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What are you Jamming out to?
Curse you FoxMcCloud xD


The ZayZig
as far as I can see they are, Julius is usually on at night (my nights lol) and Kage is the same. if anything the rp will be sure to kick off when you and Kage are on school break or something :P

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just a quick question, would this be better suited in the Spam section as a game o-o;;


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Cornerian Academy
Leon fell to the ground and froze when the blaster was right on top of him. He stared up at Fox, grumbling under his breath.

Marcus gave a sigh, unsure if either Fox got the message, or by shear dumb luck, but he was glad for his own reasons.

Togeta chuckled, "Here is the thing General, I sorta am, BUT I am still loyal to you as a friend........Why do you think I came here with the warning..." he shook his head, "Plus, I have a bit of a plan...." he turned only his eyes to the General.

The Kangaroo only hopes three times in the forest

Counting with a Twist
2........let's wait until the mods fall asleep, FoxMcCloud and I were able to get as high as the 40's or 60's once xD

The Excuse Game!
I don't even know what a thesis is...........(seriously I don't get what it is xD)

Help me understand

Star Fox: Origins
Lance walked into the room, hearing what the others had to say, "Awww.....No porkchops then?" he whimpered, walking close to Pigma.

The Pawns of Radigal
Name: Stefan Domino

Age: 24

Gender: M

Height: 6'

Weight: 210lbs

Eye Color: Amber

Species: German Shepperd

Hair Description: Average same as fur color

Fur Color/Fur Pattern: a mix of Golden Brown and Dark Brown

Vocal Description: Click to hear

Body Description: Slim

Attire/Appearance: Casual, hoodies are his favorite

Patricia Domino (cousin)

Occupation: Dj at the ZayZig

Good/Bad: Good

Theme Song: Radio Hardcore ~ Italobrothers

Birthplace: Corneria

Current Location/Residence: A room provided for Staff at the ZayZig

Training/Specialties/Skills: Music and remixing

Special Markings: none

Personality: Outgoing

Other info: (Will be added later)

Posted Image

The Pawns of Radigal
Name: Dovitas Emitin

Age: 30

Gender: M

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 198lbs

Eye Color: Hazel

Species: Dragon

Hair Description: Long brown

Fur Color/Fur Pattern: Mostly white, with brown strips in various places around body

Vocal Description: Click to hear

Body Description: Slim

Attire/Appearance: Can normally be found in 'warm' style clothing, long coat, scarf, boots.

Does not remember mother
Brian Emitin (father)

Occupation: Traveling Doctor

Good/Bad: Neutral

Theme Song: Undo ~ Cool Joke

Birthplace: Corneria

Current Location/Residence: Traveling

Training/Specialties/Skills: Medic, Biochemistry, Herbal medicine

Special Markings: A scar on his right arm

Personality: Quiet

Other info:

When he was born, his mother died while giving birth to him, so it was up to his father to raise Dovitas. His father was once in the military, but was dishonorably discharged for his alcoholism. It was not easy for Dovitas growing up, having to hear two different stories from his father, some would be to join the military, or some would be that he would amount to nothing in his life.

When Dovitas started his first year in Middle School, he began to take some personal interest in trying to help others. In fact, he would start to carry small bottles of headache, sinus, allergy medicine in his bag, along with cough drops and other medical supplies. One day, however, he was caught by a teacher passing a student a few headache pills and was immediately, The police were brought in to investigate the situation and Dovitas was nearly sent to Juvy. Luckily, several of the students he had helped came up and defended him, telling the police of how he was only helping with their aches and pains and not trying to get anyone high or addicted.

The school nurse quickly caught wind of this, being very upset that a student was trying to take her job away from her. Dovitas explained how he wanted to learn how to help people, and was only trying to help the students at the time. The nurse shook her head and sighed, decided to help Dovitas with his. So everyday, after school, he started teaching him on some of the minor things, like what to use for everyday illnesses that occur in school.

She grilled him on it to, not letting up. Sometimes Dovitas would be studying with her almost all evening, giving him little time on his other studies. He eventually began to pass all her "test" with a "B" average. When he began High School, he continued to try to learn from her.

It soon came to a point, where the nurse was at the peak of her knowledge at this point, trying to research new things to teach Dovitas, but to no avail. She soon had to let him go and did it in the worst way. She told him out of the blue she never wanted to see him again. Dovitas felt really hurt, cause he was starting to really like her as a teacher. Feeling he lost what seemed to be the only true friend he had, he skipped school and left the region he was in.

He signed into another High School several regions over, making sure no one there knew him.

It was his senior year of High School that began to cause hell for him. He was eventually turned in once again for handing out over the counter medicine for a students headache. When the police began to investigate this time, they found his father and called him up, forcing Dovitas to go back home. He hated it, his father had begun to drink even more so then he used to, and was taking his anger out on Dovitas.

