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Star_Dragon's PIMPMYGUN armory
No, actutally, that's Sins of a Galactic Empire. Not a bad mod, if I may say so myself. If you like Star Trek, there's also Sacrifice of Angels for SoaSE as well. Anyway...

Posted Image
Xenerrus Industries X25 Battle Rifle

Are there any requests?

Halo: Rift War
(The action of pulling you to the repair yard was intended to help, BW. The least you could do is give Kylet'oran and his crew the benefit of the doubt - firstly, he's not familiar with your tech nor your... culture, no offense. Secondly, it is the nature of a Dragonarian to help other warriors, even though they don't want to be helped. They believe it to be an act of cowardly dishonor to leave another warrior to die when the opportunity is present to save them.)

If Kylet'oran took any offense to commander Jay's response to his attempt to help, he didn't show it. Truth was, while the tech on board the DeMeA was sophisticated in it's own right, Jay had never faced an opponent like the Kemorainians. They either slaughtered every last ship, or die trying. And leaving the DeMeA out in the open to be attacked by the Kemorainians - regardless of whether or not they survived - would be a disgraceful dereliction of duty to a Dragonarian - A warrior shall not leave another warrior behind, even though that warrior may not want to be aided.
"Alert," Kyle proclaimed, "Enemy starships exiting translight speed in thirty seconds!"
"Kylet'oran to all allied forces - power shields and weapons," Kylet'oran commanded. Lest the team elict another hostile response from Jay, Voro cut the DeMeA out of the communications. If they wanted to hear what was going on, they would have to patch in themselves. He also sent orders to the naval yards to leave the DeMeA alone. If they wanted to repair their ship alone, fine - Star Dragon won't interfere.
Consistent with Kyle's predictions, the Kemorainian fleet dropped out of translight speed - a mixed bag of Viper cruisers, Crusader attack cruisers, Izarria Battlecruisers, Annihilator Battlecruisers, and Cobra-Shark Battleships; and at the head of the fleet was that one strange Kemorainian flagship that Kyle detected - more visible and standing out from the rest with it's design. It had the same rocket shape that most Kemorainian warships did, but this model had the bridge imbedded in the dorsal fin at the aft of the ship - one of three medium-size fins in an inverted Y formation, each housing a large wingtip Plasma siege cannon - with four small fins in a plus formation mid-shaft, each housing two plasma torpedo launchers and one plasma beam cannon, along with three fins approximately the same size as the previous four in a Y formation at the head of the ship that housed plasma pulse cannons and wingtip plasma cannons.
A grand total of nearly two hundred Kemorainian warships were now bearing down on the heavily-outnumbered Alliance fleet.
The flagship and two Cobra-Sharks plus three Izarrias charged weapons.
"Voro," Kylet'oran asked, "Who are those ships targeting?"
"They're targeting the DeMeA," Voro responded. "Shall I move to intercept?"
Kylet'oran thought for a moment, then made his reply. "Negative," he said. "If the DeMeA wants them, they can HAVE them. That ought to brighten Jay's day. Advise the fleet that they are not to assist the DeMeA. If they need help, they can ask for it. Besides, they're in fighting condition - I would not deprive them of the kills that should be rightfully theirs. To allow them this is no Dishonor to me."
The enemy fleet powered weapons, but did not fire. And the allied fleet took advantage of that. The Retribution's Thunder, the Marauder, the Predator, the Hellhound, and the Guardian all simultaneously fired their MAC guns. The Hellhound, Guardian, Incursion and the Ascendant Justice all lit up like christmas trees, and were covered in Ablative Armor. The rest of the fleet fired MAC guns and Archer Missiles, and lit into the enemy warships. The only ships not targeted were the ones Kylet'oran had left for the DeMeA.
The battle of Eridanus Secundus had begun.

(Two things, BW: First, I noticed a few posts back that you referred to Eridanus Secundus as a planet - it's not. It's an Asteroid field that was once home to Human Insurrectionists. John-117 did a mission there. Second... what do you think [Since you're playing the Brutes anyway]: should the Jiralhanae be trying to ally with the Kemorainians, or trying to enslave them, as well?)

Star_Dragon's PIMPMYGUN armory
Not right now, no. Srry for the wait, but now, for those of you who were patient for me, I present to you the Xenerrus Industries X50 Assault Rifle!

Posted Image
Xenerrus Industries X50 Assault Rifle

... plus the precursor of the X50

Posted Image
Xenerrus Industries X45 Assaut Rifle

And, just for your viewing pleasure...

