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Kill Game
I skewer you with a bobby pin. Repeatedly.

Halo: Rift War
(Oh, well - I'm still having fun.)

The enemy fleet was larger than anticipated - but that did not deter the Alliance forces. The Kemorainian fleet engaged their engines, and the Alliance forces did the same. MAC guns fired, Archer missiles streaked toward their targets, Plasma Torpedoes flared, and Plasma Beam Cannons slashed through the emptiness of space. The Retribution's Thunder angled it's hull so that it would pass between two Kemorainian battlecruisers. The MAC guns flashed, and a Kemorainian Viper Cruiser was obliterated.
"Alert," Voro proclaimed, "The ship Mr. Indari is on is entering the system!"
"Confirmed," Keesha said. "He's powering his craft up and making ready for combat."
* * *
Kyle disengaged the docking clamps the moment the Kemorainian warship dropped out of translight speed. The first thing he did as soon as he was free was de-cloak and blast the bridge of his unsuspecting carrier ship. With that ship next to useless without a bridge, Kyle sent the ship's position to the DeMeA with the message "Dismember at your discretion."
After his message was out, he made best possible speed to the battle zone...

Kill Game
I beat you to death with a squeaky rubber hammer.

Halo: Rift War
(Have you heard anything from tyler, BW?)

"Alert," Keesha announced, "Incoming signal... it's Kyle. He's currently en route to an asteroid installation near the Hesiod system."
"Send the coordinates to the allied fleet," San ordered. "Make ready for translight jump."
The bridge doors hissed and parted, admitting Kylet'oran onto the bridge. But he was different than before... changed. With a calm aura about him, he strode to take his seat from San.
"All calm, now?" San asked.
"Let's finish what's been started," Kylet'oran said.
In orbit above Xenomorph Prime, the Retribution's Thunder, accompanied by several massive mercenary ships and the Alliance fleet, tore into slipspace. Minutes passed by in what seemed to be seconds before the Alliance fleet dropped out of slipspace at the designated coordinates.
Remembering that the DeMeA had gone ahead of the fleet, San asked, "Voro, where is the DeMeA?"
"Three hundred-fifty-three kilometers off the port bow," Voro replied, "and the Kemorainians do not appear to be interested in the craft."
"Convey my formal apologies to the DeMeA and power up shields and weapons," Kylet'oran commanded, "target the first enemy flagship you find."
"Target acquired," Voro proclaimed. "Kemorainian Hellhound-class Assault Carrier, dead ahead."
"The fleet is awaiting orders, mall'prakkus," Keesha announced.
"All ships, select your targets, fire at your discretion," Kylet'oran ordered over an open channel.
"Alert," Voro piped up, "the DNA courier is exiting translight speed - dead astern of the DeMeA!"
"Should we warn them?" San asked.
Kyle paused, then replied, "I suspect they already know. Voro, fire MAC cannons."
Dozens of flashes marked the MAC guns of the alliance fleet discharging. So began the battle of the Rubble...

(In an unrelated comment, BW - if you like Tales of a Dragon Rider, the next chapter is up.)

Kill Game
I kill you by saying your name backwards, sending you to the fifth dimension, where you are eaten by the evil selffaWcitsillaB monster.

