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Invitation to Darkness
Greeting and Salutations.

As promised I am making a journal entry to explain my bizarre Journey over the last year or so.

Back in 2011 when everything began to crumble here, I began to move away from the internet except a few social medias like Facebook, and a few others. Towards the end of that year I had also moved, which kept me offline for a while with some difficulty returning.

With this new move, and lack of internet use, I found myself playing more and more video games, (keep in mind, i had quit my job at the time). As of now I am STILL playing a lot more games then I have in the last few years........however I seem to have found myself stuck in Skyrim, when I still have Oblivion, Bio-Shock, Fable 2&3, Halo, and the third Skylanders game. (Help me......I have been playing Skyrim so long I know how to not only glitch the game, but how to hex it as well lol). Needless to say I had currently gotten an Xbox during this time lol.

I have made a few visits to texas, leaving this damned northern land behind me for a week or so.

I have had a job for about 2 years, and I must say, I sorta love it. I caan (at this point) get away with nearly anything. I am 1 of 2 of the best people they have, good with customers, and know more about the registers then even the managers lol. It is also good because lately hour stores "hours given" has been cut pretty bad, but thankfully they are trying to still give me five days with 4/5 of them being 8 hour shifts, unlike some of the newbies.

I HAVE A DOG! We have had her for a little over 2 years now. As for her exact breed, we are unsure. We were told that her and her brothers and sisters were Rott/Boxer mix, however, with her nearly complete black fur, I think there is some Black Lab in her, and several people say she looks like she has some Pit in her veins. Whatever breed, she is loved, and remotely goofy as hell.

I am currently seeing someone. He actually lives close by and visits me while I am at work and go out to have a smoke (Still haven't kicked the habit). Every other weekend I spend at his place (thanks to my work scheduling and them trying to be fair....hehe). I won't say we do a lot of stuff, I mean, you do not have to spend money to keep someone, but just having them nearby is rewarding enough. Now here is probably the one.....tiny....flaw....he isn't a gamer, and was honestly scared that I am. Thankfully it has not hurt anything, if anything just makes it a little difficult to bust out with a reference from a game and then have to explain it lol.

So all in all, for the most part I have been good. Had some ups and downs, but I have made it through. Even created my own form of beliefs in a spiritual matter (do not worry, I will not try to conform anyone lol)


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to see you guys coming back brings joy to me. We can do this, I know we can

Elder Scrolls Series
As many of us have heard of this game series, I can't really find it fair to create a topic on just one or two of the games, when there are at least 5 games on consol and pc, and a new Online title to add to the mix.

So, what games have you played under these titles?

Show us your characters


Discuss likes and dislikes.

Things you found that many may have overlooked.

who knows, you may learn a thing or two.

I personally have played Skyrim to literal death. Two profiles, first over level 50, the other over lever 70.....and I want a third. Started playing Oblivion and getting my butt kicked by the Daedra >_<

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*Rocks begin to bounce upon the ground. Trees desperately try to uproot themselves. Birds sing a song of sheer terror*

The wolf.......is BACK! >:} (journal entry to come soon)