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In the curl of the fur!
... wow. That. Was. Awesome.

Cerinia's Destruction
Simple - I farted, it blew up.

Star_Dragon's PIMPMYGUN armory
Meh - if you think I have a taste for guns, you should see my appetite for starships and starship combat. (Hint hint - look at how I rp.)

But I totally agree with you - we should compare our tastes for guns sometime.

Star_Dragon's PIMPMYGUN armory
... Correct insofar as it goes - those second barrels are used for the integrated Kadgeron Disruptors. Nifty, if you ask me - you can run out of bullets, but still use the gun; Kadgeron Disruptors in firearms are... deadly, to say the least.

I also have a whole document of weapons like these - explains the caliber they're supposed to fire, who made them, what they do, and many other weapon details.

... Good to see there's someone on this forum as gun-savvy as me.

Star_Dragon's PIMPMYGUN armory
... Wow. Arashikage , I did not expect that from you; still, did you notice on the MP340A2 and the AR635A2 that it had a second barrel just above the first? If you can guess what it is, I'd be impressed.

Posted Image
The X60 Assault Rifle, derived from a personal favorite weapon of mine, the Steyr AUG.

Like I said, try and guess the secondary weapon of the X60, MP340A2 and the AR635A2.


Good News, Everyone!
Good news? Try this:


Unfortunately, I'll be out of contact when it actually GETS here - need to figure out how to install the damn thing - unless, ya know - one of you lives in Arkansas and can swing a trip to my house to help me install it. Whatever the case, me happy B)

HELLHOUND: The Marauder War
... wow, BW. I thought the DeMeA wanted nothing of the war - and that reply reminds me of Ambassador Spock's famous, "The good of the many outweigh the needs of the few." Still, it's good to see a familiar face on the roster (So to speak).

Outside the Bar of Galaxies
(Just posted the RP this battle spawned: HELLHOUND: The Marauder War Had to cancel Halo: Rift Marauders, unfortunately - the Virus problems I had a while back screwed up the file that had the original storyline in it.)

"Very well," Kyle said. "Target the closest Kazon warship, fire Kadgeron Disruptors at will."
The Hellhound Marauder locked on to a Kazon Calamari Cruiser, firing four Kadgeron Disruptor Pulses. The pulses, at this range, phased through the Calamari Cruiser's shields and impacted on the hull, vaporizing armor and blasting chunks into space. Four Kadgeron-infused Poleron Torpedoes were fired after that, flying through the cruiser's shields like they didn't exist and detonating craters in the hull.
The Retribution's Thunder was next to fire, firing Kadgeron Disruptors and MAC rounds. The volley impacted on the hull of a Kazon Predator, ignited the reactor, and blew the ship to hell. The other ships in the fleet - controlled by the drones at their center - began firing. The volley splashed across shields, blew up on hulls, and burned gashes in armor.

(Dammit - I gotta go. Need to run to town with my bro to get gas for the mower, get groceries, and pay the bank a visit. I'll be back later.)

HELLHOUND: The Marauder War
(Before I go on, read up: http://memory-alpha.org/wiki/Kazon )

In Universe 03-Charlie, a war has erupted. Dragon-shifters, in the name of their fallen comrades and those still living, have declared war on their enemy, the Kazon Alliance. In Universe 03-Charlie, the Kazon are more unified than in other 'verses - but they retain their wanton violence and technological hoarding behavior. During the course of their wars, they discovered - entirely by accident - a way to travel to different 'verses, and acquired new types of tech. Though powerful, they were inexperienced with these weapons - but it was enough to conquer most of their galaxy. At the height of their wars, a dragon-shifter was encountered somewhere in space, though they knew not where, that destroyed their ground forces. Among those forces were several Majes of the order, including the presiding First Maje - Jal Perra. His successor - First Maje Kell Barron - vowed vengeance against Dragon-shifters. Since then, the Kazon hunted the Dragon-Shifters wherever they went - and the Dragon-Shifters disappeared into hiding, biding their time until they could identify this new, faceless marauder.

