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Sadly, on second thought, I will probably be leaving for awhile. See, not only myself, but several others have noticed a decline in activity on the site, I am not saying that it is anyone's fault, or that I am needing faster pace boards. See, something things have come up elsewhere, and I don't want drama caused form it.

On another note, a site I made back in February is starting to grow with not only members but activity. So I am going to be spending more time on there to make sure things are running right. Everyone on here is welcome if they decide to come, but it is mainly furry orientated. If I dont have you on any of my contacts lists, you can find me


Ill still show up in like the chatbox, cause hell, you guys are still a family to me, and I want to still hang out.

I might return later, to see how things are form time to time. I love you all, See ya ^^

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I must apologize, this last couple of weeks or so, i have been busy both offline and with another site I have, so sorry for the inactivity

The Birthday Topic
Ris, dude, Happy Birthday................now where did that paddle go >.>;;

(Private)The ZayZig
Togeta chuckled, "Being playful, aren't we McCloud?"

Kingdom Hearts, Anyone?
-chuckles at RedFox- i beat the final Hades cup xD

An idea I just had...
LMAO, i did that with two of my videos, i put starfox footage from Assault in the first one, then put a mix of all the games up to Assault in the second x3

though I used Babylon 5 xD

StarFox 5

StarFox 5 2

not really hard to make, just get the audio for the intro to a Star Trek of your choice, then use windows movie maker xD

SFG Character Contest June 2011
Prepare for trouble and make it double!!! xD

Dakara (blue)
Piciro (pink)

Age: mid 20's

Gender: Dakara is Male, Piciro is Female

Height: 6'

Weight: both weigh around 192lbs

Eye Color: Crimson

Species: Aura Pokemon

Hair Description: none

Fur Color/Fur Pattern

Vocal Description: Dakara's voice is raspy, while Piciro's voice is soft

Body Description: a mixture of fur and armor


Family: Each other

Occupation: Bandits

Good/Bad: Bad

Theme Song: Spear Pillar theme (SSBB style)

Birthplace: Iron Island

Current Location/Residence: Corneria

Training/Specialties/Skills: Dakara can control time in short spurts and Piciro can bend space in spurts

Special Markings: Dakara has a blue jewel embedded into his chest and two jewel like spike on his hands, and Piciro has a pink jewel embedded into each of her shoulders

Personality: Had to get along with except each other, but who knows

Other info:

Dakara and Piciro were born on Iron Island, of the Sinnoh Region. But just upon birth, Dialga and Palkia were summoned by Cyrus, the leader of Team Galactic, and forced to use their powers to bend Time and Space. The event effected their bodies due to the distortion from the two legends, and the miracle of birth colliding. When they were still Riolu, their mother abandoned them as she could not accept their forms, nor their suddenly different powers. The little Riolu's left Iron Island shortly after that.

Upon reaching the main land, they were forced to learn fast that regardless if they were different or not, other Pokemon would begin to attack them from seemingly nothing at all. They began to keep moving, not even sleeping at night in fear of being attacked.

One day, a wild Pokemon began to attack the weakened Riolu's. Piciro was already low on energy, so Dakara stoof up against the beast. As the Pokemon began to charge toward Dakara, he felt a strange power within him. He closed his eyes, trying to use the aura that had been passed down to him, but something else happened. Time had stopped all together, except for Dakara and Piciro. The two made a swift get away.

Dakara began to practice this new found ability, knowing it might come in handy. After several attempts, he found he could hold time in his paws for short spurts. He began to use this to allow Piciro some moments to nap to regain her energy.

Piciro began to feel horrible though, feeling she was not putting in enough effort to allow Dakara to rest. Once she had regained a great deal of her energy, she began to see what would happen if she concentrated. AS she closed her eyes, a vortex appeared in front of her. As she slowly stuck her arm into it, it vanished and didn't appear on the other side. She began to wave it, feeling something tapping at her shoulder. Thinking it was Dakara she paid no attention to it. It was a few moments before she finally realized Dakara was actually in front of her. As she turned her head slowly, she had a sudden feeling of dread, thinking something was about to attack them. It scared her even more when she found it to be her own hand. She pulled her arm back and the vortex disappeared.

