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Corneria College
Votaris hopped out of bed and walked over to Mark, pushing his way through Mark's arms to give him a hug, "Thank you..." he stated, hugging as tightly as his little body could.

Corneria College
Votaris remained looking at the ceiling, but shook his head, "No, you kept me from having high hopes of him staying...." he heard the remark about his parents, "I think......I think I want to meet them.....at least once....either to ask why....or to shove it into their face about my achievements, I am unsure..." he stated.

Corneria College
Votaris sighed, "I know that....I guess I am just happy to see someone who helped me through a rough patch in my life..." he shook his head, trying not to cry. The shower soon stopped, but for several minutes, nothing could be heard from the bathroom. Votaris took a deep breath and went to open the door, soon closing it wiping his eyes a bit, "You're right....he's gone.." he slowly made his way back to the bed and crawled back into it. He looked at Mark, "Hey Mark.....remember...when you asked me...if I ever wanted to meet my parents again?" he asked.

Corneria College
Votaris smiled, "For personal reasons.....he was the first friend I ever had.....so...it is kind of special to me..." he stood up, a bit woozy. "But now the bigger question is....why can't I get rid of him like before...." Votaris placed his fist under his chin as he began to think, "Cause....what if this happens again....and he isn't the only clone I can't get rid of..." he kept thinking.

Corneria College
The copy shook his head and headed for the bathroom, soon the shower could be heard running. Votaris was really confused himself, "Back....back when I was in the orphanage, when I first learned I could do this, I remade a copy over and over again. But then when I realized I could make more copies, I forgot which one was which...." he paused for a moment, taking off his bandanna to show the scar he had above his left eye. "That copy does not have the scar....which I got shortly after making him....meaning....he is my original copy....." Votaris chuckled a bit, "Wonder how many times he has been created without me knowing..." he stated.

Corneria College
Votaris looked at Mark, "You make that sound as if it is a bad thing....." he giggled. A sudden thought came to Votaris and he hopped down from the bed, nearly losing his foot, but was caught by the copy. Votaris glared as him for a moment, then reached up to raise the bandanna on the copies head. He gave a slight gasp and took a step back, "You....you can't be...." he stated. The copy smirked, and nodded in response.

Corneria College
Votaris sighed, "L-let me try something.." he closed his eyes, and they glowed for just a bit. Soon a rattle could be heard form the closet as a copy came from the tiny room with one of Mark's sweaters on his head. Votaris looked at it, "Sorry to make you a test subject..." he started, but the new copy waved a paw. Votaris waved his hand, and the new copy vanished into mist, leaving Mark's sweater to hit the floor. "Ooooooook....." he looked at the one by the bed, he tried once more, but the clone still stood. "Why...won't you vanish?" he asked, feeling bad for asking that of the poor thing. The copy shrugged his shoulders and gave a yawn as well.

Counting with a Twist

Radigal's "art"
as warned...i drew my fursona....here you guys go

Posted Image

teehee....the Tails Doll has a keyblade xD

Pokemon Rp
Charizard got pushed away form the Ninetails and hit the ground, "You may want to fight.....but I no longer have the desire to.....Beat the crap out of me if you want....but I am not going back there anytime soon...." he stated, standing up. His breathing was heavy, but he stood his ground, ready to take what attacks the Ninetails had to put out, "The reason you fight is because your heart is closed.......I....I want to help you.." he confessed.

Pokemon Rp
Charizard pushed himself up, glaring over to the Ninetails. "ENOUGH!" he shouted at her, quickly flying over and gripping the damn fox from behind the neck with his claws, "Your apparent fight is with me....you said you would leave all others out of this...." he growled at her. His eyes were still shimmering a bit.

Movie Night!
I was thinking of getting gmod sometime soon......are you guys ok if I join?

Corneria College
Votaris looked at the clone, "Thank you.....time for you to go now so we don't pester Mark.." he waved his hand, but the clone still stood there. Votaris tried to dismiss the clone again, but the clone tilted his own head wondering what was going on.

Corneria College
Votaris smiled, "Fine....but...how did you know I was hurt?" he asked, not realizing the clone was still there.

