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Well since no one has posted this yet.....
i agree.....but please take away all the pointless running around

Invitation to Darkness
Question to all................what would you think if you broke up with someone and next thing they text is "*gunshot can be heard*"??? Only to find out they were killing their "Character"

Neo Duelist Academy
that honestly can only be cured by one thing........sadly........even that is not open........a video DX.

though if anything, honesty is key

Neo Duelist Academy
(this rp is located on Earth........and probably mostly human based)

Welcome to the Academy!!

We hope you enjoy your stay with us, however long it is!!!

This is a Yu-Gi-Oh rp, so here are the basics of the storyline.

Neo Duel Academy was built on a small island off the coast of California, USA. Maximillion Pegasus built it to both bring Duelists all over the world closer together. As well to rival Kiba-Corps original Duel Academy.

There are three dorms as well, Timaeus, Critias, and Hermos.
Timaeus = Newbie Duelists
Hermos = Moderate Duelists
Critias = Advanced Duelists.

(Story Line....ish) You have just become an official NDA Student, Ready to duel. Everything seems great at first, until things slowly start to change. Which Side will you choose.

The Sides:
Dragon Riders of Light: 5 Duelists chosen by destiny to protect the world of light from the darkness that slowly approaches. The Dragons used by the Riders will be posted once the Riders find themselves.

The Fifth: An ancient Race once banish to the Shadow Realm by the Pharaoh, now returned, they seek to continue what they once started, combining the World of Light, and the AlterWorld together to create Chaos, by using the Five keys of Power. (to be revealed as Fifth members are chosen.)

How to duel in RP:
Typeing a duel is simpler then people think, all you need to know is that you may NOT use fake cards (Card you have made that are not official cards) without a GRM (general RP mod) permission. AND you must go by the current Forbidden/Limited list

Current list as of March 2011

Again as simple as regular fighting in posts (mainly posting this for people who might not understand)

Basically after you play any card, be it Monster, Spell, or Trap, you must give your opponent the chance to counter or react to the Activation..Plus when you activate a card, Speak it as if you are dueling IRL....like use the ( " ) to make the statments. When Activating a card, declare what it does, (hell they did it in the show 1,000 times or more, why not we lol) this also lets players who may not have heard of certain cards to get familer with them. Also, declare when it is the end of your turn...to let your opponent when to start their turn.
WARNING: yes Understandable that this will lead to posts that are only 1 to 2 lines long, but it makes it fair for all duelists to get the chance to use cards against their opponent, instead of having to back a whole post up due to one counter.
You can either post it as part of your post...or after...here are some examples of a few turns....to get started

PLAYER_1 drew his/her first card to start the duel, "I play two cards face down, and place one monster in face down Defense mode!" he/she then looked at his hand, "I end my turn!"

PLAYER_2 drew his/her first card, , "I activate the spell card "Ancient Rules", This card allows me to Special Summon 1 level 5 or higher Normal Monster from my hand" (...)

(the (...) is where you would put that you are waiting for a response, whether is meerly say "Counter?" or something like, "He/She then smirked, waiting for PLAYER_1's response...Have FUN)

(It is now time for PLAYER_1 to either pass, or activate a card, at this point, if asked if you or your opponent has a counter, play out a post that you are countering the card, or passing, )

PLAYER_1: Thought of the card he/she had in play, "No" he/she shook their head

PLAYER_2 smiled at his/her success and gave a valiant cry, "The Monster I summon is, "The Blue-Eyes White Dragon (3000/2500)" He/She then waited gleefully as his/her Blue-Eyes peered down at PLAYER_1, waiting for a response.."

(Notice: that when summoning the Blue-Eyes White Dragon, the attack and defense points were posted right behind it, (even though a lot of people may already know the ATK/DEF of certain monsters, it helps to keep in practice for later monsters..or Newbies (hell we were all newbies once and didn't know everything lol)

by PLAYER_2 allowing their opponent to react, PLAYER_2 must now hold off a moment to let PLAYER_1 make a move)

PLAYER_1 laughed, "I activate the trap card, "Bottomless Trap Hole", if a monster 1500 attack points or higher is Summoned, It is Removed from play!" he/she declared.

(Note that the effect of the card “Bottomless Trap Hole” was placed after the name, this tells the opponent what it does, again, keep in mind there are a lot of cards out there.)

(now that a counter has been activated it puts the ball back in PLAYER_2's court now (as they say)

PLAYER_2 gave a grumble of disbelief, seeing his/her Blue-Eyes being lost from play...."I place two cards face down, and end my turn."

As you can see, granted the posts are shortened, but it makes it fair for all players.

(Hope you have Fun!!!)

Additional Information:

Dragon Riders of Light and cards:
(to be posted when rp gets some company)

The Fifth and the cards:
Radigal: Five Headed Dragon
(more to come later)

Students in the Middle (meaning just a regular student)

(Private)The ZayZig
Julius Quasar
May 30 2011, 03:34 PM
Todd sat down next to Lola "The security manager and I got an 'arrangement' to deal with cheaters." he explained to Togeta, smiling.
Xeminous chuckled a bit, while Togeta smirked. "Looks like I need to have a little chat with this 'security manager' about how things should be done...." Togeta stated, making a mental note on these two.

