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Pokemon Rp
Zapdos got the final message, sending one more. "Wrong answer." Zapdos was done talking it began to flap its wings into the air, hovering over the group.

It was then Sophia felt something tugging at her skirt. Upon looking down at it, it was a baby Charmander. "What....are..."

As Zapdos was ready to send its most powerful attack upon the group, something caught it very off guard, pushing it back several feet in the air. It looked at its attacker, seeing a red scaled dragon looking pokemon. Soon the attacker sped off, heading across the lake away from where the group was. Zapdos, ready for the taste of blood, gave pursuit, leaving the area.

Pokemon Rp
Vaporeon sighed, she felt helpless.

Zapdos got the message and still kawed loudly. It sent another bolt, this one a little more harsh, "I am not the only one coming here to find Articuno! Final chance tell me where Articuno is!" it broke the bolt, beginning to breath heavy.

Sophia thought for a moment, "Darrien!" she called out, hoping he could get back to the group soon.

The Birthday Topic
Happy Birthday Taran'atar ^^

Pokemon Rp
Vaporeon looked at Chispa, "What's.......going on?" she asked softly.

Zapdos felt the shock, this time sending a little more powerful jolt. "Lies! Articuno was taken by something, it reigned here, yet now it is gone! Where is Articuno!!" it sent back, giving an angry kaw as it broke the line, staring down the Manetric."

[offtopic]Just to note, since RedFox wont be returning to the rp, he has given me permission to play Articuno, which I will begin to do so shortly.....[/offtopic]

Pokemon Rp
(-facepaws- I meant Coach............i was using my phone and was passing out as I was typing it xD)

[pm=TheRedFox8, Radigal]I want you to come back as Articuno soon......pwease..........gonna find a way to get it free....[/pm]

Vaporeon looked at Chispa, "It is not me I am worried about......first lesson, protect your partner Pokemon, and your Trainer, at all cost, especially in this type of situation....." she spoke. She glared up, "We just have to figure out what is wrong with Zapdos...." he stated.

Zapdos only circled a few more times, until finally landing on its talons near the water, staring the group down. The electricity on its body was still giving of crackling sparks. Suddenly a small strip of lightening aimed for the Manetric, "Where is Articuno? Answer me bound creature........" this would only be understood by the Manetric. Soon the line broke from the dog.

Cornerian Academy
Marcus nodded, "Y-yes....." He stuttered. He gave a sigh "I am just waiting for the one million dollar question.............", he thought to himself. He began to look up at Nite a little slowly.

"Eaon continued to shiver, rubbing his arms, "A-n-n-n-n-n-d-d-dross is...."

Pokemon Rp
Sophia heard Darrien's call to Chispa. Even in this intense situation, she gave a smile. Swampert stood her ground, as she would be ok against the attacks.

Vaporeon heard Chispa and gave a chuckled, "What? What kind of couch would I be if I just ran when you needed me?" She joked.

Zapdos felt accomplishment for taking out the water snake. It kept giving its kaw as it soon began to circle around the trainers and remaining pokemon.

Pokemon Rp
Sophia gave a sigh of relief seeing that her assumption about Chispa was accurate. But it was then Gyarados reared up, giving a roar towards Zapdos. Sophia quickly turned and tried to reached for her Pokeball, but it slipped out of her hand and rolled off. She gave chase, hoping to get Gyarados back into the ball before Zapdos could attack, "Swampert!" she called, hoping the pokemon would understand to try to deflect the attack.

Zapdos had already heard the roar, turning in mid air. It was frustrated from the last attack have failed. It spread its wings and shot a Thunderbolt towards the Gyarados.

Sophia had just reached the ball and turned, but it was a tad too late. Swampert tried to jump into the way, but the bolt was too high for her. The bolt his Gyarados, and since he was twice as weak, he fell instantly. Sophia rushed over, recalling the water snake, glaring up at Zapdos as it began to fly back up.

Cornerian Academy
Marcus shook his head, "No, they are after his time....." he stopped as he started to realize he was starting to say too much. Marcus sighed, "The two are not related, but the one I was arguing with, myself, and the Kesh' Na' Thir'...........are connected.......in a sense...." he brought his knees up to his chest, "I'm sorry, I can't....." he began to shiver, the stress started to hit him.