Posted Image
man (over radio): Hey rookie - good job! Why didn't you tell us you knew how to fly?
AI: New target acquired.
Rookie: That's not a target; that's Chase!
Chase: Yeah, that's right! It's me, Chase! What's goin' on, man?
AI: Target locked.
Rookie: No! Target unlock! Unlock! Please help me nice AI lady!
AI: Firing missiles...
Rookie: Uh-oh...
Tucker: Uh-oh...
Chase: What? Oh, son of a--
Tucker: Holy f**k! Chase! Talk to me! Chase!
Tucker (to rookie): You shot chase you team-killing f**ktard!

(Virtual cookie to the one who gets the reference)

Ask Star_Dragon!
Because it's the silent ones you want to look out for. (Cookie to the one who gets the joke.)

Next poster, you're on with the Star Dragon.

Halo: Rift War
The DeMeA's sudden halt of movement didn't go unnoticed on the bridge of the Retribution's Thunder. Kylet'oran's reaction to this action was almost instantaneous.
"Voro, is the tractor beam ready?"
"It is," Voro replied, "Why?"
"Target the DeMeA and engage the tractor beam," Kylet'oran ordered. "We need to get them to the repair yard ASAP. I'll not leave them behind with a fleet of hostiles inbound!"
"Tractor beam engaging... locked," Voro announced, "The DeMeA is now in the tractor beam."
"Contact the Naval repair yards," San commanded, "Tell them to deploy the starship tugs immediately and to grab the DerMeA as soon as they're in range."
Minutes ticked away as the Retribution's Thunder dragged the DeMeA to the waiting tugs at the naval repair yard. In that time, fifteen different IA warships dropped in - three Marathon Cruisers, four Halcyon Cruisers, three Destroyers, two Sangheili Gunships - the same type of vessel as the Retribution's Thunder - and three Sangheili Marauder Battleships - CCS Battlecruisers made famous by their dorsal-mounted Siege MAC guns and ventral-mounted pop-up Archer missile pods.
"Mr. Indari," Kylet'oran inquired, "What's the ETA of contact?"
"We have..." the dragon-shifter paused as he studied his console. "Six minutes and counting."
San frowned slightly, then looked to Kyle. "Kyle," she asked him, "Didn't you say once that you had won friends with... certain Mercenary ships?"
The Cerinian dragon-shifter smiled. "Way ahead of you," he responded. "In fact, I think a few of those friends are nearby. Permission to commandeer the comm system?"
"Granted," Kylet'oran answered.
Kyle worked furiously, his hands flying across the console as he worked. Voro frowned as four ghost-encrypted signals went out to different nearby sectors almost simultaneously. Two minutes later, four very distinct warships appeared - a retrofitted Sangheili Destroyer called the Incursion, a heavily-modified Leviathan Battleship (A design based off the Marathon) called the Hellhound, a modified Sangheili CCS Battlecruiser called the Ascendant Justice, and a retrofitted Perseus Assault Carrier called the Guardian. As soon as they exited slipspace, they headed toward the allied lines. As they got closer, many panels attached to the hull of all four ships became visible.
"Mr. Indari," Kylet'oran said, "What are all of those... things... attached to their hull?"
"Ablative armor generators," Kyle replied. "The latest UNSC tech that will replace the standard shield system of UNSC warships. Sangheili commanders sometimes use them, but often choose not to." Kyle cast a look to Voro and Ado and added, "No offense."
"None taken," Voro and Ado responded simultaneously.
"Any chance you could get us some of those?" San inquired.
"I could," Kyle responded, "But there is insufficient time to install them."
The four mercenary warships Kyle called in took positions of the port and starboard sides of the Retribution's Thunder.
"Alert," Kyle proclaimed, "Enemy contact in two minutes."
"Commander Jay," Kylet'oran said, "What is the status of repairs to your ship?"

(Just so you know what it looks like, here's an image of the Perseus Assault Carrier: PAC Image)

Ask Star_Dragon!


... Should I even answer that? I'm a soldier, and a DRAGON on top of that! I do now murder! (Now killing, I can do - in war and self-defense. I draw distinct lines between killing and murder.)

Next poster, you're on with the Star Dragon.

Halo: Rift War
(OK, just as long as you know.)