Halo: Rift War
Kyle followed one of the Kemorainian ships - a Cobra-Shark Battleship - through translight speed, and exited in the middle of nowhere. His ship was cloaked, and he was not worried about being detected. He carefully maneuvered his ship near the Kemorainian warship's engines. Docking with the warship this way was risky, but if the dragon-shifter could pull it off, he could hitch a ride to the enemy base without anyone ever knowing it.
There was a slight thunk as the JX-70's ventral docking clamps magnetized and rooted the JX-70 on the ventral fin of the Kemorainian warship. Kyle quickly and expertly powered down all systems except life support and the docking clamps. With that out of the way, Kyle sat back in his seat and watched as the Cobra-Shark re-entered translight speed. With little to do, he said, "Hey, Izzy - you awake?"
"Getting there," came Izanagi's reply. She materialized through the holo-unit, and asked, "Shall I track the enemy's trajectory?" she asked.
"Please do," Kyle answered, "But don't give our position away."
"Acknowledged," Izanagi replied.
Minutes seemed like hours as Izzy tracked the warship's trajectory, until she finally woke the sleeping dragon-shifter.
"Kyle," she said, "I have the warship's heading - they're headed to the Asteroid Belt near the gas giant Hesiod. Additionally, I have the enemy warship's comm logs - it's confirmed; the enemy's core base of operations is there."
"Hesiod," Kyle repeated, "Isn't that the place where the Insurrectionists built that... asteroid installation? The one called 'the Rubble'?"
"Indeed it is," Izzy responded. "More importantly, I have news - not only have they restored the Rubble, they have stolen cloning technology from another universe. More importantly, I have the ID transponder of the ship that has the DNA Sample."
"Hot damn," Kyle chuckled. "Send this info to the DeMeA and the Retribution's Thunder - bring the rain."
"Message away," Izzy announced. "Now, all we do is... wait."
"What the hell else are we gonna do?" Kyle inquired.
There was a pause, then Izzy responded, "Was that a rhetorical question?"

Kill Game
I stab you repeatedly with my CDF badge until you die. I feed your body to a Krayt Dragon.

Kill Game
In a whirl of sadistic creativity, I type a one-page explanation of how I plan to kill you, then run to you and give you a paper-cut across the neck with it. You die from an allergic reaction to the kind of ink I used.

Halo: Rift War
(Dude, no offense, but read a few posts back - it is mentioned that the ship with the sample and several others had already left the system. Problem is, the ships are all identical in class, so it is unknown what ship has the sample. Good luck guessing who has it.)

The Kemorainian fleet shuddered as the MAC rounds impacted on their shields and hulls, some exploding afterward. Weakened by the MAC volley, the Kemorainian fleet began to fall apart as Archer missiles impacted and exploded all around their hulls.
The Kemorainian fleet returned fire with Plasma cannons - large, turreted siege cannons - that splashed around the shields of the allied fleet. The Alliance then fired it's most potent anti-ship weapon, apart from MAC guns and Plasma Torpedoes - the Cluster Missiles. Larger than the standard Archer missile with damage comparable to a Sangheili Plasma Torpedo and set to proximity detonation, the Cluster missiles streaked after a second MAC volley. While the Kemorainian fleet tried to avoid the MAC rounds that tore into them, the cluster missiles exploded on and around the Kemorainian fleet. The enemy ships' hulls were lacerated, ripped, and for all intents and purposes, torn asunder as all manner of explosive ordinance exploded.
"They're retreating," Voro announced, "But their... trajectory is all wrong. Not one of them is jumping in the same direction."
"They're trying to conceal the whereabouts of their core base a secret," Kyle surmised. "I know this because the UNSC did the same thing during the Human-Covenant war - something that was established with the Cole Protocol."
"Mr. Indari, isn't your ship equipped with a cloaking device?" San asked.
The Cerinian dragon-shifter grinned. "I'm way ahead of you," he said. He left as Keesha took his station. Moments later, Kyle's ship - a new JX-70 Advanced Assault Fighter - jetted out of the starboard Hangar bay of the Retribution's Thunder. Kyle opened a broad-comm transmission line between his ship, the DeMeA and the Thunder.
"Kyle Indari to Commander Jay," he said, "Wait here and repair what you can - I am going to follow one of the ships retreating. When I figure out where they're really headed, I'll signal you - when I do, do whatever it is you do to get to my location and blast the b*****ds to smithereens. If we're lucky, the DNA courier will drop right into our laps.
"Do svidaniya, tovarishchi... and good luck."
The channel cut off after that, and the JX-70 shimmered and disappeared.
"Alright," San said, "Keesha, keep an eye on your console - I want to know when and where Mr. Indari's signal goes up at the exact moment it does. Commander Jay - status on repairs?"

(Forgive San if she shounds a bit bossy.)

