetic Accelerator Cannons
x3 Kadgeron Plasma Siege Cannons w/ x2 Integrated Kadgeron Torpedo Launchers
x4 Multi-craft Hangar Bays
x14 Heavy Kadgeron Disruptor Cannons
x26 Kadgeron Gauss Cannons
x40 Kadgeron Advanced Concussion Missile Pods (50 Missiles/Pod) w/ x3 Materialized Reloads
x52 Kadgeron Gauss Plasma Pulse Cannons

7,000 Meters (Length)
2,300 Meters (Width)
1,750 Meters (Height)

Decimator-class Heavy Assault Carrier

x1 Kadgeron Heavy Mass Driver
x5 Kadgeron Plasma Siege Cannons w/ x2 Integrated Kadgeron Torpedo Launchers
x25 Kadgeron Anti-Ship Cluster Torpedo Pods w/ x3 Materialized Reloads
x39 Kadgeron Disruptor Cannons
x112 Kadgeron Gauss Plasma Beam Strips
x520 Single-craft Hangar Bays

12,000 Meters (Length)
2,500 Meters (Width)
4,000 Meters (Height)

Vindicator-class Carrier

x1 Heavy Kadgeron Mass Driver
x1 Heavy Twin Kadgeron Plasma Siege Cannon w/ x2 Integrated Kadgeron Torpedo Launchers
x7 Twin Kadgeron Gauss Cannons
x20 Twin Kadgeron Disruptor Turrets
x44 Kadgeron Plasma Beam Arrays
x96 Kadgeron Anti-Ship Cluster Torpedo Launchers
x344 Hangars

9,000 meters (Length)
4,500 meters (Width)
6,750 meters (Height)

Excelsior-class Light Carrier

x1 Kadgeron Mass Driver
x2 Kadgeron Plasma Siege Cannons w/ x2 Integrated Kadgeron Torpedo Launchers
x35 Kadgeron Disruptor Cannons
x40 Kadgeron High-Explosive Missile Pods w/ x3 Materialized Reloads
x72 Hangar Bays
x88 Kadgeron Gauss Plasma Beam Strips

5,800 Meters (Length)
1,933 Meters (Width)
1,933 Meters (Height)

Venator-class Assault Cruiser-Carrier

x1 Kadgeron Mass Driver
x6 Multi-craft Hangar Bays
x10 Kadgeron Plasma Siege Cannons w/ x2 Integrated Kadgeron Torpedo Launchers
x20 Kadgeron Cluster Missile Pods w/ x3 Materialized Reloads
x28 Single-craft Hangar Bays
x36 Kadegeron Disruptor Cannons
x62 Kadgeron Plasma Beam Strips

6,000 Meters (Length)
3,000 Meters (Width)
3,000 Meters (Height)

Victorious-class Attack Cruiser

x2 Kadgeron Heavy Mass Drivers
x8 Twin Kadgeron Gauss Cannons
x9 Twin Kadgeron Heavy Autocannons
x9 Twin Kadgeron Heavy Disruptor Cannons
x40 Kadgeron HE Anti-Ship Torpedo Pods
x82 Kadgeron Plasma Beam Arrays

6,500 meters (Length)
3,250 meters (Width)
3,250 meters (Height)

Nighthawk-class Stealth DD

x1 Kadgeron Mass Driver
x12 Light Corvette Hangar Bays
x20 Kadgeron Disruptor Cannons w/ x2 Integrated Kadgeron Torpedo Launchers
x20 Kadgeron Magnetic Accelerator Autocannons (KMAA)
x30 Kadgeron Diamond-Boron Missile Pods w/ x3 Materialized Reloads
x82 Single-Ship Hangar Bays
x108 Kadgeron Accelerated Plasma Beam Strips

4,200 Meters (Length)
1,400 Meters (Width)
1,400 Meters (Height)

Justicar-class DD

x1 Kadgeron Mass Driver
x2 Kadgeron Siege Disruptor Cannons w/ x2 Integrated Kadgeron Torpedo Launchers
x4 Twin Kadgeron Gauss Cannon Turrets
x12 Twin Kadgeron Disruptor Turrets
x24 Kadgeron Gauss Particle Beam Arrays
x40 Kadgeron Missile Pods w/ x3 Materialized Reloads

5,300 meters (Length)
2,650 meters (Width)
1,325 meters (Height)

Vanguard-class Light DD

x2 Kadgeron Magnetic Accelerator Cannons (KMAC)
x8 Multi-craft Hangar Bays
x18 Kadgeron Twin Gauss Cannons w/ Integrated Kadgeron Torpedo Launchers
x28 Kadgeron Gauss Plasma Pulse Cannons
x30 Kadgeron HE Cluster Missile Pods w/ x3 Materialized Reloads

4,400 Meters (Length)
1,100 Meters (Width)
1,466 Meters (Height)

Hunter-class Strike FF

x1 Kadgeron Mass Driver
x4 Kadgeron Torpedo Launchers
x12 Kadgeron Missile Launchers
x15 Kadgeron Light Disruptor Turrets
x74 Kadgeron Energy Beam Arrays

3,500 meters (Length)
1,750 meters (Width)
875 meters (Height)

If I make more, I'll post them here. --SD

Cornerian Academy (REDUX!) : Top Flights of Future Past!
(Not sure how to kick off my chars' intros, so I'll start like this)

*** Meanwhile, elsewhere in the galaxy ***

Bill crept around the dark, hoping to avoid detection by Venomian troops. In this area, there was little to none; the enemy presence would significantly increase the closer he got to his objective. He looked back at the rest of his squad. Cerberus, they were called - and he wished they could truly earn that name. Most of the poor sops in his squad had very little real combat experience against Venomian troops. However, he had faith in one. He returned his attention to the enemy soldiers.

"Hey, Todd... any bright ideas?"

*** Meanwhile, somewhere else in the galaxy ***

The preparations were nearly complete. Kadgeron capacitors were up and charging. Weapons were loaded. Anti-Kadgeron Energy and Particle shields were ready. The crew was almost all accounted for, with the remaining personnel being shuttled in. Once the shuttles left, once they were clear of the Iron Regent, her commander would make his move. The Cyborg sat in the captain's chair of his gargantuan vessel, looking over the refit reports, making sure everything was squared away.

Here we go again, K'torr thought. And this time, it's personal.

Cornerian Academy (REDUX!) : Top Flights of Future Past
Very well. I'll try to be on at that time.

Dragon'taan: Heart of the Marauder Corps
Draco shrugged. "I don't see why not," he said.

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