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C_R_A_P my life

Radigal's "art"
These three are 'interesting' to me, they are all my fursona, also representations of what happens when my emotions sway one way or the other, plus rp characters...........so here goes

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Chaos (balance)
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Invitation to Darkness
Well guys, not much is going on, just working on another theme, this one is a Fox McCloud theme, plus I am editing the Ready to Launch theme on FR, been figuring out how to make the background stay in place, along with fully fit any screen, so when I am finished with the new them and updated version, (with a lot of help from our very own FoxMcCloud) ill see if it can be put here. So again, suggestions on improvements are welcome :)

The Pawns of Radigal
Here are my three ORIGINAL characters that I have had since I started to Role Play in chatlines, you guys are among the few who I care to actually view them for keepsake, and yes, they do in a way represent my Fursona, even though the white wolf is my most dominant one, the other two do have a factor in my life......here goes :3

Name: Ushima

Age: 24

Gender: M

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 210lbs

Eye Color: Scarlet

Species: Wolf

Hair Description: Blue patches on the tips

Fur Color/Fur Pattern: Mostly white with random blue markings around his body

Vocal Description:

Body Description: slim

Attire/Appearance: Wear mostly white, with casual pants


Occupation: Fighter of Light

Good/Bad: Good

Theme Song: I want things real again (Pokemon 3 the movie)


Current Location/Residence:Roaming

Training/Specialties/Skills: Kindness, understanding, forgiveness

Weapon: Luminous

Special Markings: Blue patches randomly around the body

Personality: Shy, willing to help anyone in need.

Other info: Ushima has a tender spirit, wanting to help all those he can and bring them into the world of light, showing that life is precious in all forms. Will put himself through hell to try to make another happy. The friends he has, he keeps them close to his heart, wanting to protect them at all cost. tries not to fight, but if the fight is for the safety of another, he will not hesitate to bring Luminous out to bring justice.
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Name: Radigal

Age: 24

Gender: M

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 210lbs

Eye Color: Sapphire

Species: Wolf

Hair Description: Red patches on the tips

Fur Color/Fur Pattern: Black, with random red marking over his body.

Vocal Description:

Body Description: Slim

Attire/Appearance: Trench coat and dark clothing


Occupation: Fighter of Light

Good/Bad: Bad

Theme Song: Entie's Rage (pokemon 3)


Current Location/Residence: Raoming

Training/Specialties/Skills: Manipulation, corruption

Weapon: Diminion

Special Markings: Red random patches

Personality: Hurtful

Other info: Radigal wants nothing more then to see the joy and gratefulness in peoples heart to fade into darkness. He manipulates people into doing as he wishes with no remorse. His heart, shrouded in darkness, craves the souls of the lost to join in it to fill the world with sorrow and anger.
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Name: ??????????





Eye Color: One Sapphire and one Scarlet

Species:???? Appears wolf

Hair Description: spiked

Fur Color/Fur Pattern: Mostly grey

Vocal Description:

Body Description:slim

Attire/Appearance: changes

Family: ???


Good/Bad: ?????

Theme Song: ????


Current Location/Residence:????


Weapon: Omnimous

Special Markings: ????


Other info:

"I am the Light, I am the Dark."
"I am Good, I am Evil."
"I am Joy, I am Anger."
"I am Order, I am Destruction."
"I am the Stars, I am the Dark Space between the stars."
"I am Love, I am Hatred."
"I am the Future, I am the Past"
"I am Insight, I am Confusion."
"I am Leader, I am Follower."
"I am Progression, I am Hinderence."

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Word to the wise....
Here is how to play, basically, say something happened to you, that you think was funny, or something wrong, and don't want to happen to others. Or if you are feeling completely random, just post something. Mods, I am bored, leave me alone xD. Oh, and final part of the game, give a reason why it is a "word to the wise"

Word to the wise: don't fly US airways, you will be delayed so badly you would be better off to schedule an event for later then you intend to arrive, so you will arrive on time.

Invitation to Darkness
Well, taking a moment to say "Hi". I am enjoying my time in Ca. I have met him, someone to call my own. I am really happy guys, I can't really describe it, I'm not going to want to leave. I'll talk to you guys later, just letting you know I'm still alive :3