Kill Game
This game is just what the title suggests - kill the above poster in the silliest, stupidest, and funniest way you can think up. Example:

I make the above poster not exist because he/she never really existed in the first place.

Get the idea? Let's begin.

Halo: Rift War
(Srry! I think that - for the sake of this RP - we should avoid provoking each other. I don't wish a premature end to this adventure.)

Jay changed topic, thinking of the Tech that could be available to him. "You mention weapons? If you would be so kind as to tell us what kind of weaponry?"

"Yes," San affirmed. "Even in the galaxy my husband and I come from, Kemorainian tech is highly-sought after. Kemorainian plasma weaponry - when combined with their cloaking devices and anti-cloak detection countermeasures allows for devastating surprise attacks. Kemorainian plasma weapons have been known to sever ships in two or more different pieces in as little as two to three hits. They accounted for nearly fifty percent of all Dragonarian starship casualties over the course of the three Kemoran wars. If you can aid us, prevent the old Kemorainian empire from rising again, the New Kemorainian regime would be more than willing to allow you access to their vast stores of tech. As I said earlier, they have more tech than they know what to do with; biological, chemical, electronic - you name it, chances are, they have it."
"Alert," Voro piped up, "Enemy weapons discharging - several are targeting the DeMeA!"
"Fleet is still awaiting orders to fire!" Kyle added.
San didn't hesitate for a nanosecond. "Open fire," she commanded.
Dozens of flashes on the allied lines marked the MAC guns of the allied fleet discharging. A flurry of Archer Missiles - that, surprisingly enough, dodged around the DeMeA - followed that. Across the battlefield, Kemorainian warships shuddered, listed, and exploded as they were smacked by as many as two or three different MAC rounds.

Halo: Rift War
Kylet'oran lashed out with the force, with the dark side, ready to crush Balsa and Jay for an insult to the Dragonarian Empire, for threatening to leave in such a manner. He reached out with the force, lifting and crushing the two...
... but he was stopped by his own wife. She telekinetically cut the transmission, causing Jay and Balsa to drop to the deck of their own ship, and turned on Kylet'oran. "That's enough, Kylet'oran Jek'ari!" she exclaimed. "Just go to your quarters and calm the f**k down."
Kylet'oran, whose face was twisted in an expression of anger and rage, managed to nod to acknowledge her, and left the bridge. San sighed, then said to Voro, "Order the fleet to fire only when fired on, and hail the DeMeA."
Voro nodded solemnly, his hands dancing along his console, then nodded to San.
"Commander Jay," she said, "This is San Jek'ari of the Retribution's Thunder... I want to apologize for my husband's actions - he does not do that often, but what often triggers such things is when he is spoken to like that. I am human, but he is Dragonarian - and Kylet'oran takes things like what you said as an insult to his people.
"If it's technology and information you want, help yourselves to the Kemorainian tech of any Kemorainian ship that attacks you - I'm sure someone of your expertise can make use of Kemorainian weaponry... and their cloaking devices. Many in diversity is the technology of the Kemorainian Empire, technology acquired from many races through various means thousands of years before recorded history of Humans and Dragonarians began - in fact, they have more technology than they know what to do with. Help us prevent a fourth Kemoran war, and you will have access to all the tech you need - I can promise you that. It is the depth of gratitude you will earn with the new Kemorainian regime - they have no interest in being ruled again by an emperor of bloodlust and hate like Zuil Kuudaako.
"And I must warn you about Kylet'oran - he is easily angered when it comes to facing a threat as serious as Zuil Kuudaako and her brand of Kemorainians. He fought her father, and later, her, in the three Kemoran wars. I would be a liar if I said he didn't hate them for what they did - and those that would turn their back on him against them he believes deserves no mercy. The Jedi code won't save you from him should you do what you did again - he is neither Jedi nor Sith. He has no compunctions over killing those that betray him.
"But I have spoken enough of this, and we - your crew as well as ours - do him a disservice by talking of this while he is not present." She looked to Voro and asked, "is the enemy fleet powering weapons?"
"No, Voro replied. "They wait for us to fire, apparently. That, or they wait for something else."

