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Ok, I will admit that I have recently been playing this game, and thought to myself, that this would make an awesome roleplay.

Now the thing is, since the game can send us all in many different directions, I was thinking we do everything we can as a group, to where we do not have someone being "alone" in say the Thieves Guild Quests. I also think that we should only have one Dragonborn character, maybe 2 or 3 depending on the number of people joining the rp. Hell if a lot of people join, we probably could send the rp into multiple directions.

Since the game sends you on an A.D.D. trip, I was thinking of doing that in the rp, we start off on the main quest, but during that we "travel" and help with other quests, Eventually ending with the death of Alduin in Savenguard.

If anyone is interested in playing, make a character(s). I will be playing a Khajiit for sure and will make a profile for it too here soon.

Ok, time to topic dredge and double post show it shows as "new"

Would anyone like to battle against my White2 team?

Pikachu: lvl 65
Snivy: lvl 65
Oshawatt: lvl 65
Tepig: lvl 65
Swoobat: lvl 65
Golette: lvl 65

wanna face meh?!?!