A lone dragon shifter - Kyle Indari - and his crew aboard his ship, the Hellhound Marauder, after a cofrontation in this 'verse with members of the Star Dragon Team and the starship DeMeA, have identified the Kazon in this 'verse as the threat - and have ignited a duty-call to all dragon-shifters to rise up against this threat, to destroy the genocidal, totalitarian Kazon marauders and secure the Dragon-Shifters' place in the galaxy.

You are warriors who have been stricken in some way by the Kazon - Will you aid the Dragon-Shifters in battle? What is your price? Know that the resources of the Dragon-Shifters - gathered over centuries as they prepared for war - are vast, and can soothe hungers both subtle and gross. The choice is yours.

/////RULES AND TIPS\\\\\

Okay, let's lay the ground rules and General tips:

1.) WE'RE ON TEH SAME SIDE! Don't provoke each other - accidental friendly fire is acceptable, but NOT REPEATEDLY!

2.) NO GODMODDING. I cannot stress this enough. This includes impenetrable shields, no super-speedy ships, and one-shot-one-kill weapons. Kadgeron weapons are acceptable, but don't overdo it. Kadgeron weaponry is powerful, but not perfect. (If you wish to know how Kadgeron weapons work, PM me and I'll send you the specs.)

3.) BOARDING ACTION. If you decide to board an enemy ship, some pointers; A.) Don't board an enemy ship with the sole purpose of just killing everyone - you can do that from afar well enough. B.) To effectively take conrtrol of a ship, you need to take over it's Bridge, Engine Room, and other Important targets (Depending what ship you're on, so study it well) First. Many a boarding action has failed when boarding parties take control of certain parts of the ship, only to have the bridge or elsewhere initiate a self-destruct, or sabotage the engines and other important systems.

4.) KNOW YOUR ENEMY. It is the first rule of engagement - second is to know where to engage them. Pick your fights carefully; Each engagement, battle, skirmish, whatever can provide you with unique opportunities to study your enemy's strategies; observe how they think, how they move; what tech they use in given situations and how they use it. Such things will prove invaluable to the next fight.

5.) PLAN AHEAD. When you know who and what you're up against, it is wise to plan ahead. Going in fists first is generally not advisable - and it sometimes backfires. Plan your approach carefully. Remember - one step ahead isn't a plan; two to three steps ahead, beating an enemy's move before it's made, is far preferable. Bear in mind, however, that when plans get complicated, things can go wrong, and even the best-laid plans can go awry.

6.) THE KAZON. Unless I specify otherwise, I will be controlling the Kazon in this 'verse. For future reference, they are the Kazon Alliance; Kazon from other 'verses, however, can be used by other players if desired. Just read up on everything you can of them from the link provided at the top.

7.) UNIVERSES. There are many different universes in this galaxy, each with it's own timeline and prevalent factions. You may use ships from any one of them, but please, post a pic if you can. (See team sheets below.) If you decide to mix technology into one ship, please specify, but don't go overboard (see rule #2).

8.) THIS IS WAR. Wars take a long time to finish. Even if you kill off the leader early on, there are still the next-in-commands, many of them scattered about the galaxy. Don't be eager to end the war, and don't rush into the fights - the war is long; only by surviving it will you prevail.

9.) SHIPS. If you wish to have more than one ship under your control, fine - but no more than two other ships per person.

/////TEAM SHEETS\\\\\

If you wish to participate, post your profile as follows:

//// SHIP \\\\
Ship Name: <Insert name here>
Ship class: <Insert class here (Destroyer, Frigate, etc.)
Ship Power system: <Insert type of power plant (like Tritium Plasma Reactor or Dual fusion reactor)>
Ship Armament: <Obviously, your ship's weapons go here>
Ship shields: <Insert shield type (if any)>
Fighter Compliment: <Insert quantity & type of fighter craft, if any>
Crew Compliment: <Naval personnel and Marine Compliment goes here, if any>
Special Weapons/Items: (Optional. List anything out of the ordinary your ship has. See the Profile of the Hellhound Marauder for examples.)

