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Invitation to Darkness
LOL, we didn't parade it much, and due to the situation at the time, we couldn't really take pictures of the event to share with people. lol

Pokemon X and Y
Hey everyone, quick note, head on over to your Mystery Gift and get a special pattern Vivillon. It is known as the "Fancy Pattern Vivillon" and is being given out to all trainers for there being over 1 million trades done via the GTS. Also, if you haven't downloaded Pokemon Bank yet, do so, even the Month free trial....they are giving away a CELEBI! Get these hard to get Pokemon as quickly as possible.

Pokemon Bank Celebi event ends September 30th

Fancy Pattern Vivillon event ends July 31st

Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire confirmed!
They are releasing more and more screenshots of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. All three starters now have a Mega Evolution, as does Metagross and Sableye. Apparently through ORAS Diancie, a 6th gen pokemon has a Mega Evolution.

Sceptile becomes a Grass/Dragon type! All other Mega Evolutions keep their original form types.

Secret Bases are also going to return, and I have heard Rumors that not only can you customize it like in the Advance versions and when trading or what not go and visit friends Secret Bases, that you can actually set up rules for battle! Battle customization is not 100% confirmed....though I have seen it floating around the net, I will keep an eye on this.

I will keep trying to give you guys more info as it comes out

Invitation to Darkness
He has been busy with a lot lately. He has rarely spoken to me much due to work and other things. And Julius, this was actually our second time meeting. He came to my apartment for a weekend back in the beginning of 2011 for an entire weekend.....was awesome, we were both jacking around SFG the whole time

Invitation to Darkness
Ok....so a little update on my life.

Currently single and it had taken a massive toll on my life, which slowed my down from being here as depression set in. Better for the most part but the wound still stings a bit.

Anyways, recently went to Anthrocon 2014. It was an awesome time. I GOT TO SEE FOXMCCLOUD FROM THIS SITE!!!!!

it was amazing to see my old friend again.

Got a third badge I will be posting soon and made several new friends.

The amazing part is my dad went with me (Keep in mind.....I am 27, he was not a chaperon) and now he is looking into going to other Fur meets in the area :D

[rainbow]YAY FOR FURRIES! [/rainbow]