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Invitation to Darkness
so my dad has found a way to kick my ADD into high gear. for Christmas he got me an Xbox (never had one before) with Sonic '06 and Skylanders. then i got Pokemon Black 2 and the Japanese game Pokemon Green......imma be busy for awhe :(

Corneria College
(whoops read that wrong, sorry lol)

Votaris looked to the side, "I'm studying to be a doctor......it was what i decided to do shortly after an incident when i started here..." he stated, feeling more comfortable to not hide his book.

Corneria College
Votaris closed hia book, "I am fifteen....." he replied. Votaris' tail swished a bit, he was unsure why himself.

Corneria College
Votaris chuckled, "Wisdom never have to match age, but can prove how old one can be early on..." he tried sounding witty as he closed his book. He didnt want to move, to see what other comments might be coming, he kept a smile on his face nontheless.

Corneria College
Votaris was still trying to vet his key to fit in to now apparently nothing. It wasn't until a moment later did he lower his book and glance up, "Um......I am not at my room.....am I?" he asked.


I found out something interesting.

Apparently there is a way to get Surfing Pikachu without hacking or going to an event that doesn't exist anymore. Here is how to do it.

Pokemon Yellow version
Pokemon Stadium
Gameboy Transfer pak.

Now here is what you do;

1. Get to the Round 2 portion of Pokemon Stadium

2. Get all the way to the Prime Cup Masterball (can already be previously beaten)

3. Raise a decent team on Pokemon Yellow (I honestly transported some in that were at level 100)

4. You must enter Prim Cup Masterball Round 2 using only Pokemon from the Pokemon Yellow, there can be no rentals and you cannot register your team.

5. Pikachu MUST be part of the team.

6. Pikachu must be part of the chosen three Pokemon for every battle (it does NOT have to actually enter battle, BUT it must be part of the chosen three for everything, pretty much making the game slightly difficult as the Ratio for battle will pretty much be 2 against 3)

7. You cannot use the "Save place and battle later" option at the end of the battle, you have to make time to go through it all without ending and coming back later.

8. You are allowed to lose, and allowed to use Continues if you have them.

9. Once you have beaten the Prime Cup Masterball, the game will go through the normal "Hall of fame" entry, then the screen will change to have a "sunset" effect, and Pikachu is able to learn Surf.

Now there are some sites out there (if you are checking to see if what I say is legit) that will tell you you cannot lose and cannot use continues, and that Pikachu has to appear in every battle. I bring you truth in everything listed as after I found the information myself, I tried it, and now own a surfing Pikachu. I got it to know Surf at lvl 14, the rest of the team used in the battles were level 100. Using a Mewtwo that knows Psychic, Blizzard, Thunderbolt and Recover will help greatly.

Have fun Pokefriends *hops on surfboard and surfs away*

Info can be found in the link below:

Surfing Pikachu info

What are you Jamming out to?
Cascada....Italobrothers......two different forms of dance music beautifully blended together........*head explodes*


David White (The SF64 voice actor of General Pepper)'s Homepage
That is awesome, sadly the second link didn't work. I am honestly torn between which voice actor for Pepper was better. David White did an amazing job with him in SF64, as did Gray Eubank did in SF Assault. honestly....Adventures made Pepper to be too cartoony. But the growl both David and Gray did was amazing.

Anime Thread
I have my fair share of Favorites in the anime realm.

FullMetal Alchemist (both show and books)
Pokemon Adventures (The books......the show is kinda predictable nowadays....even though Jesse and James seem more kickarse lately)
Love Hina
Fruits Basket

To comment on the Pokemon part, I do enjoy the movies, recently seen "Kyrum and the Sword of Justice" involving the three new legendary Pokemon (Cobalion, Terrakion, and Virizion) and the young Keldeo. The thing I found interesting was the Voice Actor for Keldeo is the same voice actor for Edward Elric in the FullMetal Alchemist series. By watching this movie....it brings me to 7 Pokemon movies seens

The first movie
2000; Power of one
Spell of the Unown; Entei
Mewtwo Returns
Raikou; King of Thunder (never aired in America)
Arceus and the Jewel of Live
Kyrum and the Sword of Justice.