///Team sheet\\\
Team Name:
Team members:
Team Flagship:
Team Leader:
Team Second-in-command:

This is My Profile:

///Team sheet\\\
Team Name: Star Dragon
Team members: Kylet'oran Jek'ari, San Jek'ari, Keesha Jek'ari, Voro 'Zamamee, Ado 'Zamamee, Dar-Ma, M'raaj-Dar, Jason Denton, Deinonychus Saevus,
Team Flagship: Sangheili Gunship Retribution's Thunder
Team Leader: Kylet'oran Jek'ari
Team Second-in-command: Voro 'Zamamee

////Sangheili Gunship\\\\
Ship Name: Retribution's Thunder
Ship class: Gunship/Battleship
Ship Power system: Dual Tritium Plasma Reactors
Ship Armament: x6 Kadgeron Plasma Turrets Port/Starboard (each), x8 Kadgeron Plasma Pulse Lasers Port/Starboard (each), X2 Plasma Projectors, x4 MAC guns imbedded in the fore, x2 automated pop-up archer missile pods dorsal/ventral (each), x12 50mm MLA Kadgeron autocannons at varous locations on the ship.
Ship shields: Capital-class heavy shields
Fighter Compliment: x10 Seraph squadrons (automated), x10 modified Longsword squadrons (automated), x1 JX-49 (Kylet'oran), x1 JX-50 (San)

Because he is under my control also, here is Kyle Indari's file:

///Kyle Indari\\\
Name: Kyle Indari

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Height: 7’ 0”

Weight: 225 lbs

Eye Color: Sapphire-blue

Species: Cerinian/Dragon Shifter

Hair Description: Military-Style

Fur Color/Fur Pattern: Fur Color is Blue, fur pattern... he has multiple bald spots where he has scars from previous wars and other events. Two such scars are long and vertical where his wings appear when he takes the form of a Dragon.

Vocal Description: Raspy, kind of like Master Chief’s.

Body Description: Muscular, but still nimble.

Attire/Appearance: Wears olive-drab shirt and camo pants, sometimes under his personal Multi-Adaptive, Self-Regenerating Ablative (MASRA) Armor. Also armed with AR635A2 Multi-Purpose Assault Rifle, Reman Disruptor Rifle, x2 modified Klingon Disruptor Pistols, x1 Type-3 Disruptor (), x2 trophy lightsabers.

Family: None (Deceased), Wife (Deceased)

Occupation: Military Commando/Adviser/General-for-hire

Good/Bad: Good

Theme Song: Linkin Park – Somewhere I Belong

Birthplace: Cerinia

Current Location/Residence: On his warship, the Vengeance-class warbird Hellhound Marauder

Training/Specialties/Skills: Dragonarian military training, Yaut’ja tribal skills, extensive knowledge in Xenobiology and Computer Counterintelligence.

Special Markings: Aforementioned scars

Personality: Keeps to himself, even within the team. Doesn't speak unless spoken to or has good reason to speak.

Other info: Once a paranoid psychopath, then a member of team Star Dragon, and now a general in the war for his own people - Dragon-Shifters - Kyle has been to hell and back a dozen times over. As a seasoned veteran in both starship combat and surface engagements, Kyle was a natural choice to lead this war. He is quiet, reserved, focusing on winning the war for his people and ensuring the survival of dragon-shifters everywhere. However, rumors suggest he is also searching for some sign of other survivors of the world he was born on - Cerinia.

//// Hellhound Marauder \\\\
Ship Name: Hellhound Marauder
Ship class: Vengeance-class Warbird
Ship Power system: Dual Quantum Singularity reactors
Ship Armament: x13 Klingon Disruptors, x13 Reman Disruptors, x4 Heavy Kadgeron Plasma Lances, x30 Kadgeron Disruptors, x2 Integragted Species 8472 Bio-Pulse Beam emitters, x25 Torpedo launchers (Fires Kadgeron, Quantum, Poleron, Transphasic, and Thaleron torpedoes), x1 Tri-Barreled Kadgeron Mass Driver Imbedded in the nose, x7 Romulan Disruptor banks.
Ship shields: Primary Void Shields, Secondary Kadgeron Shields, Starship-mounted Multi-Adaptive Self-Regenerating Ablative (MASRA) Armor.
Fighter Compliment: None
Crew Compliment: x1200 Klingon, Romulan and Reman Naval Personnel, x800 Klingon and Reman Marines.
Special Weapons/Items: Thousands of drones stored in the Hangar that, when active, use a highly-modified version of the Incursion Technology to make themselves into different warships.