Leon heard the banging from the other end, "And-d-d-dross.....is p-p-p-planning.............." he began to rock back and forth, rubbing his arms up and down.

Pokemon Rp
Sophia looked down at Chispa, "I don't know if you'll be ok with this, but follow him, you should be able to absorb Zapdos' electricity...." she tried to get the pokemon to understand.

Vaporeon understood though. She ran behind Chispa, hoping to give him a good nudge in the back.

Zapdos turned and began another strike. It noticed nothing was really leaving the area. It noticed a small human running towards a pup. It gathered it's energy and shot a Thundershock towards the human.

Cornerian Academy
Marcus shook his head, "It is kind of hard to explain sir....." he started, "Let's just say, there are things going on that even the General does not know about....." he stated.

Leon soon fell to the floor, "Please oh please..............I'll tell you Andross' plans.........all of them." he pleated.

Cornerian Academy
Marcus damn near fell off the cot, "YOU HEARD THAT?!" he asked. He stabled himself, "Of course you would not know what the Kesh' Na' Thir' are........they haven't arrived yet...........and I'm not protecting anyone, if anything that bastard is gonna get what is coming to him with my hands alone......" he gave a sigh, looking up at the teacher. "I am sorry, it is just, I have a lot on my mind...." he apologized.

Leon began to laugh along with Screech, "I may be a reptile, but with a few adjustments to the DNA strand.......anything is possible.....hmm?" he sat up, his 'eye' fixated on Ryker, as if a serial, well........a serial killer WAS looking at the dog.

Cornerian Academy
Marcus' ears went back, "It's just............um.........nothing..........." he tried to play it off. He began to rub the arm that he used to punch the force shield with. He sat down on his cot, keeping his eyes to the floor.

Leon sighed, "And why would he need us to do that?" he asked coyly.

Cornerian Academy
Marcus nodded, "I remember sir, what can I do for you?" he asked. "Be nice if you bust me out right now............" he thought to himself.

Leon laughed, "When do his plans NOT affect Corneria?" Leon literally began rock back and forth in the cot giving to him to rest on.

Cornerian Academy
Marcus was starting to get frustrated, he reared his fist back and thrusted it towards the force shield. The shield alone sent a jolt into his arm, causing him to pull back, rubbing his arm. "Damn........." he exclaimed. He began to pace the room, trying to think, "Why would Rasper want to come back to the past for the Kesh' Na' Thir'? I mean we were winning the war and.........................." his train of thought suddenly hit breaking point, "DAMN IT LET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!!!" he started shouting again.

Leon chuckled, "Bug the base, whatever do you mean?" he asked Ryker.

Rasper had made it back to his room. He sat at his desk and began to write, having a text book open just in case a teacher or someone randomly walked in.

The Pawns of Radigal
Dakara (blue)
Piciro (pink)

Age: mid 20's

Gender: Dakara is Male, Piciro is Female

Height: 6'

Weight: both weigh around 192lbs

Eye Color: Crimson

Species: Aura Pokemon

Hair Description: none

Fur Color/Fur Pattern

Vocal Description: Dakara's voice is raspy, while Piciro's voice is soft

Body Description: a mixture of fur and armor


Family: Each other

Occupation: Bandits

Good/Bad: Bad

Theme Song: Spear Pillar theme (SSBB style)

Birthplace: Iron Island

Current Location/Residence: Corneria

Training/Specialties/Skills: Dakara can control time in short spurts and Piciro can bend space in spurts

Special Markings: Dakara has a blue jewel embedded into his chest and two jewel like spike on his hands, and Piciro has a pink jewel embedded into each of her shoulders

Personality: Had to get along with except each other, but who knows

Other info:

Dakara and Piciro were born on Iron Island, of the Sinnoh Region. But just upon birth, Dialga and Palkia were summoned by Cyrus, the leader of Team Galactic, and forced to use their powers to bend Time and Space. The event effected their bodies due to the distortion from the two legends, and the miracle of birth colliding. When they were still Riolu, their mother abandoned them as she could not accept their forms, nor their suddenly different powers. The little Riolu's left Iron Island shortly after that.

Upon reaching the main land, they were forced to learn fast that regardless if they were different or not, other Pokemon would begin to attack them from seemingly nothing at all. They began to keep moving, not even sleeping at night in fear of being attacked.