(If you talk to HK-47 in KOTOR II a lot, you'll understand why Kylet'oran dropped you when the transmission was cut.)

Halo: Rift War
Kylet'oran glared at Jay, then asked, "What reward do you seek? Is survival not enough for you?"

(BW, I have to ask - is jay a cyborg, or is he a robot?)

Halo: Rift War
Kylet'oran grumbled - but not visibly. But he had just the incentive in mind.
"You want incentive?" he asked. "Try this - if you manage to intercept the DNA sample, you will be well-rewarded by the Kemorainian empire itself - as in, approximately two billion credits. That was the original price for the DNA Sample delivered to Kemoran Prime. But that was three years ago - and as this bounty goes, as time goes by, the bounty goes up. If you can't get the sample, the bounty is worth twice as much if you can deliver Zuil Kuudaako to Kemoran Prime alive."
"Sir," Voro cut in, "The allied fleet is requesting orders - they have shields up and weapons ready."
"Lock our weapons onto the enemy's flagship," San ordered, "Make ready to fire the MAC guns."
"What's it gonna be, Commander?" Kylet'oran asked. "We don't have time to bicker about this - there are larger threats than you and I out here. If you wish not to get involved in this conflict, let me remind you that if Zuil Kuudaako is resurrected, there will be no safe haven for anyone - not you, not Balsa, not anyone in your Xenomorph crew. If anything is a good incentive for you, it should be the survival of yourself and your crew."
Moving closer to Jay's image, Kylet'oran's emerald-green dragon eyes flared with anger as he added, "Now, you tell me - is that incentive enough for you?"
"Kylet--" San cautioned. Kylet'oran silenced her. Everyone on the bridge was quiet. Never before had Kylet'oran been angry enough to silence his own wife; but his history with the Kemorainians was a fragile thing - a bomb that would detonate if stressed, taking anyone and anything in the vicinity with it. The fact that he was a Jedi Weapon Master - and, by extension, had a strong command of the Force - only added to the body count. Everyone knew this. "Commander," he growled, "I'm waiting."

Halo: Rift War
"If you have a plan, please explain - we're running out of time," Kylet'oran said as he stepped onto the bridge.
"Too late," Voro proclaimed, "Enemy ships are dropping out of slipspace!"
Just as Voro had predicted, a fleet of Kemorainian warships dropped out of light speed.
"Dammit," Kylet'oran cursed. "DeMeA, if you can intercept the ship with the DNA sample, by all means, do it - we'll keep the enemy busy here!"

(I'm sorry, BW, but less than thirty seconds is not enough time to explain theories. No offense. And - for the record - Zuil Kuudaako is already dead. The goal is to prevent her from being resurrected - and in the event that she is [which is a planned event] - to kill her and prevent the return of the old Kemorainian empire.)

Halo: Rift War
(BW, please be specific - Kyle and Kylet'oran are two different people. Kyle is the Dragon-Shifter, Kylet'oran is the Terran Dragonarian Jedi Weapon Master. I realize that Kylet'oran is a difficult name, but try to bear with it.)