The choice is yours.

Halo: Rift Marauders (Part I)
///BAD NEWS\\\

I have decided to cancel this rp for reasons that I have lost the original storyline - and I cannot remember enough of the details to start anew. Feel free to rip my head off - or join the New RP I am planning.


Outside the Bar of Galaxies
(BW, are you familiar with the sci-fi 'verse known as "Babylon 5?")

With the fleet summoned by the Hellhound Marauder, plus the Retribution's Thunder and the DeMeA all waiting for the enemy fleet, Kyle sat eager in his chair. He now knew the face of his people's hidden enemy - their faceless threat. A more advanced version of the Kazon, being the dominant species in this particular 'verse, this Kazon Alliance would now face the fury of the Dragon-Shifters.
It came as no surprise, then, when the Kazon warships dropped out of warp, they had all manner of different warships - among the numerous Kazon Predator-class carriers and Raiders, there were Mon Calamari Cruisers, CIS Recusant Destroyers, Munificent Frigates, Lucrehulk Battleships, Terran Imperial (referring to the Star Trek Mirror 'verse Terran Empire, of course) Akira Combat cruisers, Ambassador Battlecruisers, Advent Radiance Battleships and Rapture Battlecruisers, Vasari Kortul Devastators and Vulkoras Desolators, plus several warships that neither Kyle nor any on Star Dragon had seen before - marked as Earth Alliance Hyperion, Warlock, Nova and Omega classes. At the center of the Kazon fleet sat a...
... a 19-kilometer long Executor-class Super Star Destroyer. "An Executor?" Kyle chuckled. "I shudder to think how the honorless Kazon managed to acquire one of those."
"Sir," Lt. Xerun said, "the Kazon fleet commander is signalling - they demand we power down and relinquish the Dragon-shifter - you."
"Hail them," Kyle ordered.
"Frequency open," Xerun said.
"Attention, Kazon Commander - this is Dragon-Shifter Kyle Indari speaking," Kyle began, "For too long have you hunted my people across the galaxy. For too long, we have had to wait for you to show your honorless faces, so that we might strike against you - I am now pleased to say that this wait is over. I am aware you've no intention of surrendering - but that's fine with me. I offer no quarter here; You have murdered my kind like animals, and now, we wish to return the favor."
"Ah, Mr. Indari," The Kazon commander said. "I have heard of you. I knew your quest would lead you here - your dragon-shifter sense of honor and duty, your foolish desire to avenge the death of your people, would not let you wander elsewhere - but we are ready for you; and we will have our victory for the Kazon people! It is we who will avenge the deaths of our people!"
"Those are bold words, commander," Kyle growled, "But hollow ones - it is your kind who brought this war on yourselves, and it is your kind that bears the responsibility for the deaths of your people; when we have broken the back of your war machine, we shall dance around the fires of your fallen empire! Prepare for battle - and meet the fury of the Dragon-Shifters!"
The channel cut off after that, and the Kazon ships engaged their engines. "B****rds aren't even changing course," Kyle chuckled. "They must really want to die. Commander Jay - would you like to fire the first volley, or should I?"

Outside the Bar of Galaxies
Kyle listened to the great Death Wyrm, pacing back and fourth, piecing together what was being said.
"So let me get this straight, so there are no mistakes - you say you know for a fact that it is not Balsa that hunts us, but you know not who our hidden enemy is?" Kyle began to pace faster, comprehension finally dawning. "The Kazon!" He looked up at Nidhoggr as he explained, "Since the time our conflict began, we dragon-shifters have been hiding from a faceless threat - every one of us that has seen their face has died trying to get word out; all we have ever been able to get as far as racial factions go is 'the Kay,' and their deaths have - strangely enough - coincided with the appearance of Kazon ships. At the time, we thought the Kazon to be too primitive to take us on - but it appears we... underestimated them; now, it is clear to me. It makes sense. I thank you, Death Wyrm Nidhoggr; I must now find my--"
A massive scream in the force, audible to Jedi and dragon-shifter alike, echoed in Kyle's head. He was barely able to pass the pain off as a defiant groan, his eyes screwing shut and neon-green blood leaking from his left nostril. When it stopped, Kyle's eyes bolted open. "The enemy is here," he whispered. He shifted back to normal form, transporting back to the Hellhound Marauder as he said, "I owe you one, Nidhoggr."