"Sir," Kyle said to Kylet'oran, "There is something you need to see."
Kylet'oran walked over to the Cerinian Dragon-Shifter's station and asked, "Something wrong?"
"Those anomalies we detected slowing slipspace just collapsed," Kyle reported, "But before they did, something came out - of both of them." Kyle pulled up an image on his console of a transparent shape against the anomaly, followed by one of the opposite anomaly. The first one Kylet'oran knew well - the unmistakeable shape of a Dragonarian Dragon-class Battleship. The other one was... different. It bore a resemblance to a Kemorainian starship, and even had the same design configuration, but it wasn't one Kylet'oran was familiar with.
"Did you get a course heading on either of these ships?" Kylet'oran asked.
"No, sir - the moment the rifts collapsed, I lost the readings," Kyle answered. "Best guess would be--"
"Sir," Voro piped up, "I have incoming translight signatures - lots of them!"
"Dragonarian or Kemorainian?" Kylet'oran queried.
"Both," Voro said. "They're on a precise heading for Eridanus Secundus!"
"Who's going to get here first?" San inquired.
"Kemorainians," Voro answered. "ETA ten minutes!"
"Battlestations!" Kylet'oran commanded. "Power up weapons! Get a line to the DeMeA, we have incoming hostiles!"
"This is General Thel 'Vadamee to all Interstellar Alliance forces nearby," General 'Vadamee broadcasted on an encrypted IA channel, "we have a hostile alien fleet inbound! Fall back to Eridanus Secundus!"

Ask Star_Dragon!
I don't try to be funny. I just speak my mind. What, were you expecting a comedian to talk to you? If you want a comedy show, talk to Jeff Dunham or just visit Comedy Central; you'll find plenty to laugh at there.


Next poster, you're on with the Star Dragon.

Star Fox - Marauder
I need to update this story. Here's the rest of chapter ten:

... Falco, Katt, Lucy and Dash rose from cover and darted through the opening in the blockade. Two Tondam mercs that tried to stop them were sniped by this “Alpha,” wherever he was. With the Spaceport behind them, Falco and his team headed face-first to their next objective...
* * *
The Industrial sector was possibly the largest sector in the city. So, it came as no surprise that a large portion of the enemy forces were concentrated in that particular sector. However, the Tondam mercs weren’t the only enemies in that sector. The enemies arrayed against them caused a significant change in plans, and it showed in Kyle’s voice as he ordered everyone to rendezvous in an abandoned factory building. Everyone met in the aforementioned factory, and Kyle checked his watch. After that, he grabbed his radio.
“ Ground force to Great Fox II,” he said, “Talk to me, Wolf – what the hell is going on?”
“I know,” Wolf stated, “We just found out here, as well.” With a sigh, he continued, “The Jiralhanae had a ship nearby... listed as the Jiralhanae Warship Death Wing, a stolen CCS Battlecruiser. They retrofitted it with a stolen Kemorainian cloaking device, and that’s why we didn’t initially pick it up – that, and they were hiding on the far side of Leona IV.”
“What are they packing?” Fox asked.
“Accessing enemy inventory,” Marian stated. After a momentary pause, she continued, “They have a full invasion army on board – I read... two full battalions of troops; that is, to say, a mixed bag of six hundred-fifty Unggoy and Kig-Yar with roughly one-hundred-fifty Jiralhanae in command, and fifteen percent of that is planetside, with another fifteen percent on the way.”
“Launch the unmanned starfighters and try to knock out as many enemy dropships out of the sky as you can,” Fox ordered.
“Acknowledged,” Marian responded.
“Fox, we’re getting a... a three-way – no, make that four-way comm line request from the UNSC and Sangheili forces down planetside,” Wolf announced.
“Patch it through,” Fox stated.
“This is Colonel Arron and Commander ‘Mantakaree to Star Fox team, do you read?” stated a Human voice with a southern drawl.
“Roger, Colonel Arron,” Fox responded, “This is Fox McCloud of the Star Fox team, we read you loud and clear.”
“Mr. McCloud,” said the throaty voice of Sangheili Commander ‘Mantakaree, “It is good to meet you.”
“Likewise, Commander,” Fox stated.
“Can you give us your current location?” Mantakaree asked.
“Not over the radio, but trace this signal,” Fox replied, “Authorization code Sierra-Foxtrot-one-two-one.”
There was a pause, and Arron stated, “Acknowledged. Believe it or not, you’re in an optimal location.”
“In what way?” Fox inquired.
“You’re just outside their established CIC,” Arron said. “It’s... approximately seventy-three meters from your current position. If you take out the transmitters in their CIC, they’ll lose contact with their ship. The vessel is cloaked, but in order to send down reinforcements, they will have to de-cloak.”
“My Sub-Commander already has our ship in orbit,” Mantakaree added. “If they de-cloak, my ship can destroy them before they even get a single shot off.”
“Understood,” Fox answered, “But we have a mission of our own.”
“If I may, Fox,” Kyle piped up, “I have a plan.”
“Well,” Fox said, “you’re in the right place, so let’s hear it.”
“There’s ten of us here,” Kyle began, “So we can divide into two teams – Five of us will head to the enemy CIC, while the other five will pursue the Tondam objective.”
“Divide and conquer,” Fox stated.
“Exactly,” Kyle affirmed.
“Who is to lead what mission, though?” Katt asked.
“Simple,” Fox answered. He looked to Kyle. “He leads the mission to the Tondam objective, while I lead the mission to the enemy CIC.”
“And who goes with each of the leaders?” Falco inquired.
“Well,” Kyle replied, “I know Krystal’s gonna tag along, and there’s no stopping her.”
Falco frowned. “What, are you two a couple now?”
“Something like that, yeah,” Kyle and Krystal answered simultaneously.
“Who else is going with you?” Fox queried.
“Raz,” Kyle continued, “you’re also with me. Bill, Lucy, you two, as well.”
“You got it,” Bill responded, cocking his H36 with a metallic click-click.
“Take care out there, Mr. Anderson,” Fox stated.
Kyle smiled before his face disappeared under his battle-helm. “Yes, sir,” he responded. He turned, and his team headed out.
There was still a battle to fight, Tondam mercs to eliminate, a Jiralhanae CIC to destroy, and a better part of thirty thousand civilians to save.
This was a day in the life and adventures of the Star Fox team...

