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What is the worst game you've ever played?
Katamari Dymacy (spelling)

why? because you run around as the smallest creature in existance, rolling around a "ball" to pick things up. and everyone in the game goes their merry little way........unless you pick them up.

The Guy Game.......nugh said.

and finally, Yu-Gi-Oh, Dark Duel Stories for the Gameboy color. I am a major fan of the Yu-Gi-Oh series and card game....but this game makes my head spin. you can only set one trap card per turn (meaning if you put down a trap card......that is it....no others unless you use that one first) some spell card severally OP'ed monsters that didnt even go with the cards, For Example, Sogen is a Field Spell card that powers Warriors and Beast-Warriors by 200 attack points (like all the original Field Cards did for different monsters) I would summon a "Summoned Skull" to the field (Base stats ATK:2500/DEF:1200) and this monster is a Fiend type. Sogen somehow gave Summoned Skull an additional 700 to 1000 extra attack points. Also not to mention there is absolutelly NO story line. basically in each "level" you are given 5 duelists, you cannot progress until you beat all 5 of them 5 times. there are only 4 levels, with the last two levels having only one character a piece. Yeah it is somewhat tough, but nothing like the real game at all (also to mention the game only has cards from the first three packs, even when more were out before the game came out.

I plan on starting with the Grass starter. It will bring everything full circle (first gen starter: Fire, second gen start: Water, third gen starter: Fire, fourth gen starter: Water, fifth gen starter: Grass)

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Redfox.....I will have a message for you.....shortly

Kursed...Thanks, actually, those things eventually have helped, thanks to a friend I have irl, we have a thing we called Nerd Night, recently, I got him into playing games, so it is better to have someone to converse with in the matters.

Julius...*hugs tightly* thank you, I am, one of the things getting me down was my mom wasn't doing too good, but now she is feeling a lot better.

Also....can we PLEASE get rid of the snow on the board.....bothers my eyes at the bottom with the flickering and screws up any sounds coming from my computer, be it music or a video while I am on here (the "toggle" feature does NOT work)

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well guys.....this wolf is in a depressed mood again. been trying everything to shake it, games, friends, hell even things that cannot be mentioned on this site......and nothing is working, no matter what, i just get the same feeling in the end.


anyway.....Gen 6 has been announced, i personally have not looked to far into it....but from what i hear, it will be premiered on the 3DS handheld, and there is certainly a lot of hype about it on my furry facebook account from the PokeFurs.......also, its plan release date will be this October......all i need is a 3DS and i will be ready

i said the same thing, as did a lot of people in the beginning. yet when i went to Best Buy to find some new ones, a lady who worked there even said, they unexpectedly ran low this year compared to the last because last year no one knew anything about it or how fun it could be........another prime example of a series that went through the same trials.....Pokemon

I'm a little teapot short and stout.......

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Well, as warned the Skylanders Topic has been made......here


Thinking of changing my sig to have Trigger Happy in it xD

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Oh I am so messaging peoples xD

my name is my fursona name, DismayWolf

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I create this topic in hopes of finding other Portal Masters out there......wait I am getting ahead of myself lol.

This game came out in 2011, well the first game. It was an attempt to actually revive the Spyro series, and as you can tell, it has had much success.

In the game, there are over 30 different "Skylanders" to choose from, each falling evenly within 8 different elements; Magical, Life, Earth, Water, Fire, Tech, Wind, and Undead.

There is different games for different ways of playing. Some for handheld, mainly for the consoles (main reason I placed this topic in the X-box location is because I have yet to see it on other platforms.....I can be wrong).

Thus far there are two main games, Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure, and Skylanders Giants.

If you get this game, like all other games, start from the beginning. I do warn however, that when you go to get more Skylanders, when starting with the first, you can use "Giants" addition pieces, as long at they appeared in the first game. Easiest way to tell if they are compatible is 1: They say "Series 2" and 2: On the box it had a check mark on the lower right of the cover of the Skylander.

So now for the story. In the world of Skyland, there is something called "Portal Masters", or a person who can use a magical and ancient device to send creatures from one place or another. They are able to command these creatures to do as they wish, be it for good (as you are) or evil.

There was once peace in the Land of Skyland, until one day, a source of Darkness, going by the name Kaos, came up and disrupted it. Eon, the worlds only Portal Master used the Skylanders to fight back against Kaos, and they were winning. Kaos on the other hand, had another plan. He sent a massive blast towards the battlefield, shooting all the Skylanders far from their home. Through space they traveled, noticing they began to get smaller and smaller, until they were able to fit into the palm of someones hand. They landed in our world, and those who play, are the new Portal Masters. As for poor Eon, he lost his body, but is now an ascended being, still helping how he can.

It is now up to the new Portal Master and the Skylanders to find everything needed to rebuild the "Core of Light", gathering the Eternal Sources of each Element, along with special items needed to continue the project.

Now for a few other things. If you have ever watched "The Emperors New Groove" you will hear the voice of "Krunk" in the character Fin. If you have ever watched "The Grim adventures of Billy and Mandy" the voice of Billy is the same as Kaos (I nearly died laughing when I first heard it....but it fits). When the scenes where Kaos is overlooking his own Portal, you will hear this voice, but when he is a "giant floating head" over a "boss battle" the voice is different.

To also note, in order to get through the game easier, along with the ability to unlock everything in any level, it is best you have at least one Skylander of each Element, as certain special areas can only be accessed by Skylanders of certain Elements. Also, in various areas, Skylanders of a certain Element become stronger in these areas (Eon will annoyingly tell you when you have entered such area)

Overall, I am really liking this game, decent plot, and some really zany character (including the Skylanders themselves)

Ok...I think I covered everything........so here is my team, and if you too are a Portal Master, I pray that you post here too.

Spyro: Magical Element
Gill Grunt: Water Element
Trigger Happy: Tech Element (Personal Fav....look him up xD)
Ignitor: Fire Element
Whirlwind: Wind Element
Stump Smash: Life Element
Hex: Undead Element

sadly I am lacking the Mountain Element......though I am picky on that one.....wanting Prism Break...

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so the last few days have been interesting. wednesday, i went to both Best Buy and GameStop. at Best Buy i got a new Skylander figure.....sadly i kept screwing up and bought ones not compatible for my game (Skylander: Giants figures have a nasty habit of not working for the first game, even though all of them are in the first), they mainly didnt work cause they are the new "Lightcore" addition......but i found some of the Series 2 figures that are compatible with Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure. Also got an Xbox game for .99! and yet another Skylander at Gamestop, along with Pokemon White2 and my own Wii MotionPlus remote (jet black!). yesterday.......two more of the damned Skylanders figures....meaning i have only one element to collect....just one of each to beat the game lol. (expect a Skylanders Topic soon) lol.

Corneria College
Votaris thought a moment then held up the book, "Anatemy........this is the closest that I.....um...." he wanted to say something.....but lost his nerve.

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yeah, been having fun with Sonic '06, already 2/3 done with it before the main ending, started Shadow's story tonight, but gotta get a lot of things done tomorrow. Pokemon Green has been played a bit, still shocked i got it, considering it is like $60 to $80 bucks used....and this one is brand feakin' new! Came with the original box and paper work!!!!! now all i need is White2 and my collection of the "trainer" games will be complete......which i will get at GameStop soon since i have 2 $50 dollar gifts cards for there xD. as for the site, i have been checking, waiting on a reply to my post in the college rp lol