* * *

All was quiet in orbit around the nameless planet. For what seemed hours, Kyle and Nidhoggr conversed, and everyone feared Kyle would not listen.
It was completely unexpected, then, when Kyle, Voro, San and Keesha suddenly doubled over, clutching their heads as something perceived through the force assaulted them. But the pain was brief. Voro was the first to recover, checking his console, followed by Keesha, running sensor sweeps of the sector and surrounding areas.
"Sensors are detecting multiple starships, heading this way!" Keesha proclaimed. "Reading... approximately four hundred-fifty warships! All of them shields up and weapons hot!"
"Can we get out before they arrive?" Kylet'oran asked.
"Negative - the enemy warships are too close!" Dar-Ma responded. "We'd never jump to light speed in time - they have multiple Immobilizer 418 Interdictor Cruisers. We won't be able to jump until they're destroyed!"
"Looks like we have to fight our way out," Kylet'oran growled. "Voro, shields up! Bring Kadgeron weapons on-line and get a line to the DeMeA - we have inbound hostiles!"
"Sir, the Hellhound Marauder is hailing us... on a fleet-wide transmission!"
"Hellhound Marauder to Retribution's Thunder and Deus Meus Amat - get out of here; the coming battle is mine alone," Kyle said.
"Not gonna happen, Mr. Indari," Kylet'oran said. "Star Dragon leaves no one behind - you will only perish alone."
"Hardly," Kyle chuckled. "I think it time to unveil the little surprise I had originally saved for the DeMeA."
"Whatever tricks you have up your sleeves," Kylet'oran said, "We're not leaving you behind."
Though no one could see him smile, they heard him chuckle. "So be it," he said. "Tactical - deploy the Incursion Drones."
Several hangars opened up in different areas of the Hellhound Marauder's hull, and hundreds of drones, about ten meters in length, swarmed out and around the Hellhound Marauder as it took on a position to defy the incoming onslought. Each one lit up like christmas trees, shimmered, and became full-fledged warships from across the 'verses; Romulan Warbirds, Klingon Birds-of-Prey and Negh'var Battlecruisers, Reman Birds of Prey and Scythe Battlecruisers, Imperator Star Destroyers, Venator Star Destroyers, Acclamator Cruisers, UNSC Cruisers and Carriers, Sangheili Gunships - like the Retribution's Thunder - and CCS Battlecruisers, TEC Kol Battleships and Marza Dreadnoughts, Cardassian Galor and Keldon Battleships, Breen Torpedo Cruisers and Assault Cruisers, and Dragonarian Dragon Battleships, Wyvern Battlecruisers, and two of their 10.5-kilometer-long Liberator-class Battle dreadnoughts.
"Interesting," Keesha said. "I read each of those ships as fully real - all equipped with Kadgeron-based weapons and defenses, and all of them fully automated. The Two Liberators, in addition to the typical Dragonarian weapons, are also equipped with Kadgeron Plasma Turbo-Cannons."
"This'll be an interesting fight," San said. "Kadgeron Plasma Turbo-Cannons have been known to sever Kemorainian ships in two in as little as one shot."

Outside the Bar of Galaxies
Kyle nodded, comprehension dawning. "In other words, it was an accident - and if what you said was true, she may be saving my kind - but if not her, than who? Who hunts us, and why? You say you have been watching this realm - surely you have seen that which hunts my kind like animals? Who are they, and why do they hate us?