Finally, when Dovitas reached eighteen, he left home to start college, despite the massive disadvantage he had with lack of money. He went into the field he felt would be most personal for him, medicine. He kept to himself for the most part of his first year, until a beautiful girl by the name of Veliciti approached him. At first things were awkward for Dovitas, but eventually he warmed up to the fact that maybe wanted to actually try to befriend him. It was not until months later did he find out that Veliciti had a major crush on him, and the reason she first spoke to him was to see where things would go.

The two soon became insuperable, they were together for nearly every hour of the day. For most of their years in college, things were awesome, a few nicks in the road now and then, but nothing too major. When it came time to graduate however, he found the most disturbing news, a note saying how she had grown 'bored' and wanted to move on.

He graduated alone, requesting to get his diploma separately from the graduating class.

He was lucky enough to get a job right away at a local clinic, using what he learned from both his Middle School nurse and college, despite knowing how to perform surgeries, to further his career. Something though was sadly bothering him everyday at work. He would notice how more and more patients would enter the clinic, with a lot of them unable to pay for their treatment easily. He began to get to know such patients personally, and even begun to make house visits for free to help them, paying what he could for the supplies and medicine.

He was soon caught and fired for this, but was luckily able to keep his license. He decided to leave Corneria for now, to see what he could do for those who were in poverty.

He wound up on Fortuna, where he met someone, rather odd. She was an old woman and her name was Genoshia, and she referred to herself as an herbalist. Taking some pity on Dovitas, she decided to help a bit. While he was with her however, he noticed that she would help the people with their illnesses by using herbs and spices. This caught him off guard, throwing almost everything he learned thus far out the window. He asked for Genoshia to teach him a bit in the arts of making such medicine, in case the need arose that he would not have painkillers or some other form of medical supplies.

It took several years for him to get everything down right, but he learned them. Genoshia became somewhat proud of her student that she offered him her job for when she passed on. Sadly, however, Dovitas decided it would be best if he left Fortuna to travel to be able to help others in Lylat, plus possibly teach someone else these skills so the teachings would grow.

Travel he did. He did his best to help every case of illness of areas he landed in. One case however, still haunts him to this day.

He landed on Titania, hearing of a strange illness that had befallen several of the tribes. By the time he got there, some had been completely gone. When he found one settlement however, luckily only one person had been infected. Upon meeting the individual, he quickly noticed the violent nature of the male. It certainly did not help when Dovitas noticed the foam forming around the patients mouth. Luckily the villagers had tide up the person. Dovitas tried several treatments, trying to use the time he sedated the patient to put together serums and inject them into the patients arm. One day however, when he believed the patient was sleeping, things became dangerous fast. Without warning, the patients claw like nail ripped into Dovitas' arm, causing him to bleed no stop. He quickly sewed himself up as the patient was tied back. After several weeks of treatment, and nothing working, there was only one choice left, end the suffering. Dovitas left on the night the body was meant to be burned, after warning the villagers to not touch an ounce of the victims blood just in case.

He now travels, trying to keep his promise to Genoshia.

Posted Image

Invitation to Darkness
The song is called Undo by a Japanese group known as Cool Joke. If you have ever watched the FullMetal Alchemist series, it is the complete third intro. The song is basically about how the artist wants to erase the pain, wanting to take everything he had ever done back, just to see the smile on his loves face.

In my case, I am happy with my Foxie, nothing wrong there. Though it is everywhere else. My family, some were so dead set on my return, but i had to make some mad at me because I am not returning. My old friends in Texas, same reasons, I hear they are all going either through a *&@! ton of stress either by school, love life, work and so forth, and there is nothing I can really do to help. And to some of my current friends, offline and online, it just feels sometimes that after that night, it is hard to talk to them at times, no matter how hard I try. I want to erase all the negative I have put onto others lives and go back to when we were all just happy go lucky friends and family, just so I can see the smiles and hear the laughter.

Invitation to Darkness
Read the subtitles please


The Excuse Game!
If I did that, the police would have nothing to do

Let's Duel

Cornerian Academy
Little did Fox know, Leon came slowly crawling up from behind him, knife in its hilt. He waited for his moment to strike.

Marcus felt something nearing Fox. He was still under several cronies. He closed his eyes for only a moment, "Fox....be...careful..." he sent to Fox through the mind.

Without warning Leon raised up and unsheethed his blade, soon hurtling it towards the arm Fox held the Blaster in.


Togeta chuckled, "Now why would I go into such a place?" he asked. "My 'information' comes from a higher source...." he chuckled.

The Excuse Game!
Sorry, but the gods have spoken to cause problems for those who want to have longer weekends.

Cry me a river

The Excuse Game!
Well......quit losing The Game

Stop thinking about the Game

Official "Funny Video" Topic

The Excuse Game!
I cannot do anything because you didnt post anything ><

Cornerian Academy
Togeta gave a scoff, "Unless you say something General, I am unable to respond to ya.." he commented.

What are you Jamming out to?

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