One day, a wild Pokemon began to attack the weakened Riolu's. Piciro was already low on energy, so Dakara stoof up against the beast. As the Pokemon began to charge toward Dakara, he felt a strange power within him. He closed his eyes, trying to use the aura that had been passed down to him, but something else happened. Time had stopped all together, except for Dakara and Piciro. The two made a swift get away.

Dakara began to practice this new found ability, knowing it might come in handy. After several attempts, he found he could hold time in his paws for short spurts. He began to use this to allow Piciro some moments to nap to regain her energy.

Piciro began to feel horrible though, feeling she was not putting in enough effort to allow Dakara to rest. Once she had regained a great deal of her energy, she began to see what would happen if she concentrated. AS she closed her eyes, a vortex appeared in front of her. As she slowly stuck her arm into it, it vanished and didn't appear on the other side. She began to wave it, feeling something tapping at her shoulder. Thinking it was Dakara she paid no attention to it. It was a few moments before she finally realized Dakara was actually in front of her. As she turned her head slowly, she had a sudden feeling of dread, thinking something was about to attack them. It scared her even more when she found it to be her own hand. She pulled her arm back and the vortex disappeared.

The two decided to practice everyday until they finally had these abilities down. Once they had, they began to use them in battle, trapping attacking Pokemon into unbreakable locks. After so many battles, they finally evolved into Lucario's.

As they traveled, they noticed even the humans that they would pass by began to see them differently, hearing two names being referred to them, Dialga and Palkia. Dakara and Piciro began to resent whoever those two were, feeling they themselves had no sense of identity. They made a choice on that day, to seek out this Dialga and Palkia, and crush them, thinking the two may have had a hand in making them different.

After years of searching, they finally found Spear Pillar, the highest point in the middle of all Sinnoh. They felt odd though, something about the area made them feel more.....powerful.

After just a few moments, the two they had been searching for for years appeared, instantly thinking Dakara and Piciro were playing some hoax on them. The two Lucario's began the assault on those who condemned them. Dialga and Palkia on the other hand, were much more powerful then expected, using their own abilities to knock the two off their feet. That is when Dakara and Piciro began to show, they were no there for kicks. Dialga and Palkia took fast noticed of this, and at the same time, used Roar of Time and Spacial Rend against the two.

As Dakara and Piciro fell from Spear Pillar, they somehow combined their powers and opened a different rift. They blacked out for several hours.

Upon awakening, they found themselves in a totally different place. At first they thought they were sent far from Spear Pillar, but when they reached a city, they noticed that there were no humans, only animals walking around like humans. Upon further investigation, and some questioning, for some reason the creatures could understand them, they found, no one had ever heard of the places they had been.

The further they got with wondering where they were, the more it occurred to them that they may never find their way to what they called home. They soon found the name of the place they were in, Corneria City.

After a year of stumbling around in the new environment, they decided to put their abilities to better use then to just battle. They started to rob, smuggle, you name it. Now they believe, there is no turning back, to anything that could be considered, innocent.

Posted Image

Pokemon Rp
Sophia turned back to Darrien, "You might want to get Chispa ready......" she suggested, reaching up one of her pokeballs and returning Golduck inside. "Vaporeon, Zangoose, get behind us!" she ordered. Swampert on the other hand, rushed to stand in front of Sophia.

Vaporeon and Zangoose both heard the order and rushed to get behind their trainer. Even though Vaporeon was at a grand disadvantage, her will to fight was growing rapidly.

Zapdos had begun to get close to the water, and in a matter of seconds, was soaring feet from the top of the lake. When it reached the beach however, he began to flap its wings, kicking up dry sand towards the humans and trained pokemon. The electricity still surging from its body, it began to climb into the air once more, letting the bolts of electricity hit the beach.

Cornerian Academy
Marcus did not hear anyone coming, he shouted again, "Is anyone there?!" He tried. "If Rasper is here to distort the timeline, that means that is the real goal of the enemy....." he thought to himself, trying to glare down the halls for someone to come.

Leon would look up from the floor, "And what makes you think I'll tell you anything, hmm?" he asked.

Cornerian Academy
Marcus decided he could not stay for long. He walked up to the forceshield, "Hey, Anyone there? I have to get out of here!" he began to shout, hoping someone with some reason would let him out.

(Private)The ZayZig
fine by me, and if the others feel the same, it is X-Gamer's post

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