(Stick around, I'm not even half finished!)

Halo: Rift War
(tyler, you do realize that the rebel base has been blown to bits by BW, don't you?)

The Retribution's Thunder and it's two escorts - the Marauder and the Predator - sailed through the portal one after the other, emerging at Eridanus Secundus.
"Voro, hail the Eridanus Secundus staryard," Kylet'oran ordered. "Try to raise Admiral Williams or General 'Vadamee."
"Actually," Voro responded, "They're hailing us."
"Patch it through," San ordered. Voro complied, and the face of Sangheili general Thel 'Vadamee appeared.
"Team Star Dragon," he greeted. "How did your trip to Epsilon Alpha go?"
"Contract completed, general," Kylet'oran responded. "But we have a new problem."
Thel sat back in his chair. "Do tell," he said.
"The Jiralhanae went after the planet almost at the same time we did," Kylet'oran explained, "And there was... something else." Kylet'oran looked to Kyle.
"We picked up two different TDIG rifts," Kyle said. "At the moment, we don't know if anything exited either rift or what it may have been, but the graviton distortions were enough to slow rebel and Jiralhanae fleets enough to allow us to escape."
"I see," Thel commented. "And your... friend?"
"General," Kylet'oran said, "Meet Commander Jay of the Deus Meus Amat."

Ask Star_Dragon!
... I don't get it. Call me when you have a question in mind.


Next poster, you're on with the Star Dragon.

Halo: Rift War
"Very well," Kylet'oran said. "As soon as you get back to your ship, we will depart."
"Might want to make that quick," Voro advised. "The explosions planetside registered on sensors three sectors away." He looked up at Egor from his console. "Needless to say, any curious eyes will be here in short order - and... convey my apologies to Balsa when she awakens."
"We need to get going if we are to be gone before the Jiralhanae get here," Kylet'oran said.

(Do you want to rp the Brutes' drop out of slipspace, or should I?)

Ask Star_Dragon!
(@RedFox: I see... my bad.)

... *What?* wth are you talking about? Chocolate shake? This is a radio station (so to speak), not a cafe! I don't know where you are, and I don't have a map or a compass to spare. Sorry, but you're on your own.


Next poster, you're on with the Star Dragon.

Halo: Rift War
Kylet'oran thought for a moment, then made his reply.
"Very well. Blast the rebels to bits, then we make for Eridanus Secundus - we'll contact Alliance FLEETCOM from there," he said. "How fast can you get back to your ship and blast these pricks?"

Halo: Rift War
(I wouldn't mind keeping this private, but I just got a PM from Arishakage, requesting to join up. We'll go from there.)

(EDIT: Remember, the title of this RP was Halo: Rift War, so the next event is planned.)

"We'll keep that in mind," Kylet'oran said. "If your calculations are correct, then we have two choices - either we stay, gather what intel we can, and get the hell out of dodge, or we leave for the Staryards of Eridanus Secundus and let the rebels and the Jiralhanae fight it out."
"Leaving is not an option for us," San commented. "We have a contract to complete."
"Uh, sir," Kyle piped up, "I'm picking up an unidentified signal - it slowed both parties' slipspace jump by... approximately three hours.
"So we have a little over six hours to do this," Kylet'oran reasoned. "What emitted the signal?"
"Unknown," Izanagi answered. "I detect no additional ships en route, but I am picking up two different high-intensity graviton readings indicative of TDIG rifts. The gravitational distortions are affecting slipspace jumps for lightyears."
"Whatever they are," Kylet'oran said, "They're buying us time we can't afford to lose. Egor, what is your call - stay to complete the contract, or leave while we still can?"