Outside the Bar of Galaxies
Kyle remained undeterred. "What happened?" he repeated. "The murderer of my kin - Balsa - murdered six Dragon-shifters while I awaited her on Lamdon III. I admit, I had intended a test for her, to see if I could trust her - but she revealed herself to me as that which hunted Dragon-Shifters across the galaxy. On top of that, she slaughtered hundreds of innocent crewmen on Battle Group Marauder unprovoked; call it what she will, but I see it as wanton murder. And I do not hold to such a blatant attack on innocents who gave no hostile gesture.
"And for the record, I am not mortal - but that goes into another tale I will deal with some other time - suffice to say, I decide when I may die - no one else.
"Returning to the original topic... you asked me why I began to eminate such rage and hate? It is because now that I have found the slayer of my kin, I must destroy her - for the good of Dragon-Shifters elsewhere. Why? Have you knowledge that might suggest otherwise? Some evidence that suggests that someone else is responsible? If you possess such information, share it - I am interested in anything that may save my people."

Outside the Bar of Galaxies
As soon as Kyle received this message, he couldn't help but laugh. An amusing attempt to negotiate, to be sure.
"Comms," Kyle said, keeping his laughs in, "Where did that message come from?"
"Here," Lt. Xerun said, displaying an M-class planet. "I have already sent the coordinates to the Helm."
"Well, Helm - if you have the coordinates, get us there," Kyle ordered, shortly before laughing again. He returned to his normal, cynical military mind moments later as his warship entered warp.

* * *

The Retribution's Thunder waited, under silent running protocol, for the Hellhound Marauder to arrive. It seemed like hours, and just when everyone considered he wasn't going to show, a Transwarp aperture appeared, deposited a shimmer, and disappeared. Minutes ticked by as they waited for something - some sign of intent.
"Voro," Kylet'oran asked, "Is the DeMeA running with shields and weapons powered down?"
"I hope so," Voro said.
Finally, they got what they were looking for. The Hellhound Marauder de-cloaked - it's shape seemingly materializing from the vacuum of space itself. The tactical scans revealed all the weapons they were expecting plus an array of Kadgeron disruptors and torpedo launchers, sandwiched under Milti-Adaptive, Self-Regenerating Ablative (MASRA) Armor.
"Is the Hellhound Marauder's weapons and shields powered up?" San whispered.
"Negative," Voro responded. "And... they're hailing both us and the DeMeA!"
"How?" Dar-Ma asked. "He doesn't even know we're alive!"
"Hellhound Marauder to the Retribution's Thunder," Kyle said, "come out from that rock you're hiding under; I know you're alive."
This was not the kind of response they were expecting. Why did he not attack?
"Do we proceed?" Voro asked.
"Though I fear what he'll do," Kylet'oran explained, "if he knows we're alive and we don't respond, that alone could provoke him. Helm - put us alongside the DeMeA."
The Thunder's engines lit up, carrying it to the DeMeA's starboard side.
"Ah, there after all," Kyle said. He patched in a three-way link, allowing those on the DeMeA as well as the Retribution's Thunder to see his face - no longer enraged, but more curious than anything. "I agreed to this meeting because there is a neutral party involved, nothing more. I am willing to hear him out for the sake of Dragon-shifters across the 'verses." He cast Balsa a hostile glare, adding in, "But rest assured, slayer of my kin: If I so much as feel any sign of treachery - and I *will* - there is no word to how hard and how fast I will bring this fight to your doorstep."
The comm channel snapped off, and sensor readings visible to sensors six sectors away marked Kyle transporting to the surface in dragon form.

* * *

Kyle appeared - in Dragon form - before Nidhoggr. "You called for me, Mr. Nidhoggr?" he said as the transport was complete.

Outside the Bar of Galaxies
(um... okay. You still haven't contacted Kyle. Remember; you have his comm routines - Star Dragon does not. Also, and I had hoped the meeting between Kyle and Mr. Nidhoggr would take place down planetside. Still...)

Kyle was asleep in his chair when something woke him. Dragon-shifter senses going wild, he could only speculate what it was and where - but one thing was clear; it was a sensation he normally would feel when another dragon found it's way to this dimension. As much as he tried, he could not ascertain a motive. Or a location, for that matter.

(Now would be an excellent time to contact Kyle.)

