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Pokemon Rp
Fang blinked, ears perking up as he tilted his head to the side. "Play? Well...what do you mean?"

The tiny lizard chuckled, "Instead of fighting for who is better, we, or at least I, have only been using attacks my grandpa taught me.....what is we just played around, trying to figure out what else we can do, without hurting one another?"

"Wow..." Chispa was rather dumbfounded. He had never met anyone who had met the legendary dogs, like he told Vaporeon, and he figured that he never would. And yet here she was--she had even had a rivalry with one of them. "That's incredible..."

Vaporeon shrugged, "You would have been there to see how it was. At first, it was amazing, but after time, it became routine, and sometimes, we were able to predict how the other would act.." she went on as she walked.

The dog Pokemon's reaction only worked to confuse Reaper a little more. Gradually rising to his paws, his tail lightly flicking, he casually asked, "You lost?"

The Lillipup sat back, lowering his head a bit, "Y-yes and no..." he stammered out.