Corneria College
Votaris glanced around the room for a moment, trying to understand where he was. He slowly laid back down, "Mark?" he asked, hoping that he was not dreaming. The clone heard Votaris and pulled at Mark's shirt excitedly to get his attention that Votaris was awake.

Corneria College
The clone followed, all the way to the dorm. When he noticed Mark laying Votaris down, the clone pulled gently at Mark's pant legs, pointing at Votaris. He gave a whimper, trying to ask if his creator would be ok.

Votaris quickly turned to his side, giving a shiver...

"But mommy.....why won't you tell me about this special place?" asked the young pup in the back of a car.

"Because...it is a surprise sweetheart...." she replied, her voice a bit shaken up.

"What's wrong mommy?" the pup asked.

"Mommy is just, afraid....she'll ruin the surprise..." the older male stated.

"I love you mommy....and daddy..." he stated with a smile on his face.

The car soon stopped and Votaris looked out the window, "Are.....are we going to adopt someone?" he asked, his tail wagging.

"Just....come along sweet heart..." said the female, taking in a deep breath.

"Hey Votaris, see those kids over there, why don't you go and meet some of them...become friends with them?" asked the father.

"Ok!" the pup replied as he ran off waving at the two he came with.

Votaris started to whimper a bit, gripping at the sheets as he did so.

"Hey everyone....I'm Votaris...." the pup stats to the group.

The kids just look at him, causing the pup to shrug. He turns back, to notice the two he came with getting quickly back into the car and an old woman standing at the gate.

"Mommy.....Daddy......?" he asks in fear, quickly giving chase, "WAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIT!!!!!"

The car quickly speeds off, leaving the pup behind. He felt a hand on his shoulder, "They are gone....and won't be coming back..." states the woman, causing the pup to cry...."

"MOMMA!!!" Votaris cried as he shot up in his bed, breathing hard.

The Pawns of Radigal
Along with Yumil, Trintel, and Kavaki.....

I made some edits to Votaris, Xeminous, Tails Doll (hehehe), Togeta, Victoria, and Casey......happy reading everyone xD

Cornerian Academy
Casey went wide eyed, and Victoria could see this. "Can you at least tell the people why the military is interested in the Queen?" He asked, not listening to what the General had said about no further comments on it.

The Pawns of Radigal
Name: Kavaki Graverse

Age: 26

Gender: M

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 220lbs

Eye Color: Emerald

Species: wolf

Hair Description: Spiky....like all over the place

Fur Color/Fur Pattern: Mostly gray with a white snout

Vocal Description: Click to hear (He actually says this to Yumil on nearly a daily basis xD)

Body Description: Really Built

Attire/Appearance: Refer to pic

None: (They all died during the Aparoid invasion on Titania)

Occupation: Mercenary

Good/Bad: Good

Theme Song: Where is the love? ~ Black-Eyed Peas

Birthplace: Titania

Current Location/Residence: Traveling

Training/Specialties/Skills: Staff welding...the big kind

Special Markings:

Personality: Even thought sometimes he is referred as the Heavy Giant, he is actually quite caring and understand. Is always willing to listen to those in need.

Other info:

Kavaki was born and raised on Titania. But just before the Aparoid invasion, he had left to see what the rest of Lylat was like. When the invasion began, he had no way to get home to make sure his family was safe.

Upon returning, he found that they had all fallen to the Aparoids before the military got there. He traveled back to Corneria, where he soon met the brothers, Yumil and Trintel, who kind of took him in as part of their family after they became close friends.

He now travels with the pair, and at times, having to settle petty quarrels between them, as he has always been able to keep a leveled head when it comes to them.

He loves them like his real family, and would do anything to protect them.

Posted Image

Corneria College
The clone began to whimper a bit, as he started to tap on the keys, "I'm sorry...." he wrote out, showing it to Mark. He kept low after that to make sure to help carry Votaris, since Mark was still recovering.

Votaris eyes tightened a bit as he began to dream....

"Momma....where are we going today?" the young pup would ask.

"Um...to a special place, Votaris...." the mother lightly petted her son on the head. The pup would rub into it, enjoying it.

Soon a second adult appeared, "Honey......" he stated, seeing his wife cry a bit.

"Well we are..." she stated to her husband, trying to hold back what tears she could....

Votaris' breathing grew a bit, his lips began to move, "momma......?" he muttered.

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