Outside the Bar of Galaxies
(Vatn wenn. I meant no offense. If you read the last part of the previous post before my last one, you'll know the location of the Neutral Ground. I, as well, will assume Jay saw no foreseeable complications.)

As the Phantom arrived on the Retribution's Thunder, and the three Star Dragon emissaries - Kylet'oran, Keesha, and Voro - arrived on the bridge, Kylet'oran ordered,
"Helm, set a course for the following world - engage at will."
"Commander," Voro said to Jay, "you have the Hellhound Marauder's comm protocols - you must summon him. We cannot; he will suspect treachery if we do."
The Thunder was the first through the aperture - arriving at the target neutral world and setting a course behind one of it's moons. If they were lucky, the HM would not detect them there...

Outside the Bar of Galaxies
(Let's... just move on to the actual negotiation with Kyle. Assuming we play our cards right, we can avert a disaster before it strikes - which is Star Dragon's goal.)

Outside the Bar of Galaxies
(I'm... a bit confused, BW - Jay said they weren't going, and then I read something about the three ambassadors waiting to dock - what just happened? Regardless...)

Kylet'oran, Keesha and Voro headed to MercDock one in a Phantom Dropship, leading the ambassadorial shuttle from the DeMeA to land safely in the hangar. Once inside, two Reman escorts escorted the party from the Retribution's Thunder to Xerus' personal lounge.
Xerus stood with his back turned, staring out the window. "Greetings," Xerus said. "As I said over the Comm channel, I have been expecting you."
"And as you know, we were seeking information on the Hellhound Marauder," Kylet'oran said. "What can you tell us?"
"Anything and everything you need to know," Xerus said. He began pacing as he began to explain, "The Vengeance-class warbird Hellhound Marauder is... a unique ship - the only one of it's kind. Where to begin...?
"It started when a very rich faction commissioned us to build their flagship. They wanted high mobility combined with a diverse tech and weapons package. Logically, we chose the Reman warbird - but they would only pay us if they were allowed to build it. We allowed them, and as the weeks went by, it became apparent that this was far larger than the standard model - this one was... well, nearly half the size of the DeMeA. It conformed - somewhat - to the original design, but the tech involved was... odd.
"When the general structural work was finished, they supposedly rescued a bunch of aliens from some space anomaly - black hole or something. Kept calling them 'Orks' and 'Necrons.' Point being, they had them installing the first of the weapons - The Necrons installed these... Gauss particle whips or whatever, got those working, then installed a weapon I've not seen before - and probably never will. It supposedly followed the same design of the Particle Whip, but I never saw it in action.
"Anyway, after the Necrons finished weapons detail, the Orks started installing their Heavy Gunz, or whatever they're called. Needless to say, a lot of weapons from both parties were installed."
"But these weapons - especially Ork weapons - are useless unless one knows how to use them," Kylet'oran said.
"Well, believe it or not, that had occurred to these guys," Xerus continued, taking a glass of Romulan Ale from his desk and sipping it. "They had senior members from both parties instructing them in the use of these weapons. After the Orks finished their work, they just... vanished. But the Necrons remained... something about engines.
"After the Orks disappeared, another party came in and installed triple-screens of Void Shielding - how they did it, I didn't question. After they installed Plasma Lances, they left. Then, it got even stranger - They started integrating two Bio-Pulse Beam Emitters - one port, the other starboard. I'm not sure how they did it, but both weapons were made fully operational. Once all that was done, the group began slapping Reman and Klingon Pulse Disruptors, Romulan Disruptor banks - sort of like a Romulan version of the Federation Phaser Strip - and multiple torpedo launchers; Tau Drone Torpedoes, Plasma Torpedoes, Poleron, Transphasic, Boarding Torpedoes, plus some others I didn't really understand. They then installed that... cloaking device, coupled with advanced sensors, triple-ghost-encrypted communication systems, and something they called the 'Phantom Menace.'
"After all that was installed, the Necrons finally installed some sort of advanced engines - and, for some reason, the commissioning party saw fit to install several Transwarp Coils they stole from a Borg Cube. When it was all done, they performed final tests, and when they found everything beyond nominal specs, they took the ship and we never saw it again."
"What about the Necrons?" Keesha asked. "What happened to them?"
"Well," Xerus explained, "that happened as the final tests were being finished - they were leaving on a ship bound for their home world when the Orks came in and blasted them to hell - and the Hellhound Marauder tested their weapons on the Orks. Blew them up with the Necrons. Needless to say, the HM didn't even get a scratch."
"I didn't think Necron ships were that vulnerable to Ork weapons," Voro said.
"I never said they were leaving on one of their ships," Xerus corrected. "We were transporting them in one of our freighter convoys when the Orks attacked."
"Oh," Voro said.
"Now that you know about the Hellhound Marauder," Xerus stated, "Know this - If you intend to go after it, to bring her commander back alive, I know how you can contact him."
"You know that?" Keesha asked.
"I have his Comm Protocols - they can be used to contact him anywhere he is, regardless if you and he are in the same 'verse or not," Xerus responded.
Kylet'oran nodded thoughtfully. "Send those protocols to the DeMeA. Thank you for your assistance."
As Kylet'oran, Keesha and Voro left MercDock one, they discussed over an open channel their options.
"The Retribution's Thunder cannot stand against a ship like that," Voro said. "The DeMeA could take them, but not us."
"Still, if there is any sanity left in Kyle, we must try to reach it," Keesha said. "And I think I know of a place to do this - our 'Neutral Ground.'"
"Where?" Kylet'oran asked.
Keesha pulled up an image of an M-class planet, sending it to the DeMeA and the Retribution's Thunder. "This is where we could do this - it's uninhabited, but deep in the Delta Quadrant - Universe 03-Charlie."
"Isn't that the 'Verse where the Borg have conquered everyone?" San asked.
"Mother," Keesha corrected, "That's Universe 03-Delta. 03-Charlie saw the end of the Borg long ago."
"Sounds like a solid lead," Voro admitted. "But the disturbances in the force are getting stronger. Commander Jay, can you think of any foreseeable complications?"