"The coded message that Voro intercepted stated that they had retrieved some 'holy warrior' or something," Kylet'oran explained from the bridge of his captured Kemorainian flagship. "I now strongly believe they came here for one purpose; to retrieve the last surviving DNA sample of the heir to the old Kemorainian throne, Zuil Kuudaako.
"See, Zuil Kuudaako died at the end of the third Kemoran war; I know, because I personally attended her execution. She was executed for horrendous war crimes against not only her own people, but against the Dragonarian Empire and the other factions of the galaxy. She was hung, and then her body destroyed - however, intelligence reports indicated that she had several different DNA extractions before the war even started - like a fall-back plan. These DNA samples were scattered across the galaxy. We had destroyed them all - or so we thought.
"You asked why the Kemorainians were here? I now strongly believe that they came here to take the DNA of Zuil Kuudaako, so that they might clone and resurrect the fallen heir to the throne of a genocidally-racist empire - an empire that *should* have burned and died with Kemoran IV."
"Alert," Kyle announced from the Science station, "Enemy slipspace sigs incoming. ETA sixty seconds."
"Have you gotten everything from the main computer?" Kylet'oran asked.
"Everything I could," Kyle affirmed.
"Very well," Kylet'oran said, "Let's hand control of this ship to the Alliance and fall back to the Retribution's Thunder."
The team left the Alliance personnel arriving in the hangar to control the ship while they departed and headed back to their flagship.
"Mr. Indari," Kylet'oran asked, "How long until the enemy arrives?"
"Thirty seconds and counting," Kyle answered.
Thirty seconds, and the Kemorainians will have already gotten that sample back to their base. They were running out of time. But out of the several ships that retreated during the battle, which one got the sample? And where were they taking it?
"Mr. Indari," Kylet'oran said, "Did you, by chance, get any info on the Kemorainian bases?"
"They were among the first things I downloaded," Kyle replied. "Why?"
"Where is their core base?" Kylet'oran asked.
"In the abandoned Dubrillon sector," Kyle responded.
"Open a channel to the DeMeA," Kylet'oran ordered.
"Channel open," Kyle announced.
"Kylet'oran Jek'ari to Commander Jay," Kylet'oran said, "Are you able to anonymously contact the Jiralhanae?"
M'raaj-Dar frowned. "What for?" he inquired.
"If the Jiralhanae act as they have in the past, they'll jump at any opportunity to either gain more technology or absorb another race into their army," Kylet'oran said.
"Trick the Jiralhanae into intercepting the DNA Sample," Kyle surmised, "and, knowing them, they won't have the tech to use the sample, but they will see the value of such a prize, and any allied faction can just buy it from them."

Good News, Everyone!
Okay, I know some of you *cough Julius cough* know me as a writer, so maybe you'll be surprised at this:

A few weeks ago, I decided to re-do a story of mine. For security reasons, I cannot divulge the name or any details about it, but suffice to say it's a COMPLETELY ORIGINAL story of mine. I plan to publish it as soon as I finish it.

But get this - in the few weeks I've been writing it, I've completed nearly 300 pages (currently stands at 296 pages)! And I'm still not finished!

Whaddya think?

EDIT: Just hit pg 302. Go me!!!

Fast Food Thread
McDonalds - meh, I like their fries, but their burgers (even the big mac) leave me hungrier.

Burger King - I haven't eaten there in a while, so I couldn't tell you.

Wendy's - Their burgers are *somewhat* filling, but their fries are so damn SALTY and make me thirstier (which is why I ALWAYS buy a LARGE DRINK when I get them). Believe me, I would know - I go there every friday night after work (assuming I don't get off late).

Colton's Steakhouse & Grill - HELL YA! Their burgers are EXACTLY the way I like 'em - big. VERY RARELY do I ever finish one. Their sirloin steaks are EVEN BETTER! And (get this) I work there! I get meals at discounted prices!

Subway - Always the same for me; turkey & Black Forest Ham foot-long sub with mayo and malt vinegar. YUM.

Sonic - Meh, food's kinda-sorta, but the drinks are among the largest I can get.

... that's all I can remember off the top of my head.

Halo: Rift War
(I'm not sure I get what you mean, BW.)

The Alliance reinforcements arrived faster than expected - of course, they warped in from an area neighboring Sangheilios' outer systems. The fleet that arrived to reinforce the allied fleet consisted of two Sangheili Hellhound Battleships, four Assault Carriers, Five Sangheili Destroyers, six Sangheili Marauders, three UNSC Marathon Cruisers, three UNSC Halcyon Cruisers, four UNSC Moscow Battlecruisers, five UNSC Destroyers, three UNSC Frigates, two UNSC Thor-Class Battleships, and one UNSC Trafalgar-Class Supercarrier. A marvelous sight to behold, to be sure; The fleet and reinforcements lined up to defy the Kemorainian onslought. The remaining Kemorainian ships orbiting Xenomorph Prime were retreating with what little engine power they had. The Allied fleet held their fire, saving shots for the coming Kemorainian reinforcement fleet.
The Battle was not yet won...

