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Adult Swim shows you hate
The Oblongs appear on AS, I just seen it not a week ago >.>;;

Pokemon Rp
A little growl rumbled in Fang's throat as he sat down heavily on his haunches, mentally nursing the wounds of his pride.

Thankfully, being a pup, that shouldn't last long.

Charchy then kneeled down, that last attack had taken more out of him then he had previously thought. Soon something came to his mind in the moments they both rested, "Grandpa, I wanna be big and strong like you!" The little lizard said, looking up to his grandfather. "Someday, but first, you need to learn your opponent.." Charchy soon snapped out of it, raising back up. "Wanna play?" he asked, having a grin on his face.

"Raikou...?" Chispa stopped in his tracks, a paw in midstep, his eyes having widened slightly. "But--...Isn't that a legendary Pokemon? I've never met anyone who's met Raikou..."

Vaporeon chuckled, "Yeah........my Trainer and I have been through a lot, we met all three of the dogs at one point. My Trainer had a rivalry with Suicune once..." she chuckled.

For a few moments, the Houndoom lay undisturbed, not seeming to have noticed. Then, gradually, his tailtip began twitching as he lay there, eyes closed still. He could have sworn he felt the subtle radiance of heat from something else nearby, and Zangoose had left. Fang was busy with the fight and Tigre had fallen asleep.

Chispa certainly wasn't one to cuddle.

Before he could get too restless, Reaper raised his head and lightly opened his eyes, his gaze falling upon the stranger of a Pokemon. He blinked, simply watching the small puppy, soon awkwardly scuffing the ground with a forepaw. "...Evening, pup," he finally spoke.

The tiny puppy sprang up and away from Reaper, "Uh.....evening.." he suddenly became scared of what the other pokemon might do with the sudden intrusion.

Adult Swim shows you hate
I have to say, one of the shows I HATE the most is Squidbillies, but i have not watched it in awhile, so there may be more

The Hero Project RP
Sorry for the late reply, but heck ya I will Join >:D

Pokemon Rp
Fang winced slightly, the pup feeling like he took more force from the blow than usual. Slowly opening his eyes, his tail lashed out in alarm behind him at the sight of Charchy. "Huh--wha? I hit you!"

Charchy looked down at the pup, "I trained with my Grandpa, 'member?" The tiny lizard then jumped back and looked at Fang, beginning to pant form the energy he lost from using the attack and taking the damage.


"Well...Alright, if you say so," he grumbled, returning his muzzle to his paws and closing his eyes. After a few moments, though, an eye peeked open again, looking back to Zangoose. "Something wrong?"

Zangoose snapped out of his train of thought, and turned to Reaper, "I just....thought I saw what she saw...." he then followed Amy from a distance, until he saw what was transpiring between her and another pokemon.

"A powerful electric type?" Chispa repeated, growing a little interested in that portion of Vaporeon's past. Curious to know a little more, he asked, "What Pokemon was it?"

He was too preoccupied at the moment to notice her tiring pace.

Vaporeon looked at Chispa as they walked, "It was the dog of thunder.........Raikou..." she spoke, still feeling the chill she got from the encounter.

Just then a small pokemon looked from behind the brush at two pokemon, one covered in white fur with red markings, the other, fully black with horns above his head. Upon seeing the four legged, dog like creature, the smaller then usual pokemon began to wag his tail. Without much thought put into it, the pokemon walked up and sat next to Reaper. If the Houndoom was to notice, he would find a Lillipup was sitting next to him.