Outside the Bar of Galaxies
"Firstly, Balsa," Kylet'oran said calmly, "We did not come here to make war on the Romulans - secondly, you cannot blame them for making such a device - they intended it to be used in dire emergencies, when war goes poorly and resources grow short - a war with the Borg, for example - or against your Necron enemies. Thirdly, it's doubtful that Kyle wanted this to happen - Before we met him, he had no interest in starting war - he was just trying to get by. Lastly, if you think that this gives us any more comfort than it does you, you are mistaken. Until we ascertain the truth, We request that you control yourself."
"Alert," Dar-Ma said, "We are approaching the Reman Mercenary Stardock."
"The Stardock is hailing us and the DeMeA," Voro announced.
"On-screen," Kylet'oran ordered.
The face of a Reman appeared instantly. "Remus MercDock one to Retribution's Thunder and Deus Meus Amat - this is Colonel Xerus. We've been expecting you."
"I don't like the sound of that," San mumbled.
As though Xerus heard this, he said, "Have no fear - I won't make a move on you. As long as we keep things cordial between us, you will not be harmed."
"We... were looking for information on--" Keesha started.
"You seek information on the Hellhound Marauder," Xerus finished. "And I will give such information. However, it cannot be here - over the channel, even if it's secure. Come to my lounge on the station - we've much to discuss. Do not be taken aback by my hospitality - as I said, as long as we keep things cordial, you will not be harmed."
The transmission cut off after that.
"Could be a trap," Voro said.
"Could be," Kylet'oran admitted, "But we must proceed with our current dilemma as though we know nothing of it, musn't we?" Kylet'oran turned his attention to Jay. "Commander Ja--" Kylet'oran shuddered again, this time, more visible than before.
"I sense it, too," San said. "The disturbance in the force is getting stronger."
"I fear... Kyle is no longer the threat - there is something else... stirring... waiting..." Kylet'oran said. If any on the DeMeA understood anything of this cryptic Jedi speak, Kylet'oran didn't hear them as he asked, "Commander Jay - can you keep Balsa under control during this meeting? I don't want any mishaps."

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