The two decided to practice everyday until they finally had these abilities down. Once they had, they began to use them in battle, trapping attacking Pokemon into unbreakable locks. After so many battles, they finally evolved into Lucario's.

As they traveled, they noticed even the humans that they would pass by began to see them differently, hearing two names being referred to them, Dialga and Palkia. Dakara and Piciro began to resent whoever those two were, feeling they themselves had no sense of identity. They made a choice on that day, to seek out this Dialga and Palkia, and crush them, thinking the two may have had a hand in making them different.

After years of searching, they finally found Spear Pillar, the highest point in the middle of all Sinnoh. They felt odd though, something about the area made them feel more.....powerful.

After just a few moments, the two they had been searching for for years appeared, instantly thinking Dakara and Piciro were playing some hoax on them. The two Lucario's began the assault on those who condemned them. Dialga and Palkia on the other hand, were much more powerful then expected, using their own abilities to knock the two off their feet. That is when Dakara and Piciro began to show, they were no there for kicks. Dialga and Palkia took fast noticed of this, and at the same time, used Roar of Time and Spacial Rend against the two.

As Dakara and Piciro fell from Spear Pillar, they somehow combined their powers and opened a different rift. They blacked out for several hours.

Upon awakening, they found themselves in a totally different place. At first they thought they were sent far from Spear Pillar, but when they reached a city, they noticed that there were no humans, only animals walking around like humans. Upon further investigation, and some questioning, for some reason the creatures could understand them, they found, no one had ever heard of the places they had been.

The further they got with wondering where they were, the more it occurred to them that they may never find their way to what they called home. They soon found the name of the place they were in, Corneria City.

After a year of stumbling around in the new environment, they decided to put their abilities to better use then to just battle. They started to rob, smuggle, you name it. Now they believe, there is no turning back, to anything that could be considered, innocent.

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Diary of a Mad Furry
oh wow Julius, im sorry to hear that, -hugs tightly- I really hope it works for you and this girl you are talking to.

(Private)The ZayZig
Togeta chuckled, "It is a long one, young pups..." he chuckled.

At this time Xeminous left Togeta's side and walked up to the dealer, tapping him on the shoulder. Soon a replacement came and began to deal, as Xeminous watched, he made sure this one did not cheat in any fashion. He then turned to the previous dealer and pointed to the back of the casino. The old dealer looked frightened by now. The two began to walk to the back and slipped through a door unnoticed.

Togeta kept a slight eye on the door way, but kept his attention on Todd and Lola. He took a sip of his drink, paying the bartender for it.

The Birthday Topic
forgive the double post, Happy Birthday Tyler you goofball :3

What are you Jamming out to?

Invitation to Darkness
OMG, found something really funny. See, i have two facebook accounts, one for my furry side and one for my human side (the two do collide with pictures and stuff (furry pics on my human, and human pics on my furry)) but while on my furry page, i typed in my own name to look at my profile...........and that is when i seen it...

I typed in my name, and seen a separate profile with not only my name (cause certain names are more common then people realize) I saw a picture OF ME, from two years ago holding two christmas nutcrackers. I sent a friend request with my furry page to hopefully see further into the profile, but i wasnt so nice on my main one......asking, who the F*** they were.... xD

(Private)The ZayZig
Togeta shook his head, "No, no, I will deal with that later, Xeminous.....take note of the gentleman dealing the cards...." he sneered.

Xeminous did as requested and quickly made note of the male, remaining silent.

Neo Duelist Academy
hmm, if anything, like i said, we could try to use a webcam/print screen image of it. Or again, when the characters enter, put what is in those decks.