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Hi everyone caat here....
First of anything sorry about the title...
Okay now i'm going directly to the point, due to some happenings in the current days I'll have to leave the forums, and most likely will be permanently, it was nice to see again my old friends of SF-O even when I did not speak a lot with them :p, anyway I never been good at that. hehe.
One more thing I will like that the admins elimate this account, since my provabilidades to return are almost nil.
Well that's all, hasta luego!

Official "Funny Video" Topic
Take a look at this, is just awesome! :animeeyes:

Sprite Modification(s)
DRL, this is awesome!, nice work. :nod:

Just an animation, but nice.


My little corner
Krystal! heh heh, it took me awhile to do it, but i'm happy with the result...
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My little corner
Thanks julius!.

Caramelldansen! :lol:

My little corner
Thanks guys!.