Halo: Rift War
(Didn't tyler have troops planetside?)

"We can work such things out when we hit Earth - for now, we need to focus on clearing the rebel base and the reinforcements," Kylet'oran explained. "While I hold no compunctions over orbital bombardment, I personally prefer to go in and eliminate the rebels, get what intel I can from the base's computers, then destroy it."
"We have to act fast," Kyle piped up. "That fleet is going to be here in less than three hours."
"And, Balsa," Voro said, "For what it's worth, I am sorry for what the UNSC did to your world. It is mu understanding that Sangheili tech can terraform worlds back to their original state. Or, at the very least, we can find you a new world to settle on."
"This isn't the place to discuss this," Kylet'oran stated. "Egor, how far out are those ships you were expecting?"

(If Tyler and Storm Raven can't post, then we'll need to find new players. Know anyone willing to participate?)

myu stuff

... can't...

... comprehend...

... awesomeness...

... *head explodes*

But seriously, nice job! If you need a weapon to draw, I can provide one. (Mostly assault rifles and sniper rifles, but if you want, I can come up with a few pistols)


Halo: Rift War
Though Egor and Balsa were far away, the Jedi on the bridge - Kylet'oran, San, Keesha, Voro and Ado - could hear every word through the force. There was a conflict of interest. One side favored the Jiralhanae, while another favored the Alliance. For better or worse, the Jiralhanae supporters would have to be made to see the evil they were working with.
As Egor and Balsa walked onto the bridge, Kylet'oran spoke. "We would, under normal circumstances, accompany you to your dining hall," he explained. "But I'm afraid there are other details that we must take care of - namely, the rebel base down planetside. From there, we must plan our next move."
"If you side with us," San warned, "We must act fast if either of our ships are to make it our before the Jiralhanae arrive.
"And before you ask," Ado added, "We don't know whether or not the Jiralhanae are on their way - but it is our experience as a team that - even when hiring mercs like you and I - the Jiralhanae never send the merc ship alone; they send an escort to ensure loyalty. If you have a... change of heart, as it were... they would call in a fleet to attack."
"Needless to say," Kyle chimed, "we need a plan, and fast."
"Are you picking something up?" Kylet'oran inquired.
"Negative," responded Kyle's AI, Izanagi. "But I am picking up background radiation in another sector indicative of a starship engagement - add to that the ion trail headed here, and I'd say we have possible hostiles inbound."
"Jiralhanae?" Kyle queried.
"Unknown," Izanagi answered. "The ion trail is used by relatively old translight drives - if I had to guess I'd say it was rebel reinforcements headed here from Polijarny II."
Kylet'oran turned to Egor. "We'll cover orbit if you think you can take out the rebel base planetside," he said.
"If you need a hand," Jason said, "Pencil me in."
"Same here," added Deinonychus.
"Permission to tag along as the Star Dragon liason for the ground op," Kyle volunteered.
Kylet'oran smiled. "Granted," he replied. He looked to Egor again. "What do you think?"

Ask Star_Dragon!
What, did you not know it was toast (Albeit French* toast, but toast is toast)? Where have you been for the past few centuries? (No offense, RedFox. I don't mean to offend.)

Next poster, you're on with the Star Dragon!

Halo: Rift War
"We will allow you to return to your ship," Kylet'oran said. "As far as I'm concerned, the rebel base was already gone - all that was left was to clear the surrounding orbit. And because - as I mentioned earlier - this planet falls in the jurisdiction of neither UNSC nor Sangheili, it is yours to claim. I wish no conflict, nor do I represent either party I contract with." Kylet'oran hoped his words were enough to imply his intended message.
"Before you go," Voro cautioned, "A word of caution - one I learned from experience long ago regarding the Jiralhanae; tread carefully, and avoid mentioning the presence of either myself or my son, for we are Sangheili - and Jiralhanae dispise our kind. So much in fact, that they would kill you if they were to learn that you came into contact with Sangheili and did not kill them."
While Voro was not typically prone to such things, Kylet'oran knew that Voro's warning could be interpreted as a threat, and felt it necessary to say something, lest Voro inadvertently start a fight on the bridge. "What Voro means to say is, don't tell your Jiralhanae contractors about himself and his son on this ship - they would take the fact that you didn't kill them on sight... quite harshly. And it could jepordize future contracts."

(BW, any idea what happened to tyler and Storm Raven?)

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