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Though I think Kursed is a good idea what would be a better idea is if NINTENDO PUT SOME BRAIN INTO THIS SERIS AND MAYBE SOME BACKGROUND!!!
Julius Quasar
...and if they put Kursed in a sexier outfit. :P

the only reason I liked Kursed in the first place was because Kursed of all the starfox characters may have had the ablity to develop some backbone (Backstory)

^ this
I think it could be because of the image on the game, it gives the impresion that she's not the same person she was, that her mind its totally changed, rotten by the by the pain she suffered.
Anyway I still prefer krystal.

Happy New Year!
Gelukkige nuwejaar , Gëzuar vitin e ri, Ein gutes neues Jahr, E glëckliches nëies, Новым Годом, Bonne année, Felice anno nuovo, 幸せ新しい年, Feliz año nuevo, Happy new year guys!!!!