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Team Star Dragon & Others
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Team Star Dragon & Others
///Darth Faasnu\\\

Name: Darth Faasnu

Age: Unknown

Race: Cerinian

Sex: Male

Height/Weight: 7' 0", 190 lbs

Eye Color: Emerald-Green

Fur Color/Fur Pattern: Blue Fur, thin over some scars, no fur over others.

Vocal Description: Gruff and hoarse. At times, his tone will be soft and warm - and at other times, his voice will be hard and ice-cold. Tone depends on mood.

Weapons/Equipment: Multiple lightsabers (some standard models, some staffs, some break-away staffs).

Attire/Appearance: Armored Sith robes with helmet custom-tailored to Cerinians. Wears gray cloak over armor.

Good/Bad: Definitely on the borderline.

Theme Song: Jeremy Soule - Dovahkiin

Birthplace: Unknown, suspected Cerinia.

Current Location/Residence: Unknown

Training/Specialties/Skills: Jedi/Sith training, Force-Sensitive, well-versed in the ways of the Thu'um.

Special Markings: Three Artusian Force Crystals imbedded in his body that cannot be removed - one in each hand (wrist), one in his chest.

Affiliation: Unknown faction/employer

Personality: See Background

Background: Darth Faasnu is a contradiction, a Sith who acts too Jedi to be Sith, yet acts too Sith to be Jedi. It is said that Faasnu was born on Cerinia, but at a very young age, Faasnu was taken to be trained as a Jedi. After many years of training, Faasnu returned to his home world - and unwittingly landed just hours before the Necromyan collective attacked. Unable to reach his ship or stop the Necromyans, Faasnu was forced to watch as everyone and everything he knew died around him. Filled with anger and rage, Faasnu teamed up with Kyle Indari and took on the Necromyans. Whatever name Faaasnu had then was replaced by Darth Faasnu, the name he took to avenge Cerinia and it's fallen people.

During the mission to bring down the Necromyans, Faasnu was killed - only to awaken again, resurrected by an ancient, immortal Cerinian dragon, Ahkrinviingah. Promising Immortality for the Cerinian's service, Faaasnu pledged his service to the aging dragon. So began the legacy of the Immortal Darth Faasnu. Several worlds took up calling Faasnu "Fal Faasnu Dovah Kendov" - the Fearless Dragon Warrior. Such as it was, Faasnu was given several chances to test Ahkrinviingah's promise of Immortality; it is recorded on multiple occasions across multiple worlds that Faasnu had died, only to rise again, each time, he has said, "It matters not what you do to me - I can die a thousand times, and still, I will rise again, as strong as before."

It wasn't until a mission to stop a resurgent Sith threat in Uncharted space that something happened - the Sith station was destroyed, but Faasnu seemingly vanished. It was unknown if Faasnu had made it off-station alive, or had perished, as he had so many times before. Then, two weeks later, Faasnu re-surfaced in an illegal genetic lab over Rigel VII. Faasnu escaped, but afterward, Faasnu found he couldn't remember anything. All he remembered was the name of his dragon master and his Sith name, Darth Faasnu. Since then, Faasnu has continually served his master well, while at the same time hunting for clues to who he once was. It is largely unknown how old Faasnu really is, given how long it had been since he had been taken to be a Jedi and the varying ways that time passed in different 'verses.

Adding to the contradictory appearance of the Cerinian Sith, Faasnu has various habits, one of which is to go into what appears to be a meditative trance - regardless of his location - to communicate with his master. Because Faasnu and Ahkrinviingah communicate in this method, Faasnu's master has no need to show himself in public or in private. Because of this, no one has ever seen Faasnu's master, and therefore have no idea how Faasnu gets his missions, nor how he gets paid so well for them. How Ahkrinviingah - and, by extension, Faasnu - seems to know as much as they do also is a mystery. Where Ahkrinviingah is and how he gets his information is knowledge only Ahkrinviingah holds, and passes to Faasnu, who zealously guards these secrets.

Underneath the facade of a warrior whose reputation is possibly as great as Darth Revan's lies the heart of a good, kind-hearted man. Faasnu almost never gets verbally hostile unless provoked, and is never violent unless the situation calls for it. His Jedi personality is visible when he is not on a mission from his master, and is sometimes funny, outgoing, and a good-to-know person. When on a mission, however, Faasnu is readily seen as a Sith, a Marauder capable of causing incredible destruction and chaos in the field if he deems it prudent. He has even been recorded to literally shout in the tongue of Dragons and cause varying kinds of destruction.

All in all, Faasnu is not a monster - but he is also not one to trifle with lightly. If you push, expect to be pushed back. If you are kind, expect just as much kindness in return.

Physique: Slim, but powerful.

(Wow... longest character bio I've written.)

Strengths: Incredibly strong in the Force, Immortal

Weaknesses: Amnesia (See Background)