(I just noticed something, BW - Legius said that the hive hears nothing on this world, and that the denizens were not of the hive. That fits perfectly with the planet being the grave of the... well, the main antagonist of this RP. Nice going.)

Halo: Rift War
Kylet'oran, Kyle, M'raaj-Dar, and Deinonychus fought their way to the bridge of the enemy flagship against an increasingly desperate crew. They were in engineering, the section of the ship just below the bridge.
Kylet'oran and Kyle had taken cover behind a console wall, while Deinonychus was up and about somewhere, slaughtering Kemorainians as the homicidal Velociraptor he was, and M'raaj-Dar was sneaking about elsewhere, gathering as much intel and sabotaging as much as he could without being detected.
"Hell yeah!" Kyle exclaimed, plasma bolts flying over his head. "This is my kind of fight!"
"The kind where we all die, Mr. Indari?" Kylet'oran asked, drilling a Kemorainian that got too close.
"Hardly," Kyle replied. He rose from cover, put a burst into another Kemorainian, and shot yet another dead. "This is the kind of fight where we blow them to hell!" Kyle fired another burst at a Kemorainian patrol, sending him scurrying for cover. His MP340A2 made a loud click and the bolt locked open, indicating the gun was empty.
While Kyle reloaded, Kylet'oran covered him with his AR635A2. He shot a Kemorainian sentry through his serpentine skull, drilled another one in the throat, and sent others running for cover.
Kyle finished reloading as the Kemorainians in engineering retreated, and rose from cover to find he had nothing to shoot at. With the immediate area clear, Kylet'oran, Kyle, and Deinonychus boarded the turbolift and headed to the bridge...
* * *
While Kylet'oran, Kyle, Deinonychus and M'raaj-Dar fought their way to the enemy flagship's bridge, San was left to fight what was left of the Kemorainian fleet - and there wasn't much. Most of their ships were destroyed or adrift, and those ships that remained combat-effective refused to retreat. It was as though they believed...
Then it hit San. "Voro," she asked, "Are you picking up any sort of coded comm chatter?"
"Just picked up a coded subspace message - directed at the fleet attacking the DeMeA at the starbase, too. Apart from the request for reinforcements, they said something about how they had successfully extracted a 'holy warrior' from her grave... apparently on this world. Also included on the message was a message that reads 'rally at pre-designated coordinates,' followed by a spatial position."
"So whatever the Kemorainians came here to do," San surmised, "they're done - and they're trying to flee with their prize."
"Or they already left," Keesha corrected her mother. "I picked up a ship jumping to slipspace shortly after that message went out."
"Alert," Voro announced, "I have approach vectors for multiple Kemorainian ships - they jumped from the starbase!"
"Call in reinforcements," San commanded, "We're gonna need 'em."
"Fem'prakkus," Keesha said to San, using the Dragonarian word for "mother," "The Kemorainian flagship is hailing us!"
"On screen," San commanded.
Instantly, Kylet'oran's face appeared on the screen. "San," he said, "We've captured the enemy flagship... the crew has bended to our demands, and we're taking up position to your port side."
"The situation has gotten worse," San stated, "We just picked up a subspace message from the Kemorainians saying something about removing a holy warrior from her grave."
The color drained from Kylet'oran's face. "They found her," he whispered.
"You know who she is?" San asked.
"Too much to explain now," Kylet'oran snapped. "Let us drive the Kemorainains from here."
"That won't be easy, old friend," Voro commented. "We have enemy reinforcements on the way."
"They won't stay for long," Kylet'oran assured Voro. "If they came here for the reason I suspect, than the reinforcements will stay long enough to allow what's left of the fleet here to retreat - then retreat themselves."

(Remember that part I told you about in the PM I sent you, BW? That'd be this part.)

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