Pokemon Rp
Vaporeon turned to the water, and took a slight breath, sending a short burst of an Ice Beam to the water, some of the nearby water froze fast enough to become ice, but thankfully the water was still drinkable.

Zangoose shook his head, "All I was saying was that if you guys keep worrying, it'll lead you to where we were a few years ago. To be honest, I do worry about you guys, as this seems to be the first time you guys have encountered such a threat. And don't worry, my team and I are here for you guys as well as each other. I'll help protect Fang and Tigre with you..." he suggested.

Charchy giggled a bit, "No no no, I mean have them watch us, so in case something happens and they need to intervene..but if you dont want to we dont have to..." he stated with a smile.

Pokemon Rp
Vaporeon smiled, "If you need it to be cooler, let me know, I can use a little Ice Beam to cool it down.." she suggested.

Zangoose scoffed a bit, "It may appear we are not expecting something to happen, but if you are going to be worried when something doesn't make sense, you are going to be worried every moment of every day for the rest of your natural life..." he stated, "So we try not to stress ourselves out all the time by trying to have fun.."

Charchy looked over at the arguing Zangoose and Houndoom, "Think we should involve the grown ups?" he asked.

Pokemon Rp
Vaporeon heard Chispa, "Anytime...." she said affectionately back to him.

Zangoose paused when he heard what Reaper said, "Something you need to know, my team and I know this, we have hunted and been hunted by the Rockets for years now......We have learned to find humor when we can to keep ourselves alive, cause without it, being serious all the time, only hurts you in the end..." he stated.

Charchy smiled, "Yeah it looks like your friend really likes that Vaporeon......and your trainer seems like a good friend to the human girl....and I can see why you like the Zangoose and Houndoom..." he chuckled. "What do you say we play battle again, maybe even bring the Growlithe into it so we can all grow to be big and strong like those we love?" he asked, his flaming tail beginning to wag.

Pokemon Rp
Vaporeon stood next to Chispa, "Here....let me help you.." She stated, standing next to Chispa in case he wanted to lean on her while they made their way to the water.

Zangoose looked at Reaper, "Oh come on, I found it funny..." he got up and ran over to Reaper.

Charchy nodded, "Yeup, Grandpa and I left for a bit, but we didn't go to far, he said he wanted to make sure that human girl over there was alright....then that big bird appeared, so my grandpa told me to hide until he had chased it off, then to come find you guys..." he stated.

Pokemon Rp
Vaporeon smiled, still nuzzling Chispa, "Do you need anything, water, or food?" she asked.

Zangoose began to laugh hard, practically rolling on the ground from Reaper's comment. "So true, mate, so true."

Charchy smirked, "Yeah, we'll beat that bird up just like my grandpa just did..........Whoooo!" he danced around from thinking about it.

Pokemon Rp
Sophia thought for a moment and started to walk off, as if trying to think a bit.

The only one to have seen her was Golduck, who quickly and silently, followed her to make sure she was alright.

Zangoose looked at Reaper, "Women confuse me sometimes...." he stated as he chuckled, feeling a quick slap to his rear end from Vaporeon.

Vaporeon nuzzled Chispa, "You were very brave to stand up to that pokemon..." he blushed.

Charchy was suddenly full of energy, he began to poke Fang a bit, "Can you believe that, we saw one of the rarest creatures on the planet!!" he stated.

(Private)The ZayZig
Togeta chuckled a bit, "Well, at the mention of a cheater he ran off like a flash, even in my younger days I was unable to move that fast...." he paused for a moment, "Then again, the use of hammers does not leave a good rep for the casino..." he chuckled.

Soon a black reptile came and sat down next to the emperor penguin, leaning over to whisper into his ear. Togeta nodded, but remained seated.

What are you Jamming out to?

pictures of members
- null Oh thanks. I have always wanted to collect more pictures of Megas75 to add to my collectionWait a minute.....unless you're from the future.....

RedFox was using a feature on the board that makes what ever read see their name, i got confused too lol

Thanks Julius

pictures of members
um, sorry Foxie...........but i AM shipping you one >:{}

pictures of members
you are all screwed >:}

Posted Image

(Private)The ZayZig
Togeta gave a scoff as he seen Todd run off, "He gets around fast doesn't he missy?" He shook his head and chuckled a bit when he heard the comment made, and the hammer smashing "Note to self.......hire people who do not carry hammers around..." he thought to himself as he climbed up a stool to sit next to Lola.

Invitation to Darkness
Guys, I don't deserve to be on this site. I do not deserve friends that I have hurt. I will not be returning anymore, I'm not hurting anyone ever again because of my bullshit. I have to be stopped, I am sorry everyone. Goodbye.

Things Video Game characters will never say.
Julius Quasar
May 24 2011, 10:26 PM
May 19 2011, 10:10 AM
I got it, I just didn't feel the need to comment.

Hey when did Krystal go all emo?
She's Goth, not EMO. Emo would have bright color mixed with dark, or pop culture laden apparel, or over striped and/or checkered patterns. :lol:

t's not Krystal, though it uses a model of er as a base since Sarah Technically is the same type of anthro. =/


(Sorry, I didn't get the joke...what was it?)
He was meaning Link actually talking xD

Diary of a Mad Furry
lol, this sounds like the job for House Hunters......or mega fans of the show :p

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