I am a Pokenerd.....leave me alone xD

Diary of a Mad Furry
*snags Julius* you can chill at my place, only thing you probably won't like is when I kick your butt in SFAssault >:}

Corneria College
[offtopic]that post was a way to put Votaris outside of the door you two are in lol[/offtopic]

Corneria College
Votaris had left the cafeteria and decided to read on the way back to his room. He pulled the book of anatomy out, but quickly covered it using a newpapers. This move however, impared his vision. After a few near misses of bumping into other students, he finally made it back to the dorms, where he walked up to a room and began to try his key.....

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
You have to buy the potions before going to the 'land below' so once you use them, they are gone. So far I have only encountered 2 fairies and caught them, shortly having them revive me after I died, and finding chairs to recover hearts is hard if you do not know where to look. Heck, I passed several in the Faron Woods cause they are in the form of chopped down trees. Heart Medallions come later in the game when it gets 'tougher'.

What is even funnier, is when you are low on hearts, as we all know, Fi comes up saying "You need to replenish your health" but now she goes on to tell you that since you're in HERO mode......you are screwed and need potions.

In the Eldin province, while digging, I came across a Mogmol, getting upset with me since i 'dug above his head'. He mentions how Rupees are a common find....."....but for some reason.....Hearts don't appear anymore.....wonder why that is.."


Invitation to Darkness
As for that fan fic, I am still trying to make the 'technobable' make sense in my brain lol.

So far the plot is, something is attacking a Planet outside the Lylat System. Knowledge of this Planet is very scarce, not even Peppy Hare, the oldest character we know in the series has heard much about it. So it is up to Star Fox to figure out exactly what is causing trouble to this Planet known as Earth.....and why General Peppy has assigned what appears to be a 'creature without fur' known as Oris to the mission.

[ti]SW[/ti] Star-Foxi-Oh+
OK....so um....YAY. Finally added some new cards to the fray. They are

Andrew Oikanny
Cornerian Defense Fleet - Katt
Plasma Cannon
Gatlin Gun
Let's Move
Dash Attack
Dark Force
Near the Edge
Here Comes StarWolf

Now you may have noticed an edit to the main title of the topic. That is due to the fact I am wanting to present more the just my StarFox cards, and do some others like my Sonic, Kingdom Hearts, and even my random ones for input. Any further updates will have the recent cards under the theme 'deck' Also...I will just put them all into spoilers.....let me know :D

Pokemon freind codes
Topic dredge and Update: I am only able to have battles and Trades using my Black and White versions.....for some reason since moving to the new house, I can't connect to anything using the previous games. Well....already Transferred my Fav team to Black.....so.....LET'S GO!

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
In HERO mode....you can't get crap for hearts. Not from flowers, digging, OR killing enemies. The three ways I mentioned are the only ways, and each one is far and in btween

Invitation to Darkness
because it was never a true priority. I started.....something back after shortly graduating high school....yet...never really went far with it. Plus I sucked as a writter back then xD

Invitation to Darkness
Well...i do have ideas coming back to me.....seriously thinking of writing my old Star Fox fan fic i started years and years ago....heck it was before i even became a furry and joined any forums of Star Fox. . all i can say is....a few familiar names may pop up, along with some of the ones i created for rps. idk yet lol

Corneria College
As Votaris read through books of anatomy (blushing every time it showed any of the volunteers for the book without clothes), his stomach began to rumble. He had forgotten he had not eaten anything yet today. So he closed the book and went to the main desk to check it out. As he placed the book on the counter, the librarian gave him a very strange look, as if to say, "you're too young to borrow this....". Votaris rolled his eyes and pulled out his student badge, and his schedule to prove he needed the book for class. The librarian proceeded to mark the book as 'out' on her computer and handex it back to the small wolf. Votaris exited the library, quickly stuffing the book into his back and walkex through the yards to get to the cafeteria.

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