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myu stuff
wow you are really good at drawing :)

Caat here, how are you doing people, it's nice to see write here again, well maybe you're now thinking: what the hell is this dude doing here again XD, if you do, I can't blame you, well the reason of my return is not for staying.
First of anything, I think I owe an apology to all of you, maybe the way I left the place it was no the best, but I was not in the mood, and it was not the right time neither, well now to the point, remeber when I told you to eliminate this account well please forget that, why?, well my brother told me that he wanted to create an account in here, so I told him that he could use this one (that's why the username is no longer caat), now that I will not use this one anymore I didn't see any inconvenient to doing so (I hope so...), we use the same PC and thus the same IP, so instead of create another account that will login form the same IP, well I think you got the point.

So from now on, the person you're gonna see is my brother...

Well it was a honor to be in this place, now I must to say good bye.
farewell my friends :)